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Aries-May 30th, 2015

We often see restriction as unhelpful, obstructive and problematic yet are aware of how, through becoming fed up with a particular restriction, we can summon energy and courage to overcome or at least find a way to work around it. Where you are aware of a seemingly unhelpful restrictive influence, a way exists for you to (perhaps) get a tiny bit angry and decide you won't allow it to have as much control as it seems to want. You can overcome what has hindered you.

Aries-May 24th, 2015

In the 1970s, many of us were glued to a popular TV show called 'The Incredible Hulk'. Based on the Marvel Comics character and an intriguing pilot film, each episode ended with the central character (with clothes intact) heading off into the world alone to experience his next adventure. He struggled to receive support and understanding where he wanted and needed it. In your world, you have plenty of both now and are not as alone as you might believe yourself to be.

Aries-May 29th, 2015

We never quite know where we stand with some authority figures. Some insist we simply do as we're told and not question anything they tell or demand from us. Others like to be challenged. In a perverse way, they like to see someone take the initiative and question what they're being told to do. This shows the person doing the questioning has reason to believe they have a better idea or way of doing something. Don't be too quick to resent how you're being questioned now.

Aries-May 23rd, 2015

When we discover a plan goes awry or an unforeseen obstacle gets presented in our path, then our first reaction often involves frustration. In an area of your world now, it is important you're willing to be both adaptable and realistic. It's essential you don't view a change to an arrangement or situation you believed to be unchangeable as a setback or potential problem. See it instead as a very helpful and timely gift.

Aries-May 28th, 2015

In the heat of moments, some things get said that might not have been said otherwise. Sometimes, it takes us to succumb to certain emotions before we will reveal what we have been keeping to ourselves. Often, this is done to provide a strong or unignorable response from another but there are also times when certain concealed thoughts and feelings emerge when it is the right time for them to do so. Tension could be escalating in what might be a helpful way now.

Aries-May 22nd, 2015

Who are you to argue? That might be a question you're inclined to ask yourself or possibly someone else now. When faced with a strong argument put forth by someone else, perhaps succumbing to their point is the best option now. Someone in your world needs to express themselves in some way. This could be manifesting as taking a stand that might take you slightly by surprise but there is undeniable logic contained within their need to do so. So, hear them out.

Aries-May 27th, 2015

When people agree to disagree, there is always a sense of uncertainty, as if each has more they want to say but feel doing so would be a pointless exercise, especially if both sides believe they'd only be covering previously covered ground. Yet, sometimes, dialogue can be reopened if one side discovers there's scope to continue a discussion that needn't involve confrontation and stalemate. Enlightenment in some way is about to bring a helpful conclusion to a debate.

Aries-May 21st, 2015

Have you ever wondered how martial arts experts remain calm and controlled one minute yet able to put fists through wooden planks or blocks of concrete the next? This ability has much to do with suppressing and channeling anger or hostility. It also has much to do with an ability to summon patience, discipline, endurance and resistance. To maintain control of a volatile situation, all you need to do is smile, count to ten and let any tension dissipate.

Aries-May 26th, 2015

Why are some medicines and serums effective? They're effective because they contain a small amount of what the body's trying to fight against. By giving a tiny bit of what ails it, our ailment-fighting mechanisms kick into effect in a faster and more effective way to fight disease. Sometimes, something needs to be made slightly worse before it can be made better. A 'clearing of the air' between you and someone will be tense briefly but necessary for progress to be made.

Aries-May 20th, 2015

Allow a motivational surge coming your way to do what it needs to do. If you've found yourself taking stock of various aspects of your world and finding certain expectations are falling short of what you'd like them to be ideally, then the cosmos appears to be willing to provide motivation where you want and need it. You're not at the mercy of certain others in terms of progress you want to make as you might believe yourself to be.

Aries-May 25th, 2015

What happens if two teams in a Tug-of-War contest are perfectly balanced? There's usually much tension and activity but a brief stalemate occurs. Eventually though, one side gains an advantage in some way and this usually involves the tiniest bit more effort made to shift a seemingly stuck situation. There is a way you can gain an advantage in a 'stuck' situation in your world. Where an arrangement appears incapable of progressing, you're about to find a way to progress it.

Aries-May 19th, 2015

What might have appeared insignificant or unworthy of your attention could be doing an effective job of convincing you otherwise now. You could have been inclined to be dismissive of an issue or factor that paled in significance to other issues or factors and could now be finding yourself wondering why you reacted in such a way. What is begging for attention now is worthy of receiving it, regardless of how irrelevant you believed it to be recently. Give it what it needs.