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Aries-Aug 2nd, 2014

Some decisions take time to arrive at and hastening their arrival often proves pointless. We don't have only our heads to take into account. Even when our heads insist that no further thought is needed and a decision has been made, our hearts plead for a bit more time. Something might appear right but if it doesn't feel right, then we tend to be aware of this. Don't succumb to making a decision until you're more certain than you are currently that it does appear and feel right.

Aries-Jul 27th, 2014

Can you afford to trust your own judgment of a sensitive situation? Of course you can. Is all that you're seeing 'above board' and do you have true grasp of the reality of the situation? Ah, that's where things get a bit complicated. You can only make assumptions to a point. You can only piece together as many pieces of a proverbial jigsaw that you have available to you. You do, however, have enough information to read between lines and ascertain where you truly stand. That, for now, is all you need.

Aries-Aug 1st, 2014

When storytellers take us down blind alleys or present us with deliberately confusing or misleading information, we're prepared to accept this, to a point. We can often see how we're being set up for a surprise or twist in the plot we're likely to appreciate rather than be annoyed by. Sometimes, we're prepared to accept confusion if we think it might benefit us ultimately. That's why you should be intrigued by and supporting of what appears confusing now.

Aries-Jul 26th, 2014

Many ailments go away in time. Some can be left entirely alone to sort themselves out without necessary intervention or assistance from us. Our bodies know what to do. Tackling certain ailments is something they're used to doing. In a similar way, something in your world can be left alone to sort itself out. You could be inclined to monitor and push a process to completion when it will do just as good a job if left alone. Relax and leave alone what you feel inclined to involve yourself with.

Aries-Jul 31st, 2014

There are always two sides to any story. Sometimes, there can actually be more than two sides; there can often be a completely different angle to a situation that we hadn't considered. What appears complex in your world now is only appearing so because you're becoming increasingly aware of the range of options attached to it. So, how are you supposed to identify the right one to pursue? Here's a hint: your head is unlikely to provide the correct answer! Act on what you feel to be right.

Aries-Jul 25th, 2014

What's the best way to make a good impression? Many people would say this involves how you look, because people generally see you before they hear you. Others would say it doesn't matter how you look, it's what you say that allows people to make instant judgement. Both are true, but sometimes we can make a very strong and positive impression on someone by saying nothing. Someone is about to be appreciative of your silence now.

Aries-Jul 30th, 2014

When did the first public relations people appear? I guess it could be argued they had their place before biblical times and famous composers required some form of profile-raising activity hundreds of years ago to fill concert halls. I mention this because you appear to be attracting considerable attention from individuals who recognize what you can offer them. Let this deserved attention continue finding its way to you. You need only be yourself for it to do so.

Aries-Jul 23rd, 2014

People born under your sign are known to be adventurous and willing to take a risk or two more than other signs. That doesn't make you reckless or irresponsible though. If anything, you'll throw caution to wind only when instincts reassure you a risk is worth taking safely. You're being presented with an opportunity to step outside of a comfort zone and do something that might even scare you slightly. Trust that is happening for a reason and intends to free you in some way.

Aries-Jul 29th, 2014

We are advised to 'bite our tongues' when we must refrain from saying something we might regret. Such action can only cause frustration, especially when we know we have a point that must be made. You've allowed someone to do things their way and done a good job of supporting this. You're about to change an equilibrium. The boot is about to be on your foot. Patience is about to pay off. Remember though there is a right and wrong way to make your point.

Aries-Jul 22nd, 2014

Can you remember when we last spoke about balls and chains? Can you recall how, like prisoners did many years ago, we get used to balls and chains to the point where we miss them when they're removed. We grow used to them and even, on occasion, care for them, believing them to be as much a part of us as anything else. You're about to be freed from a commitment or obligation that has, over time, become wearying. Welcome, don't resent, this new situation.

Aries-Jul 28th, 2014

Imagine if any answer we required came to us instantly. Where would the fun be in that? Where would the pride of having discovered a solution to something that had been a source of frustration for some time come from? Where would the joy of making a fascinating discovery after focusing intently on a particular problem be? We find ourselves frustrated when what we need to know doesn't come to us instantly sometimes. That's why you need to embrace the challenge facing you now. Pride and joy are available if you're willing to invest a small amount of effort.

Aries-Jul 21st, 2014

Actors in adventure films always have narrow escapes. They can't be seen as ordinary otherwise we wouldn't feel inclined to follow their story. We need to be drawn to their bravery, resilience and ability to laugh at precarious situations. We become keen to see how they will emerge victorious from a situation we know we wouldn't have fared as well against. It's rarely a surprise when they do. Neither will your emerging victorious from a trying situation surprise you now.