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Aries-Mar 29th, 2015

What you have willingly accepted or felt no need to question previously could be coming under the spotlight now. You may have been happy to 'go with the flow' in some way but could be feeling a need to review certain beliefs and principles. One or two people might be surprised by this but you know it's necessary. An emerging situation needs you to adapt and think differently.

Aries-Mar 23rd, 2015

If you're certain you have accurate measure of a situation or arrangement with another person, then you're likely to discover there's much you don't know. It appears you have one take on things and someone else has different ideas. What's about to come to light will give you plenty of food for thought and possibly cause you to reassess the future of one alliance or relationship.

Aries-Mar 28th, 2015

Often, what we perceive to be a good reason to change our mind stems from something deeper or more profound. The changing of our mind is a by-product of adopting a new attitude in some way. Changing your mind about something now is likely the result of adopting a new and unique perspective on a belief you've outgrown. It's time to adopt a new attitude toward an old situation.

Aries-Mar 22nd, 2015

Think of how we respond when greeting each other. We tend to respond with a similar number of words said to us. Say 'Hello' to someone and they'll respond by saying the same. Say more and, well, you get the point. Responses you receive now are likely to be reflective of what you give. You can do much to ease any tension in your world by simply being cordial toward certain others.

Aries-Mar 27th, 2015

We know there was a reason why we placed great importance on something or someone and time has a way of altering our opinions and attitudes in ways we're unaware of. It takes a particular situation to emerge that causes us to take a step back and assess the importance of what we were determined to keep in our lives. The conclusion you're drawing now is an important one.

Aries-Mar 21st, 2015

With a small amount of effort, you can build a bridge between you and a certain person and alleviate tension between others. You hold influence and can be the catalyst for change if you wield your power positively. There might be some reluctance on your part to do this. Those reasons, however, are known only to you. Push them aside and do what you know you can do.

Aries-Mar 26th, 2015

We will cling to anything we believe can play a part in or be helpful to our lives. A saying surrounding babies being lost with bathwater comes to mind at times. We don't want to part with anything that might result in regret or complications. Yet, you know what has had its day in your world is now at risk of being a hindrance. That's why it's necessary to free yourself from it.

Aries-Mar 20th, 2015

It's time to consider what might be possible in an area of your world where you believed impossibility reigned supreme. To push a boundary or be able to pursue what had been ruled out previously will require you to combine imagination with what your instincts are telling you now. The Solar Eclipse will make clear how much more feasible a particular dream really is.

Aries-Mar 25th, 2015

If you sense something is slipping from your grasp, then loosen your grasp. You cannot continue to cling to what's being pulled from you. The cosmos isn't being cruel or hurtful in trying to get you to let go of what no longer plays a part in your life or destiny. Space clearly needs to be made for something much better for you. Time has come to let go of what needs letting go of.

Aries-Mar 19th, 2015

Force a smile. Give effort toward making a positive gesture or response that makes you feel uneasy. Be accommodating where doing so might be difficult, even if your list of reasons 'against' is longer than your reasons 'for'. Where you can manage to respond positively in a way that you feel unable to do, you will make the most pleasing and delightful progress now.

Aries-Mar 24th, 2015

If you were in a leaky boat in the middle of the ocean, you'd make an assessment of what was worthy of keeping and what could be discarded. You might even find yourself surprised at what you found yourself releasing through believing it to be essential not so long ago! Trust that whatever you're being encouraged to release now no longer serves a purpose in your world.

Aries-Mar 18th, 2015

You can make an already tense or sensitive situation more complex or choose to pour oil on already troubled waters. You know what someone wants from you is a sympathetic response. So, give them what they want. Don't seize an opportunity to be obstructive, unhelpful with a view to trying to gain control of a situation that needs empathy and support, not belligerence.