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Aries-Dec 19th, 2014

We are told 'knowledge is power'. Does that mean we're 'powerless' until something becomes clear to us? Of course not. Then, we are told 'a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing'. Is it more dangerous than possessing no knowledge about a particular matter, issue or topic? It can be, if we assume the little bit of knowledge we do have makes us believe falsely that we're in a position of power! You don't need vast amounts of knowledge to gain control in a way you want to now. Just a small amount of insight in some way will put you in an advantageous position.

Aries-Dec 13th, 2014

Uncertainty often plays a large part in hesitancy. We fear taking action or asking certain questions because we visualize in our minds a particular outcomes. How often do we get this wrong? How often do we find ourselves genuinely surprised by a result or reaction? Look closely at where you feel taking the initiative in some way is likely to result only in disappointment. Then, look closely at what you have to lose by taking action in some way. The sky strongly implies now that you might have arrived at a very different result than one you're expecting.

Aries-Dec 18th, 2014

So. Has it become clear to you where you stand in the great scheme of a particular situation? Someone, somewhere, has declared that your position or stance has been agreed and you have also been told to either like it or lump it. So, where does that leave you? Actually, it puts you in a strong position. Someone else's perception of your place in a plan or arrangement has been made with fear playing a part. They see you as a threat in some way or fear how quickly you might gain control were you in a position to do so. Relax and see what 'promotion' you gain shortly!

Aries-Dec 12th, 2014

Famous people usually have bodyguards who accompany them pretty much everywhere. Famous people also have busy diaries but all they have to do is be willing to be escorted to where they're supposed to be. One minute, they're in one place and the next, they're being rushed into a waiting vehicle. You might feel as if the cosmos has appointed two burly celestial bodyguards to do similar with you and have no say in the matter. Yes, you are being more than gently persuaded to go a certain direction but you can trust it is where you need to be heading.

Aries-Dec 17th, 2014

In a scene from Monty Python's 'Life of Brian', our central character desperately tries to persuade a crowd of people that flowers and birds lead happy enough existences without the need for material gain. This observation is met with levels of criticism yet Brian tries to make his point further, insisting that much of what we need during our brief stay on this planet is provided for, even if we're unable to see it for ourselves. You might be aware of an absence of something you believe you need, but it's important to trust that you're very well protected and looked after now.

Aries-Dec 11th, 2014

Timing is everything. He who hesitates is lost. There are a couple of well-known phrases to add to pressure you're likely under now! It's not my intention to add to existing pressure but we both know that a swift decision is required from you in some way now. In many ways, pressure should not exist with regard to the way in which you need to act. In terms of timing, you're very much in the right place at the right time. In terms of any need to assess or analyze what you need to do, well, that's something else you can cross from your list. Respond in the way you know you must.

Aries-Dec 16th, 2014

Urgency likes to spring into action at only a moment's notice. It often manages to convince us that what it believes to be urgent is something we ought to treat similarly. When we then spring into action, sometimes we do so without taking into account how urgent what we've been led to believe is urgent really is! What appears urgent to us might actually be less of an issue to someone or something else. Bear that in mind now where you feel obliged to take immediate action that might not require immediate action being taken.

Aries-Dec 10th, 2014

There's nothing like spontaneity to bring about a result sometimes. Something ticks along predictably and showing little in the way of change and then – presto – we have a need to react suddenly to an opportunity presenting itself. There are times when we know we don't need to assess, analyze or dissect what's presenting itself to us. It looks right. It feels right. We know it to be right. That's why you can afford to react swiftly to the opportunity presenting itself to you now. It wants to be seized and knows you want to seize it!

Aries-Dec 15th, 2014

With many children around the world focused on what they would like to see delivered during Christmas Eve awaiting them on Christmas morning, many are aware that receipt of their most cherished gifts is wholly reliant on ensuring they've conveyed their wishes to a certain gift-giving individual. Children are perhaps more in tune with a need to ask if they wish to receive and often have no hesitancy doing so. Neither should you be hesitant or reluctant about asking a certain question now. Doing so is very likely to bring you what you truly need. So, ask.

Aries-Dec 9th, 2014

Driving whilst looking constantly in a rear view mirror is not advisable. Whilst it is important to be aware of what's behind us, it's more important that we look at where we're going. You know where you have been. You know where you want to be. That's why it's important to focus on where you're heading and do what you can to ignore a potentially strong urge to keep looking at the past and what occurred there. The past has less of a part to play in what's unfolding now than you might think. Leave it where it is and move forward with deserved optimism.

Aries-Dec 14th, 2014

Opportunities are masters of disguises. They don't enjoy making grand entrances into our lives, preferring instead to appear subtly in some way that we either don't notice initially or have to make effort to see them for what they really are. All too often, opportunities are so well disguised that we only see the 'obstacle costume' they're donning. You could be inclined to see an opportunity presenting itself now as something to be fearful or wary of. If you struggle to see it for what it is, then you can be assured the opportunity will remove its guise and demand you seize it.

Aries-Dec 8th, 2014

We tend not to be too bothered by others' confusion or even objections to our plans. What makes sense to us makes sense, that's all we need to be focused on. Yet, sometimes, we have to explain or justify ourselves to others who, usually through having our best interests at heart, need reassuring in some way. There are limits to how much others need to know about a plan close to your heart. You have a finite level of obligation to explain yourself. You know that to be the case and it is a policy worth sticking with now.