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Aries-Jul 25th, 2014

What's the best way to make a good impression? Many people would say this involves how you look, because people generally see you before they hear you. Others would say it doesn't matter how you look, it's what you say that allows people to make instant judgement. Both are true, but sometimes we can make a very strong and positive impression on someone by saying nothing. Someone is about to be appreciative of your silence now.

Aries-Jul 18th, 2014

Restaurants offer selections they think will appeal to customers. It doesn't make good business sense for a restaurant to offer meals they know won't be popular. With this in mind, the option available to you now is logical, healthy and able to satisfy many specific needs. Don't succumb to the belief that you must pursue an option not on offer to you. Stick with what is on offer. You don't need to look for choice where none is really necessary.

Aries-Jul 23rd, 2014

People born under your sign are known to be adventurous and willing to take a risk or two more than other signs. That doesn't make you reckless or irresponsible though. If anything, you'll throw caution to wind only when instincts reassure you a risk is worth taking safely. You're being presented with an opportunity to step outside of a comfort zone and do something that might even scare you slightly. Trust that is happening for a reason and intends to free you in some way.

Aries-Jul 17th, 2014

We can't change some situations but we can change our attitude toward them. When we do, we often see solutions we failed to see when we were in the throes of looking at, rather than dealing with, certain issues. It is your change of attitude that will bring a much-needed change. For too long, you've nurtured a particular idea, believing it to be, at best, satisfactory. Prepare to see how looking at it differently will bring what you truly need.

Aries-Jul 22nd, 2014

Can you remember when we last spoke about balls and chains? Can you recall how, like prisoners did many years ago, we get used to balls and chains to the point where we miss them when they're removed. We grow used to them and even, on occasion, care for them, believing them to be as much a part of us as anything else. You're about to be freed from a commitment or obligation that has, over time, become wearying. Welcome, don't resent, this new situation.

Aries-Jul 16th, 2014

We hear people talk about how often 'we hurt the ones we love'. Why is that? Surely, if our love for those closest to us is real and deep, then they're the last people we should ever consider hurting? A tense scenario could cause you to respond in a way that might feel appropriate but could have long-lasting implications where someone close is concerned. A relationship is altering but it needn't be a difficult process as long as you're willing to be supportive and sensitive.

Aries-Jul 21st, 2014

Actors in adventure films always have narrow escapes. They can't be seen as ordinary otherwise we wouldn't feel inclined to follow their story. We need to be drawn to their bravery, resilience and ability to laugh at precarious situations. We become keen to see how they will emerge victorious from a situation we know we wouldn't have fared as well against. It's rarely a surprise when they do. Neither will your emerging victorious from a trying situation surprise you now.

Aries-Jul 15th, 2014

People speak about being 'brought down to Earth with a bump'. The phrase implies becoming realistic in a way that brings discomfort. That needn't always be the case though. Sometimes, the 'bump' brings much needed and helpful revelation and that sky implies that's what you're likely to experience now. It's time to face a fact or accept a reality but, through doing so, you can expect relief, not displeasure.

Aries-Jul 20th, 2014

Many people agree with just about anything we tell them, especially if they've no reason to doubt it or believe it easier to agree than enter into a discussion on any level. This tends to apply to negativity. People will agree with negative statements made but usually to show support in some way. Avoid focusing on a seemingly negative situation now. It is nowhere near as bleak as you believe and nods of agreement from others about it shouldn't be taken as confirmation that it is.

Aries-Jul 14th, 2014

Friends come, and friends go. The latter needn't always be upsetting, because sometimes, it happens. We enjoy bonding on different levels with different people and when the need to move on presents itself, we or they move on. Other friends, however, remain in our lives permanently and if you haven't had it made clear to you recently who your truest and most loyal friends are, you will soon receive a very heart-warming reminder.

Aries-Jul 19th, 2014

Have you considered how two heads might be better than one where a certain scenario is concerned? Perhaps, you have. Maybe, however, you've drawn a conclusion about how better off you believe you might be by going it alone rather than collaborating in some way. Something wonderful can happen if you're willing to consider collaborating or cooperating in some way. You can undertake something alone if you wish but a joint effort will bring a better result.

Aries-Jul 13th, 2014

Stress and anxiety can be like living creatures sometimes. They require feeding. They thrive on attention. They hate being alone and if worry can be brought into the equation, then you'll have very content stress and anxiety! We know the symptoms of stress, anxiety and worry. Each believes everything requires urgent attention. Relaxing where you feel stressful, anxious or worried is not just an option, it's once you can afford to - and should - do now.