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Aries-Oct 1st, 2014

Grudges are like small children sometimes. They cry out for attention. They hate being ignored. Ignoring or abandoning a grudge deprives it instantly of life in the same way lack of oxygen extinguishes fire. What are you facilitating with resentment? It doesn't warrant attention being given it and you should not feel justified in giving it your precious energy now. Leave whatever issue belongs in the past well and truly in the past.

Aries-Sep 24th, 2014

Is there an endless supply of patience available to you? You know there isn't but someone else believes there is. You've had to involve yourself with more than one difficult conversation lately and this likely surrounds someone having the wrong idea about an arrangement between you and them should work. Now, it seems that once things got sorted, someone thinks it's appropriate to move goal posts once again. It's important to recognize how much control you have over this.

Aries-Sep 30th, 2014

When we're in a certain mood, the tiniest error or accident can seem catastrophic. We react to such situations negatively or angrily because of much bigger they appear to be. It's important to recognize that your negative reaction to a situation is disproportionate to the situation itself. It is trivial, insignificant. Remember the saying about mountains and molehills. Something doesn't need to be made bigger or more serious than it appears.

Aries-Sep 23rd, 2014

If a situation puzzles or confuses you, are you obliged to 'get to the bottom' of what's happening? You could feel inclined to get the bit between your teeth and do some level of investigation but what exactly do you think you'll find? Perhaps, there's something you know you will find but will finding it actually help you? Much depends on what your instincts are telling you. Only pursue a mystery if you really want to discover the truth. Doing so can be helpful but it isn't essential.

Aries-Sep 28th, 2014

Some people adhere to a belief that throwing enough 'mud' at something will result in some of it sticking. Quite why anyone would want to throw mud is a debate for another time but the point about a 'scattergun' approach is appropriate now. You can, if you choose, throw yourself into a plan or venture in the hope that investing as much effort as possible will result in a desired result. In truth, you can – and ought to – be cleverer than that. Relax and tackle what needs tackling patiently with plenty of belief an all will be well.

Aries-Sep 22nd, 2014

There are times when it's frustrating to be reliant on someone or something if we're to attain something we believe we want. If whether or not it becomes available to us is dependent on someone else granting permission or obliging us in some way, then we feel beholden. You believe that something you need can only manifest or be obtained with someone else's involvement. To your delight, you're about to see how unnecessary their involvement really is.

Aries-Sep 27th, 2014

If we walk into a supermarket and know what we want to purchase, it doesn't take us long to recognize that, to find what we need, we need to be in an area where it's likely to be stocked. We won't find meat in fresh produce sections. We're unlikely to find milk in cleaning products aisles. Supermarkets can be big places and time can be needed to get our bearings. Something you believe to be elusive is very close to you. You just need to be prepared to find it in the right place.

Aries-Sep 21st, 2014

When we want reassurance, sometimes all is takes is a calm discussion with someone else. We are good at fuelling nervousness and anxiety in ways that go round and round in perpetual circles. We then struggle to distance ourselves from what we should be distancing ourselves from in order to see it clearly. You have assistance coming from two directions now. Someone knows what to say to allay concerns you have now - and the cosmos intends to do its bit as well.

Aries-Sep 26th, 2014

'One's real life is often the life that one does not lead'. Oscar Wilde's quote is both interesting and relevant to you now. It implies we don't pursue what we truly want to pursue in life. You're aware now of a shortfall in your world or a seemingly obvious error in judgment. You haven't made an error of judgment. Neither are you having to tolerate an intolerable situation for the sake of it. Freedom in some way is coming and you can expect to be taken in a very new and exciting direction shortly.

Aries-Sep 20th, 2014

Imagine standing in a long queue for a concert or film. You see no reason why you should receive special treatment and be taken to the front of the queue as much as you'd be delighted should that happen. Suddenly, an exit door opens and you – and only you - are invited to enter. Would you be suspicious of how you've been singled out for preferential treatment? Don't be suspicious toward help being offered to you now in some way that is equally as surprising and delightful.

Aries-Sep 25th, 2014

Let's look at what is being dangled tantalizingly in front of you. You might be tempted to grab it with both hands or embrace it with both arms. On the face of it, it appears to provide in some way what has been missing in your world of late. But does it? It's important to recognize how you might be following a path of least resistance now rather than taking a brave step forward to embrace a change, rather than what is familiar. It's time to be bold. Your courage will pay off.

Aries-Sep 19th, 2014

People talk about giving 'one hundred per cent effort' to something. How do we know if we truly give that much to something? Even feeling the slightest bit hesitant about achieving a desired result means we give slightly less than 'one hundred per cent'. You are aware now of how changing one situation will require considerable effort on your part. You can trust that you don't need to give as much to it as you believe is necessary.