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ۢ Do you want a job that pays you to help others?

ۢ Do you have an intuitive gift you want to share?

ۢ Would you like to belong to the worlds most professional and talented team of psychics?


We are employing a select number of psychics to work on our highly regarded international psychic line. Applications are open now.... Fill in our quick application form, but please make sure to read more about our unique team and application criteria.


Origin Psychics has a mission to help to change the world by uplifting the psychic arts. The psychic arts at the present time have a poor reputation-psychic lines are seen by many as businesses that rip people off by taking advantage of their difficulties.

The psychic arts are seen in terms mere fortune telling, linking into dead relatives, lifting curses etc. Many psychics see themselves as have to bring forth proof that they are psychic by producing something "extraordinary" but which often has little relevance to the needs of the client.

Origin Psychics base their work on a profound and deep perspective on reality and a strong sense of service to the world and particularly their clients.


Origin Psychic work is based on an understanding and experience of the Oneness of all things. We are all interconnected as human beings. The belief that we are separate, isolated individuals is seen as the main cause of suffering in the world. At Origin Psychics we understand that the healing of the world and all its hurts, pain and suffering will take place as each of us individually and together collectively we journey more deeply into our interconnectedness and the Oneness of all things.

The psychic arts are a practical expression the the reality of the Oneness and our journey into that Oneness. The psychic arts operated with skill, integrity and sensitivity bring healing and the power of harmony into this world.

Origin Psychics have a mission to bring the power of intuition into the forefront of the world's consciousness and to do this in the most practical way possible by using their intuitive power to help their clients to heal, to make empowering decisions and to work through the issues they face. THE ORIGIN PSYCHIC LINE

The Origin Psychic Line was founded by Rod Nicholson and Gaye Wright over 15 years ago. The psychic line currently operates International with a large client base in the United Kingdom, United States and Austraila. However we speak to clients from all over the world. Our line is unique in its personal approach and client-care and focus. We pride ourselves as true professionals who genuinely care for our clients. As part of our commitment to our clients we operate a FREE online community site:

We produce a monthly magazine The Origin Psychic with articles, self-help advice, horoscopes and much more for our clients. Origin Psychics go the extra mile to connect with our clients.

Origin Psychics are also dedicated to working on their own personal development and growth so that they can genuinely work with their clients in integrity and each day become stronger, more compassionate and more powerful in the way they express their intuition and live their own interconnectedness with the universe at all levels. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AN ORIGIN PSYCHIC.

The mission of the Origin Psychic Phone Line is help it clients to make decisions that empower their life.

An Origin Psychic must first of all be a compassionate and caring person whose intention is to use their intuitional power and psychic abilities improvement and personal development of the client.

An Origin Psychic must have the emotional maturity to put her client first. An Origin Psychic when she does a reading is performing an act of service. The client deserves care, consideration and compassionate focus.

An Origin Psychic is not in the game of impressing clients with her abilities or of exerting power over clients with a false High Priestess energy.

If you consider yourself as a person with Psychic abilities who would like to work in this spirit of service and compassion. If you are a person who wishes to make a difference to the world and you are prepared to work on your own personal development then please enquire about how you can work with us. Let us know what you can offer and find out what we can do for you.

HOW TO APPLY If you feel you meet these criteria and would like to arrange a phone interview please phone one of the below numbers or fill in our online application form at the top of this page. US 1877 878 3878
UK 0800 389 5781 
Australia: 1800 333 007
International +44 1470 532 456

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Ewan Nicholson

Ewan has been a professional psychic for the past 18 years and is the author of two books. He is very empathic and all his readings empower client to see better what’s going on around them  now and in the future. Ewan deliver his reading in caring , honest and warm hearted way.


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