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Aries-Sep 19th, 2014

People talk about giving 'one hundred per cent effort' to something. How do we know if we truly give that much to something? Even feeling the slightest bit hesitant about achieving a desired result means we give slightly less than 'one hundred per cent'. You are aware now of how changing one situation will require considerable effort on your part. You can trust that you don't need to give as much to it as you believe is necessary.

Aries-Sep 13th, 2014

Refusing to budge or be swayed requires diligence, effort and focus. Perhaps that's why you're finding an ongoing situation to be so draining. You are, in some way, being coerced, cajoled or manipulated by a certain individual. You appear to have a strong difference of opinion about a shared issue. An 'agree to disagree' scenario is likely to result but tension will be alleviated by you being presented with an option you haven't yet been able to consider.

Aries-Sep 18th, 2014

People talk about 'emotional baggage'. We all carry it to some degree. There are some feelings or experiences we simply cannot shake no matter how hard we try. Rarely though, do we consider that our minds retain such information for a good reason. You would like to be freed from more than one feeling or experience that you're finding difficult to justify or relinquish. They sky is determined now to help you move on in at least one area.

Aries-Sep 12th, 2014

Some insurance companies are notorious for finding the tiniest loopholes in claims to avoid paying. Car insurers accept anyone who crashes into the back of a vehicle is to blame and often discourage policyholders from declaring themselves to be at fault at any accident scene until blame can be determined properly. Who is to 'blame' in your world now? Is it possible blame can be shared? The sky implies that might be the case. Don't be too quick to let yourself off the hook.

Aries-Sep 17th, 2014

Who's in charge? Who 'calls the shots?' Not so long ago, you were probably wondering what the answers to those questions were. Now, it is becoming clearer. You are in charge in a way you weren't previously. You are in a position now to dictate how something is going to be done in ways you've wanted to be. The sky is empowering you to make something happen. It believes you to be the Best Person for the Job. So too, should you.

Aries-Sep 11th, 2014

Second best in a certain area is an option. Websites that sell new items often give potential purchasers the option to view second-hand items. These are usually cheaper and, at times, more accessible than new ones. If you want a 'quick fix' in some way, then opting for a less-than-ideal option will suffice. If, however, you want something that will last and be more helpful, then hold out for the better deal coming your way shortly.

Aries-Sep 16th, 2014

Many people believe there are only leaders and followers in this world and each of us is either one or the other. Obviously, it's not quite as straightforward as that. Each of us is both a leader and follower depending on circumstances at any given time. You appear to be constantly playing a subservient role to someone with a domineering personality. They believe you will always be a follower and are happy with that arrangement. You do have the ability to balance things now.

Aries-Sep 10th, 2014

You're not alone where a plan close to your heart is concerned. It might appear that others have limited interest in it. You could be forgiven for thinking some don't understand why something means as much to you as it does. Part of the apparent problem surrounds others having such strong faith in your ability to make something happen that they don't feel the need to intervene. That doesn't explain why they aren't at least showing interest though and that is about to change.

Aries-Sep 15th, 2014

We're all more capable than we believe ourselves to be. When we state we are unable to do something, what we usually mean is we haven't learned how to do it. There is something you are able to do if you're willing to make even the tiniest effort. You're of the opinion though that whatever-it-is is beyond your capabilities. If you push aside trepidation, you can make something special happen now.

Aries-Sep 9th, 2014

'Let's start at the very beginning…a very good place to start'. The words of this immortal Julie Andrews song have some relevance to something very close to your heart that you appear anxious to make happen. Before it can happen, a situation or arrangement must be transformed. This might involve starting from scratch in some way, or abandoning all ideas about how it used to be. Real progress can happen if you're prepared to help something be rebuilt or restarted.

Aries-Sep 14th, 2014

How do you perceive your current situation? What are your thoughts about how something has changed? A particular scenario has changed but where you go from here is the important issue at hand. Balance now exists where there has been an imbalance. You're happier and feeling more secure about your future. So too is someone else about theirs. Nothing has been lost and soon, you will see how better and stronger where you are now really is.

Aries-Sep 8th, 2014

There are many people in television industries who have vowed never to work with animals or children believing both to be extremely difficult to persuade or control. Similarly, a certain process in your world is beyond your control and, as much as you want to and genuinely believe you can influence an outcome, you'd be well advised to let it unfold in its own way and time. Frustration will soon be replaced with relief and reassurance.