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Aries-Apr 25th, 2015

We become frustrated with those whom we try our best to make a point to and find what we're trying to say or convey simply doesn't 'sink in'. We become even more frustrated when the point we're trying to make is glaringly obvious or unarguable and we still struggle to get someone to see or agree with us. Thankfully, the cosmos is exempt from feeling such a way. It will keep trying to make a point until we do accept it. Look closely at the recurring issue you need to accept now.

Aries-Apr 19th, 2015

There are times when we become a bit too determined to 'get to the bottom' of a particular issue. We try to fill in gaps where essential information is missing and discover all too often that we've drawn more than one incorrect conclusion from doing so. Now is such a time for you. Where you might be feeling frustrated with having to make assumptions about an area of your world where more than one question mark hangs, relax. What you don't know really cannot hurt you.

Aries-Apr 24th, 2015

You are likely 'armed' with all you need to know in an area of your world that requires you to make a bold move or take action that is causing some degree of hesitancy on your part. Chances are, you have little more to go on than instinct and, in the absence of more detailed or essential information, you have to make use of that for the time being. For now, an instinctive guess can take you a very long way. Use what you know feels right to guide you to your next step.

Aries-Apr 18th, 2015

Artists have a need to express themselves. What starts as a fleeting idea becomes something more tangible and the urge to transfer a thought to a format that can be shared with others often grows to the point where obsession takes over. The sky doesn't imply you're about to become obsessed as such with the need to express yourself or convey an idea or point but it does suggest the need to do so within you will grow stronger until you release it in some way.

Aries-Apr 23rd, 2015

Contrary to how it might appear, you do have a choice surrounding accepting an unacceptable or undesirable situation. You might believe you're stuck in some way that prevents you from pursuing a suitable or appropriate course of action. Whilst it is true you must rise to the challenge a difficult or restrictive situation is now offering, try to look beyond the obvious to what this is taking you toward. A lesson learned recently will soon be valuable in terms of making progress.

Aries-Apr 17th, 2015

When our instincts speak to us, it's rarely in a voice we recognize or in a language that is our own. Instincts communicate more by feeling than vocally. Sometimes, we struggle to identify or recognize feelings and that's why we're not always able to understand immediately what our instincts tell us. It is very likely you're encountering a feeling spurring you on in some way that you don't understand. Your instincts are about to make the message clearer.

Aries-Apr 22nd, 2015

Some of the world's greatest masterpieces began as vague ideas. Some even began as little more than niggling thoughts that the artist dismissed as annoying or frustrating through being unable to decipher properly or interpret correctly their meaning. To make something wonderful or even spectacular happen, we don't always need grand and impressive Eureka Moments. Sometimes, the tiniest hint of an idea is all that's needed. Don't be too quick to dismiss yours.

Aries-Apr 16th, 2015

Is an area of your world becoming 'too much'? Just when you thought things were becoming enjoyably predictable and stable, it appears a situation could once again have become volatile and one you don't feel particularly inspired to deal with again. A recurring scenario might be draining in some ways but with each recurrence, there is something you are gaining. Don't abandon a plan or commitment now.

Aries-Apr 21st, 2015

For as long as uncertainty forms part of a particular scenario, you are at the mercy of information finding its way to you. You could, of course, make effort yourself to find out more about what you need to know but that would be a bit like pursuing a waiter or waitress to bring your meal more quickly. Trust that a process is place that fully intends to provide what you need when ready to do so. Your wait really will be shorter than you probably think.

Aries-Apr 15th, 2015

There are times when we don't need to have specific tools to repair what needs repairing. We can improvise and, although it's sometimes far from ideal to do so, we can achieve a desired result simply by making use of what we have available. A need on your part to put right a situation in your world that at least needs improving can be done much easier than you might believe. You might not be armed with all you need but with willingness and imagination, can make it happen.

Aries-Apr 20th, 2015

There are times when we needn't question where a sudden surge of motivation comes from. If we know we have been procrastinating in some way or delaying deliberately a particular course of action that we find ourselves being carried toward making happen with little effort on our part, then we ought to accept we are in the throes of a very helpful and positive process. Allow yourself to be carried toward something you need to make happen in such a way now.

Aries-Apr 14th, 2015

In what way or ways might two heads be better than one – and what might you and someone else create that is wonderful and permanent were you to collaborate? Such questions are those the sky is posing now. An opportunity exists to make a delightful discovery surrounding something you and someone else can be proud of if you can share focus in some way. Be willing to explore any idea that smacks of being interesting or intriguing.