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Natalie Arkins

Natalie Arkins Psychic

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Empowers healing in relationship through intuitive approach

  • Subjects: Love & Relationships, Destiny &Life Purpose , Career & Creativity
  • Tools: Tarot, Crystal Dowsing, Shamanic Journey
  • Abilities: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Mediumship
  • Approach: Inspirational
    • Price: $3.99/min (First Time Caller Special - $1.99/min)
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 About Natalie

Natalie's many psychic talents include tarot reading, shamanic journeying, clairsentience, clairvoyance, mediumship and dowsing with a crystal. Natalie has been reading the tarot for 10 years, and uses her psychic abilities to give accurate and in depth readings. Natalie can help you with relationship and love issues, family, career and health to guide you on the path that is best for you, always focusing on positive solutions on your life journey.





I contacted Natalie last week. I found her a wonderful reader: specific, insightful and compassionate. Supportive and genuinly empathic. Her down to earth attitude and great sense of humour put me at ease straight away and enabled to look at things with an open mind and heart. She helped me to see clearly and accurately the situation I'm in, and to indentify the obstacles, going over the details and pointing to possible outcomes. I was taken aback by her ability to connect with me and to understand the situation. It was an informative and uplifting experience which left me empowered, feeling positive and excited about the future. It helped me to regain my confidence and sense of hope. I will be contacting Natalie again.

Jenny Mayfield

I have spoken to natalie a few times over last 2 month period. Her readings give confidence and she has amazing insight with the subject being discussed. She is really honest with her thoughts and does not mince her words but leaves me feeling empowered, and with guidance I can really use on how to handle my situation. She's a great laugh also!! I can really reccommend her!! Thanks Natalie.

Debbie, UK

Natalie has been very supportive over the past few months with clear and informative readings. Through our telephone conversations she has a wonderful understanding in her approach, listening but also offering excellent guidance through her professional readings. She immediately gets straight to the heart of the problem in my case- love and relationships and through her methods using her psychic abilities and tarot cards is able to give an honest picture about present and future insights. She is capable of giving clear and genuine information concerning you questions and gives honest feedback. In my first reading with Natalie she really empowered me in a momnet of feeling at a low point in my self-esteem. She told me a mantra to say to myself to empower me through my confusion. I really used this mantra and I have a great deal of gratitude for Natalie who helped me through this particular episode in my life. I would recommend Natalie as an insightful and compaasionate reader.

Words to describe readin: Compassionate, Sincere, Empathic, Insightful, Understanding, Genuie, Reassuring, Informative, Clear, Supportive, Professional, Psychic, Uplifting. more at ease and empowered after reading and better able to handle situation.Would recommend Natalie and Origin Psychics to a friend


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