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Aries-Oct 25th, 2014

The greatest pressure we experience is often what we put upon ourselves. We perceive tension where none really exists. We sense a need to defend ourselves where simple, pleasant conversations will suffice. All too often, we get the end of the proverbial stick. It's important to bear this in mind where you sense urgency or a need to react in some way now. Consider the fact that you might be overreacting to a situation that doesn't warrant such attention give to it.

Aries-Oct 19th, 2014

We believe we know ourselves best. We know what we like and tend to like what we know. We're willing to receive advice and support from those who also know us but believe advice and support we receive are supplementary to what we provide ourselves. After all, nobody apart from us truly knows what we need. Er, that might not actually be true now. Allow someone to help or support you. You could be genuinely surprised at how 'in touch' with your needs someone else really is.

Aries-Oct 24th, 2014

We know we rarely get second chances to make first impressions. People are quick to draw conclusions based on those made instantly and often unconsciously. With that in mind, give thought to certain conclusions you're drawing now. Do they feel right? Do you feel there is no need to question them? Chances are, your intuition is not letting you down now, so trust it to help you to see and feel something that goes beyond the obvious.

Aries-Oct 18th, 2014

We discard what is of no use or value to us. Often, we do so without hesitation. We know when what has been used has fulfilled its purpose and generally have no issue with bidding it farewell. Then, we cling to what we feel we must cling to whilst knowing we need to release what we're clinging to. Unknown to us at the time, we need to make space for something better and more suitable. That's precisely what you're in the process of doing now. Embrace the need to let go of what you know, in your heart, needs letting go of.

Aries-Oct 23rd, 2014

People who deliberately drive slower than speed limits encourage those behind them to overtake and increase numbers of traffic accidents. Such drivers respond defensively, saying although a speed limit is X miles per hour, it doesn't mean they have to drive that speed. They're missing a point about how important they are in terms of ensuring safe and consistent flow. Avoid the tendency to deliberately disrupt or obstruct a process that wants only to run smoothly now.

Aries-Oct 17th, 2014

Do we dictate the pace at which life moves? Or is it the other way around? You might be feeling that certain situations are beyond your control and you have no option other than to accept that keeping your head above water or honoring certain commitments will be your responsibility. The sky is giving you the equivalent of celestial water wings now. Believe that you are being well supported and looked after.

Aries-Oct 22nd, 2014

We don't want to be reminded of all that's seemingly wrong in our world or with a particular plan or arrangement. We can, without too much difficulty, see for ourselves how slow processes are or little cooperation we seem to be receiving from those we hoped would be more supportive. Before you allow negativity to creep into your world, look a bit more closely at how far down the road with a plan you actually are. Then, look for the foolproof qualities within it because they exist.

Aries-Oct 16th, 2014

We underestimate how any event that occurs is the result of a complex chain reaction of specifically-timed decisions and actions. Some of these are so subtle, they can be virtually unnoticeable. So too could be your influence where a certain person is concerned. Something you say or do could be subtle but have long term implications. Make sure that what is said or done comes from your heart.

Aries-Oct 21st, 2014

The eye of the storm, we are told, is a calm place. It's interesting that safety can be found in amongst all that appears hostile and dangerous. To look around all that has been happening in your world of late, you have probably been grateful for refuge that could be taken in the eye of a proverbial storm. This has, at least, allowed you to see clearly all that has demanded your time and patience. The storm is now subsiding. Make an effort to lose defenses you've grown used to.

Aries-Oct 15th, 2014

Have you ever waited for a train only to discover it was full to capacity and decided to wait for another train, only to discover the same? At some point, despite showing courtesy and caution, we decide enough is enough and if we're going to reach a destination at a desired time, then we need to take action, regardless of how unsuitable or inconvenient a situation might appear. That sums up a need in your world now. Waiting won't change what needs to be done now.

Aries-Oct 20th, 2014

There's much talk these days about time and how relative it is. Seriously though, what is 'time'? An obvious definition could surround it being an unseen force that prevents everything from happening at once! You're experiencing something similar where one situation that has ticked along unimpressively or without much excitement has become very much a focal point recently. You could feel you're running out of time. Trust that you will do more than cope admirably.

Aries-Oct 14th, 2014

As easy as it might be to focus on who is to 'blame' for something, it is more practical to focus instead on what help you can provide. Someone you know could use help in ways they're probably concealing. This person feels let down with lack of support from certain areas and even a tiny gesture of support and understanding from you could raise their spirits in a big way. A long discussion doesn't need to be had. Just do something to show you're there and willing to help.