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Aries-Sep 1st, 2014

Many people go into 'attack mode' at the first opportunity if they feel they must defend themselves in some way. When this happens, their perceived adversary usually does the same. If both parties truly understood each others' issues and had all facts available, then there would perhaps be more willingness to talk rather than take defensive stances. You can escape a tense discussion by taking necessary time to establish certain facts now.

Aries-Aug 25th, 2014

The third Little Pig who had enough foresight and resources to build his house from bricks had to accept that his not-so-learned colleagues would require his help. Similarly, because someone you know didn't think something through, your assistance and expertise is being called upon to solve what is basically their problem. You stand to benefit in some from doing this, but hopefully a certain person will have learned a valuable lesson about forward thinking.

Aries-Aug 30th, 2014

It's a good thing that, when people say they feel inclined to bang their head against a wall out of frustration, they never do it. Imagine additional problems such a painful and pointless act would bring. Thankfully, the majority of us release frustration in more constructive ways. Tension and pressure you might be feeling now where a certain arrangement is concerned won't last long. A few deep breaths should be all that's needed to dispel both.

Aries-Aug 24th, 2014

Salespeople are trained to deal with objections. This involves being aware of every single protestation a potential buyer can give and having a response ready. An important discussion you're involved with seems to have its list of one-sided objections. Someone is either being uncooperative, unreceptive or unhelpful to make a point. In sales, this is known as a 'smokescreen'. Believe there is an underlying reason for this and you will get to the bottom of it.

Aries-Aug 29th, 2014

We sometimes underestimate the effect of our moods on others. What preoccupies our minds can affect our behavior and others, particularly those closest to us, soon pick up on this. Be aware now of the very positive and encouraging or negative and discouraging influence you can have on certain people. Your clout is much stronger on many levels than you probably realize. Use your influence wisely and unselfishly.

Aries-Aug 23rd, 2014

Confucius said 'real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance'. What you don't know definitely cannot hurt you now, despite your apparent keenness and desperation to know something. Let something unfold. Let a process get a bit more underway before pursuing aggressively a solution or an answer. Your determination to know a truth that is making itself known to you in its own way and time is the source of your current frustration.

Aries-Aug 28th, 2014

Silence, they say, is golden but it can also be interpreted wrongly. Sometimes, saying nothing tells someone else all they believe they need to know and more often than not, we've no control over how inaccurate conclusions are that they're reaching. You'd be well advised not to assume certain people will reach the right conclusions about how you might react or respond to something. Make your thoughts, feelings or intentions known or you'll risk wishing you had.

Aries-Aug 22nd, 2014

Sometimes, people stand their ground, cross their arms and stomp their feet to make a point. By putting up an almost impenetrable wall, they believe they'll bring a halt to any further discussion that doesn't involve them getting what they want. You're probably aware of where stubbornness exists in your world now. Soon, someone's seemingly impenetrable wall will crack and you'll have an opportunity to pursue a sensible discussion with them.

Aries-Aug 27th, 2014

On our tiny planet, there are many accepted rules. It's deemed unacceptable to adopt a 'devil may care' attitude toward things everyone else believes to be worth worrying about or taking extremely seriously. If it appears that all around you are being too serious for their own good, then that's an even better reason to be the one to go against the grain. You really can afford to give in to a relaxed attitude making its way to you now.

Aries-Aug 21st, 2014

When we watch films or sporting events, we can shout loudly and passionately to influence an outcome but the exercise is a pointless one. All we can do is observe and hope the outcome is want we want it to be. Similarly, as keen as you are now to do whatever you can to make something happen, trust that it is happening. It's doing what it's meant to do when it's meant to do it and it's all happening for your benefit.

Aries-Aug 26th, 2014

'If you don't ask, you don't get'. This well-known phrase holds much truth yet we're aware of how we sometimes obtain what we desire without necessarily asking for it. Sometimes, what we want or need is made available without us making any formal requests for it. Perhaps though, through unconscious effort made on our behalf, we made what we desired appear. Don't question now how or why something has suddenly appeared, just welcome it.

Aries-Aug 20th, 2014

A piece of a proverbial jigsaw is about to fall into place. This has been some time coming and will provide clarity where you've wanted clarity. Of course, life is never so straightforward that you can expect no further issues to arise as a result of what you're about to discover. Progress will bring with it a dilemma that will, undoubtedly, involve taking someone else's feelings or needs into account but that is a bridge to be crossed at a later date.