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Aries-Aug 22nd, 2014

Sometimes, people stand their ground, cross their arms and stomp their feet to make a point. By putting up an almost impenetrable wall, they believe they'll bring a halt to any further discussion that doesn't involve them getting what they want. You're probably aware of where stubbornness exists in your world now. Soon, someone's seemingly impenetrable wall will crack and you'll have an opportunity to pursue a sensible discussion with them.

Aries-Aug 16th, 2014

Many parents are aware of how children are 'peace keepers'. Couples experiencing tension often find themselves united and tension diffused through shared focus being given toward those they love. Where there is tension or uncertainty in your world now, expect, very soon, a most pleasant distraction. There is a shared objective that offers you and a particular person to focus on that the sky insists will work magic through bringing you closer.

Aries-Aug 21st, 2014

When we watch films or sporting events, we can shout loudly and passionately to influence an outcome but the exercise is a pointless one. All we can do is observe and hope the outcome is want we want it to be. Similarly, as keen as you are now to do whatever you can to make something happen, trust that it is happening. It's doing what it's meant to do when it's meant to do it and it's all happening for your benefit.

Aries-Aug 15th, 2014

Digging heels in is easy. Once one person on one side of an argument does it, the person on the other side often finds it just as easy to do. Then, what happens? We know what happens. For as long as two people insist upon being inflexible, nothing happens. A stalemate gets reached. You appear to be dealing with someone who shares your level of stubbornness. The other party just wants you to give them a chance to prove themselves in some way. Relax and let them do it.

Aries-Aug 20th, 2014

A piece of a proverbial jigsaw is about to fall into place. This has been some time coming and will provide clarity where you've wanted clarity. Of course, life is never so straightforward that you can expect no further issues to arise as a result of what you're about to discover. Progress will bring with it a dilemma that will, undoubtedly, involve taking someone else's feelings or needs into account but that is a bridge to be crossed at a later date.

Aries-Aug 14th, 2014

Do we really have 'worst enemies'? Usually, we are told by so-called knowledgeable others that we are all our own worst enemies. This usually implies that we make situations unnecessarily difficult for ourselves. As much as you might feel it necessary to say or do something now, make a concerted effort to restrain Aries impulsiveness. The saying about inserting a foot into a mouth comes to mind. You could be setting yourself up to regret involving yourself in some way.

Aries-Aug 19th, 2014

Minds aren't easily changed sometimes. Fresh perspective is not the easiest thing to find when we need it, either. All it takes though, is for us to be convinced that someone or something is worthy of reconsideration and you're likely to be considering such a reconsideration now! You probably sense that a fixed opinion may be outdated or at least in need of updating. If you can show willingness to be convinced about something, then it's likely you will be.

Aries-Aug 13th, 2014

Solutions to problems can only come about when a problem has been properly identified. One can't precede the other. We can't have a vast collection of solutions at our disposal because we would soon discover none quite match any particular problem! That's why you need to avoid 'jumping the gun' now. You are right to anticipate a problem and one that likely affects someone close. Don't be too quick to instigate a solution until you know more about what's needed.

Aries-Aug 18th, 2014

'Tune in next week, when…' Such words were heard on radio programs long ago and their effectiveness in terms of encouraging listeners to ensure they did tune in next week to discover how a cliffhanger ended were soon used by TV producers for the same reason. You want to know how a particular story in your world is going to turn out. You will have to be patient for a while longer but can trust that the ending will be an exciting one.

Aries-Aug 12th, 2014

We struggle sometimes with knowing 'when to stop' or are oblivious to knowing when an idea we've nurtured over time is no longer appropriate. New factors present themselves. We ignore changes in our circumstances or attitudes yet we live in hope that an opportunity might arise to help us pursue something 'one day'. Such an opportunity is about to present itself. Be honest about how relevant or appropriate a long-held dream is in your current situation.

Aries-Aug 17th, 2014

How many detectives shrug their shoulders in the belief that some cases are best left unsolved? Probably, not many. If enough need exists to find an answer and create resolution, then those with vested interest in doing both pursue the need until they're satisfied it can be pursued no more. With that in mind, in what way are you inclined to shrug your shoulders and walk away from something that ought to be challenged? A situation deserves your attention. Don't abandon it.

Aries-Aug 11th, 2014

Extinguishing some fires with water is unwise, unhelpful and dangerous. Chemical fires, for example, are often worsened with a huge gush of water aimed at them. Yet, water is often our first choice when treating any fire. It doesn't occur to us sometimes that an obvious solution suitable for most situations might not be appropriate for specific ones. You need now a solution that is suitable and most appropriate for your current dilemma. You're about to discover it.