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Aries-Jul 31st, 2015

Only you know how willing you are to change what you know, in your heart, deserves to change. Instigating this, however, appears to presenting you with more than one decision about how best to bring change where it's needed and what the benefits of doing so really are. The Full Moon is encouraging you to be a bit more philosophical than you might have been lately – and a bit more realistic. Your plan might only need a small tweak to make it more practical and attainable.

Aries-Jul 25th, 2015

When we want change to occur, it is usually because we have grown tired of a tedious or inappropriate situation. We are often prepared for time or fate to do what it has in store and if we aren't reassured either or both have any intention of helping, we then become impatient and determined to make change happen in a way we deem most suitable. Before you take a matter into your own hands, give time – and fate – a chance to do what either or both believe is needed.

Aries-Jul 30th, 2015

Despite what you might think, a certain process requires no intervention from you. That's because you have done what is required of you and been integral already in kickstarting it. It's possible you feel more effort is needed on your part but it will become clear very soon that, where you thought things had gone suspiciously quiet or appeared dormant, much has been ticking along in the background. Soon, the pace will quicken in some way. So relax. Bide your time.

Aries-Jul 15th, 2015

In an area of your world now, 'the only way is up'. The sky isn't indicating you're at the 'bottom' in any way but it does imply strongly that, where you are experiencing a stalemate or a situation showing little in the way of encouraging progress, you have a very good reason to believe that can, and will, change. What has been stuck for some time is being revived in a helpful way. Relax and trust that coming developments will reassure you of this.

Aries-Jul 29th, 2015

What is it they say about trust? It takes a lifetime to build and seconds to destroy. That's quite a hard hitting statement in some ways but something similar can be applied to situations that are far from desirable and in need of improving. Where we might believe what occurred happened so quickly but will take considerable time to put right, we can be surprised in a delightful way at how easily rectifiable some situations are – like the one you know needs fixing now!

Aries-Jul 14th, 2015

To be successful, we're told we should 'look the part' or give the appearance of already being successful. Anyone wanting to be a successful businessperson, rock star, whatever, should look as if they have reached the position of success they aspired to reach. With that in mind, consider how you are conveying yourself in some way. The sky suggests you're the recipient of what you're giving out now. Project positivity and success or a reward of some kind will come to you.

Aries-Jul 28th, 2015

How fine is the line between success and failure? It can seem to be almost non-existent at times and when seen in such a way, can cause us to believe success is entirely dependent upon which way the wind is blowing, what day of the week it is or if particular deities are in a good and helpful mood. In an area of your world where you might believe chances of success are negligible, try making an effort and see what happens. Conditions might actually be perfect.

Aries-Jul 13th, 2015

Sometimes, out of sheer stubbornness, we refrain doing the right thing. We can be quite happy to leave a situation as it is because we feel we're owed in some way through the amount of effort we have invested and, until we see evidence of payback, will leave it alone. Yet, as much as we might believe we're doing the 'right' thing by demanding respect in such a way, the right thing to do continues to wait for us to acknowledge it. Listen to the demand it is making of you now.

Aries-Jul 27th, 2015

As someone known to take initiative regularly, you often admire those who do similarly. What, though, might you be feeling now where someone's proactivity is concerned? Shouldn't they have involved you with a decision made and action they chose to take? Did they not feel you had some say in what they felt compelled to take control of or make happen? You have a right to make your feelings known. Remember there are right and wrong ways of doing this.

Aries-Jul 12th, 2015

It's interesting how doing the right thing sometimes brings uncertainty and doubt. If we know a plan of action to be right, then there should be no issue pursuing it. Yet, when doubt or trepidation make themselves known, we really ought to be questioning why. Might it be because we would prefer a situation we know to be wrong to remain as it is? Such an attitude might be helpful where 'playing it safe' is concerned but it might be time to be a bit less 'safe' in some way now.

Aries-Jul 26th, 2015

If we apply caution in the right amounts at the right time, then we're usually being sensible. When we overdo it in the Caution Department, then we risk missing opportunities begging to be seized or embraced. Your reluctance or hesitancy in an area of your world is understandable but unnecessary. You can simplify a need to oblige yourself or commit in some less much less complicated by dismissing reasons to avoid taking action where it is truly needed now.

Aries-Jul 11th, 2015

You have the ability to bring change you want to see happen. You can bring a shift to a situation you believe effort on your part will bring only a negative or disappointing result. Yet, it is that belief that might be instilling a sense of reluctance to make effort where you would ideally like to make it. People often ask the question, 'what have you got to lose?' in such circumstances. The sky insists you have nothing to lose and much to gain by doing what your heart is pleading you do.