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Virgo (2013-09-24)

We're told too much of a 'good thing' can be negative. We're not supposed to enjoy too much of something yet someone, somewhere has declared that, if something is to be enjoyed, then it should be enjoyed in measured doses. You really can enjoy an abundance of hope and faith now in the knowledge that the more you have, the better you will be and both are coming.

Aries (2013-09-24)

Have you ever tried to split a hair? Neither have I. We have good reason to believe the task would be a tedious one, not to mention a waste of time. What could anyone expect from being able to show their ability to split hairs? There are more productive things we could be doing and this definitely applies to your determination to try to win an argument that is past its sell by date.

Libra (2013-09-24)

Circus performers doing dangerous tricks or stunts want us to feel nervous, apprehensive or scared. If we didn't feel any of the above, then the effect of the trick or stunt would be much less impressive when finished. That's why you needn't brace yourself now in some way through fear. Let a situation unfold and you will discover it actually has the ability to delight and impress.

Taurus (2013-09-24)

What is and isn't within our power to make happen or change? It's difficult sometimes to know the answer to both. It's not until we make effort in a particular area that we know to what extent we're going to have to invest further effort. Where a particular plan of yours is concerned, you know that making some effort is better than doing nothing. That has to be the best plan of action now.

Scorpio (2013-09-24)

When we feel resigned to a situation, we often feel defeated at the same time. We accept, with disappointment, that we have no option other than to accept how seemingly powerless we are. Then what happens? Defeatism becomes even more difficult to shift with time. Prepare to discover, to your delight, how much control you do have where you believed you had none.

Gemini (2013-09-24)

What do you believe to be unfair in your world? In what ways might one or two people be 'laying down the law' or telling you how a situation is going to be? You've reason to believe that you're at the mercy of others who have more control over a situation than you. The key to rectifying this imbalance involves open, honest communication. It's up to you to instigate a discussion.

Sagittarius (2013-09-24)

When we put our foot down and make clear what we're no longer prepared to tolerate and why, what seems fair and just to us sometimes seems selfish or petty to others. If you want respect in certain quarters, then you're going to have to demand it. This might not make you popular initially but you will definitely be improving a situation that has needed improving for a long time.

Cancer (2013-09-24)

For compromises to be made, willingness must exist on both sides to reach a compromise. Both parties must be willing to hear the other's point of view. Both sides also need to accept that they're not going to get everything they want. You and someone else can reach a compromise now but it's likely to be you who will need to lower certain expectations – or demands!

Capricorn (2013-09-24)

When we find ourselves faced with a situation we've experienced before, we have reason to believe that factors surrounding it must be similar and we predict an outcome with weary resignation. A current situation might appear similar to one you've experienced previously. Prepare to discover how different and more helpful it is this time. A delightful surprise awaits.

Leo (2013-09-24)

When someone demands honesty from us, we want to know it's reciprocated. Even if we suspect someone else might be withholding something they ought to be coming clean about, we're often still prepared to be straight with them in the knowledge that our conscious is clean. It's important you're transparent in a discussion now, even if you suspect someone else has a hidden agenda.

Aquarius (2013-09-24)

Imagine how dull life would be if we were born equipped manuals containing life's answers. All we would need to do is look up a topic in the index and the answer would be provided like a dictionary definition. The fact that we don't have answers and must find or create them is what makes life interesting. Don't worry about how elusive a particular answer is. It is coming.