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Aries (2015-07-21)

We often have exchanges with others that we see as far from deep, meaningful or helpful. There are even times when this suits us and them should instigating a certain uncomfortable discussion result in changing a situation we've grown comfortable with, even if it is less than satisfactory. You're aware of how a certain dialogue with a particular person could bring change you'd ideally like to see happen. It's for that reason certain conversation needs to be had now.

Libra (2015-07-21)

You could be inclined to believe a small amount of luck is needed to make a huge difference to a certain situation but might be overlooking how you have all you need in terms of support to transform a tense or uncertain scenario into something positive and far-reaching. Avoid a tendency to convince yourself that a particular discussion can only have a negative outcome. It is very much within your ability now to ensure something positive results from a certain exchange.

Taurus (2015-07-21)

What you've willingly accepted or believed didn't require assessing or analyzing could be something you're keen to look a bit more closely at. You might have been quite content to 'go with the flow' in a certain way but might also be feeling a need now to review particular beliefs or even certain principles. This decision might cause certain others to question your motives but you know, in your heart, it's necessary. What's unfolding now needs you to adapt and think differently.

Scorpio (2015-07-21)

A flippant or thoughtless comment could cause you to wonder if validity exists in what's being said or implied. You appear to be receiving mixed messages or conflicting information from a certain individual and could feel a need to reassess certain plans - and loyalties – because of this. Avoid taking to heart whatever is said without thought or care on a particular person's part. You know more than they think you do about the reality behind what they're implying.

Gemini (2015-07-21)

A sense of struggle could encourage you to look closely at how supported you are in more than one way. It might appear you're having to overcome a particular problem or complete something on your own but behind you exists levels of support that can play a helpful part in guiding you to where you now need to be. You might need to push aside pride and stubbornness but, for the time being, be willing to accept assistance the sky insists is available.

Sagittarius (2015-07-21)

A particular plan close to your heart could experience a delay. It hasn't been cancelled or abandoned through lack of interest, effort or feasibility on anyone's part. More support and enthusiasm exists toward it than might be apparent now but the message from the cosmos surrounds a need for it to be done properly and with realistic timescales attached. Soon, you'll see how the revised plan is an improvement and will feel more inspired and reassured as a result.

Cancer (2015-07-21)

It's a rare Cancerian that doesn't experience demands made of them by numerous others and where certain others are making demands of you now, these can't be ignored but neither must you drop everything to placate everyone immediately. It appears a particular uncertain situation is about to resolve itself without a need on your part to attend to or coax it. Expect to feel a sense of relief that time and effort you believed would be needed in one area won't be necessary.

Capricorn (2015-07-21)

It appears a need for patience, assessment and thinking time has been removed where a particular dilemma is concerned. You're probably aware of where a need to act swiftly or impulsively exists and where spontaneity combined with imagination is required from you. Push aside reticence or reluctance and invest effort toward what demands a swift response now. Something reassuring is on offer if you think quickly and take action where it's needed.

Leo (2015-07-21)

When frustration makes itself known, we often doubt ourselves and our abilities. We can all be our own worst critics at times and you've no reason to feel despondent, incapable or uncertain in a certain area of your world now. It appears you're trying to decipher something that doesn't need levels of effort and time you're keen to give. Where you might be experiencing second thoughts, a coming boost to your confidence and optimism levels will be enormously helpful.

Aquarius (2015-07-21)

For now, a certain situation needs to be taken at face value and you to trust what you see within it. Facts surrounding it are becoming increasingly clearer - and so too is a particular person's motivations or intentions. Soon, as more information comes to light, you will be aware of how more is going on behind the scenes in some way and this will serve to confirm further one or two suspicions you've had. For the time being, leave a situation to unfold without intervening.

Virgo (2015-07-21)

Something requires a second look. An emerging opportunity or vision needs closer examination. Effort on your part is needed in order for you to see whatever-it-is as the helpful solution it is. If you're willing to take a closer look at this having made a conscious decision to dismiss it not so long ago, then the sky insists wonderful revelation can occur. For this to happen, you simply need to push aside a set-in-stone and unhelpful attitude or belief that has held you back until now.

Pisces (2015-07-21)

In some way, in an area of your world, timing is crucial where something you want to achieve is concerned. How and when you make a point or statement relies upon impeccable timing to know when precisely to seize your moment. Progress you appear keen to make or a victory you appear determined to achieve relies upon striking while a proverbial iron is hot – or someone's guard is lowered. You'll know exactly when to make your next move and success appears assured.