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Aries-Jan 20th, 2015

There's nothing quite like surprising ourselves, sometimes. We think we know what we're capable of and then discover that we're capable of more. We then find ourselves questioning why we either didn't take a chance or a calculated risk or two in the past or what chances or calculated risks we ought to take in the present or future. Expect soon, to see evidence of how you're more capable in a certain area than you realized. This will encourage you to pursue a plan you've ignored previously through lack of confidence.

Aries-Jan 14th, 2015

We can't always expect others to understand what we're doing or want to do. Sometimes, we simply have to carry on in the knowledge that we possess knowledge or awareness of something they don't or are unable to grasp the concept of. There are also limits to how obliged we are to inform or update others as to our intentions, too. If you feel you are having to tackle something alone, then see the benefits of this. You look set to singlehandedly achieve something that will gain you respect from others who have been scratching their heads.

Aries-Jan 19th, 2015

Many people who made resolutions a couple of weeks or so ago are discovering how well they're coping with changes they willingly introduced. Some resolutions are easier to stick with than others. Much depends on how serious we are when we make them. Change you have introduced in an area of your world recently might or might not have been borne from a resolution but you should be getting a glimpse now into how necessary it was to introduce. Let the process continue.

Aries-Jan 13th, 2015

Are you the right person for the 'job'? Are you the best candidate to fulfil a particular task? Some people would agree wholeheartedly that you are but there is one particular person who doesn't share their belief or optimism. This person is inclined to think you aren't as well placed as others believe you to be to deliver what needs delivering in some way. They suspect you aren't an appropriate choice to handle a certain level of responsibility either. To identify this person, simply look in the nearest mirror. Then, summon some courage and impress a few people.

Aries-Jan 18th, 2015

There are times when all we need is a simple response from someone, a mere gesture on their behalf to indicate they are thinking of us or care about our well-being. Frustration and disappointment sets in when we feel efforts we're making aren't being reciprocated. Allow a bit more time to pass before you make judgment about a particular person who you wish was more responsive than they appear to be. There's more to their story than you probably realize.

Aries-Jan 12th, 2015

What limitations might you be setting where none need apply? Is there a limit to how much time and effort you ought to invest to a particular cause, pursuit, goal or ambition? You might believe that to be the case yet it appears the only limitation that might exist surrounds how much imagination you're willing to invest, not energy. A delightful and heartwarming result is on offer in an area of your world if you're willing to be led by your imagination and go where it genuinely wants you to go.

Aries-Jan 17th, 2015

'Do unto others as we would have them do unto us'. That seems a simple enough philosophy to adhere to. We know we receive from others what we give out. People will often react to us in ways we encourage them to. With that in mind, consider how a certain person might be reacting toward you and what you might be doing to encourage – or, if appropriate – discourage it. If you want someone to be more amenable or cooperative, then it's possible they're looking for such signs from you. Be willing to offer them and you'll likely see a change occur.

Aries-Jan 11th, 2015

In a world where much is depleting or non-replenishable, we're also spoiled for choice. There are the obvious non-replenishable things in life but solutions can be found with the application of imagination and foresight, both of which we have in abundance when we need them. The same can be said about sensitivity, compassion and love. You could be inclined now to focus too intently on what you believe to be missing or absent in an area of your world. What you truly need is available to you and the greatest abundance involves both love and imagination.

Aries-Jan 16th, 2015

Much in life involves 'proportions'. How big is 'this'? How big is 'that'? How 'bigger' can 'this' or 'that' be? Is bigger always better? In today's technological age, it can definitely be argued that smaller has its advantages. Bear this in mind now where your current dilemma is concerned. You understandably believe that, for something to be worth doing or pursuing, it ought to be more pertinent or significant to justify your time and attention. What might seem small and insignificant holds gigantic potential.

Aries-Jan 10th, 2015

When we experience a traffic jam and find ourselves having to drive down an enforced detour, we can only assume that whoever put the detour in place understood the direction we were meant to be travelling and has taken some time to ensure that we will get back on track eventually. In many ways now, that's precisely what the cosmos is doing for you. It recognizes how and why you now need to be setting off in what appears to be a somewhat uncertain direction. Have absolute faith that it knows what it's doing.

Aries-Jan 15th, 2015

There are times when we look at something we need to do that daunts us in the belief that, through having tried in the past and not achieved what we wanted or needed, further effort would be an exercise in futility. We believe that, despite wanting to make something happen, we're wasting our time and life's too short. Is life not too short to disregard something that, in our hearts, we truly want? Do we not owe it to ourselves to refuse to quit? Regardless of how improbable attaining something you want appears, there is still life in a plan if you give it another chance.

Aries-Jan 9th, 2015

Some people have quests that they are determined to pursue alone. They feel only they know and understand what it is they want to achieve and why, and involving anyone else in their pursuit will only serve to delay or complicate things. Whether you're inclined to ask for it or not, help and support is coming from elsewhere and possibly someone whom you didn't suspect would be willing to offer or provide such help. Be willing to accept help coming from this unexpected source now. They seem to be able to offer something you truly need.