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Aries-Apr 24th, 2014

Are there more books than websites or is it the other way around? Not so long ago, many of us were in awe of the 'Information Superhighway', something that facilitated finding information instantly on any subject known to Man. In truth, libraries that have existed for centuries, do the same thing – and more reliably! Don't be too quick now to discard a way to learn something. As attractive as a shinier option might be, a dustier or more traditional one might be more helpful.

Aries-Apr 17th, 2014

Some people are told they are 'their own worst enemy'. This is usually because someone else perceives what they're doing is wrong. It's easy for people to criticize or condemn what others are doing but whilst they're busy criticizing and condemning, they're getting nothing done themselves! Be aware of how critical you could be of someone's actions now. Be equally 'live' to how integral to a solution you can be, too.

Aries-Apr 23rd, 2014

Is it up to you to make a first move? Perhaps, this isn't the first time you've had to make a first move and that's why you're reluctant to do so again. Maybe, you'd like to see some level of proactivity from a certain person. But, then again, not knowing something is less preferable to being put in the picture, so it might be down to you to take the initiative, as difficult and daunting as it might be. Push aside fear. It shouldn't be the motivating factor in what you need to do now.

Aries-Apr 16th, 2014

People often use the phrase 'seeing eye to eye'. Does this imply height differences present a problem between two people unable to reach an agreement? The ability to 'look someone in the eye' does suggest honesty, openness and conviction. Perhaps that's why you're finding it difficult to come to an agreement with a certain person now. Maybe what's lacking is genuine honesty, openness and conviction and maybe, just maybe, that's what the cosmos is trying to fix now.

Aries-Apr 22nd, 2014

Some people are unable to sleep without noise in the background. Others who live near airports don't hear jet engines overhead despite windows rattling in their homes. It's amazing what we can be oblivious to – or miss if it wasn't part of our lives! For some time, you've grown accustomed to something that took time to grow accustomed to. Now that it's being removed, you might find an absence very noticeable. See how superbly placed you are to fill it with something more suitable.

Aries-Apr 15th, 2014

Many people find it difficult to resist the urge to speak their mind. There are often more benefits than disbenefits to doing so but the process tends to be more helpful and constructive if the point we're making can benefit others and isn't being made simply to gain attention. If you're finding the urge to speak your mind to be exceptionally strong now, then fine. You have the right to say what you want and need to say. Don't identify the problem only. Try to offer a solution to it as well.

Aries-Apr 21st, 2014

When something makes 'sense' to us, we assume it will make 'sense' to others. If we've given something considerable thought and looked at it from numerous angles and remain convinced it is logical, practical and pursuable, then we are usually right to assume that others will connect with our thinking. Be careful today of making too strong an assumption along such lines. Give someone else time to see what is glaringly obvious to you.

Aries-Apr 14th, 2014

It's always better to have a late revelation than to never experience one. When we're focused on here and now, we sometimes overlook something crucial staring us in the face. Then, when we see it, we're unsure how best to greet or acknowledge it. We focus on how much more helpful it would have been to have had that information when we needed it before. Whatever it is that's dawning on you now might be a bit late arriving but that doesn't mean it isn't extremely helpful.

Aries-Apr 20th, 2014

You're going to have to think fast and be quick to respond in a certain area. There will be no time for analyzing, assessing or considering a choice. Fortunately, you're going to be aware of this when the situation presents itself. You're more prepared for something than you probably realize. Whatever it is, expect it soon but don't concern yourself that you might be acting rashly or impetuously. What's unfolding now is as exciting as it is uncertain.

Aries-Apr 13th, 2014

So much in life is a 'numbers game'. When we experience disappointment, we take it more seriously if we've focused too intently on a particular outcome. When we put too many proverbial eggs in one basket, we reduce our chances. Your current goal requires focus on your part but don't pin your hopes too intently one particular outcome. Your ruler's forward movement requires you to be patient and flexible. Give Venus a chance to revive what truly needs reviving.

Aries-Apr 18th, 2014

The sky speaks of you finally 'knowing where you stand' regarding an issue you've grown increasingly frustrated with being kept in dark about. You appear to have experienced one obstacle and delay after another where getting to the bottom of something is concerned. What comes to light now is doing so because the time is right. It is also time to act upon knowledge you're gaining that can help build a necessary bridge between you and a certain person.

Aries-Apr 12th, 2014

People who say they can't do something often mean they can, but haven't learned how to yet. People say 'I can't sing' or 'I can't dance' or 'I can't play the piano' but all of these can be learned. All that's required is willingness to learn and that's the sky's message to you now. To make progress where you'd dearly like to make it, you might need to consider a learning curve that will be attached. But it's nothing you can't handle. Be willing to step outside a comfort zone.