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Creating Abundance

Written by Write on Monday, 02 April 2012 Published in Soul Healing Read 654 times
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We would all appreciate more abundance in our lives, whatever form that takes, whether it's to earn more money, have a nicer car, get a better paid job, etc. There are people who seem to just invite abundance and who find it always easy to make money. What is their secret?

If we think about someone like entrepreneur Richard Branson - he is not short of self-confidence and passionate energy for what he does. He BELIEVES in his own worth, and that translates into believing in what he produces.

This might give a clue to the link between the ability to create abundance and how we feel about ourselves. How might we be unwittingly preventing ourselves from having the abundance we all deserve?

It can be all too easy to be accepting a lack of abundance without even noticing it - accepting things or situations in our lives which are less than we deserve. When we start to look at every aspect - at even the smallest of things - it can be truly amazing to find how many areas of our life reflect where we are not honouring ourselves, where we are "putting up with" - where we are accepting less than the very best for ourselves.

This can be us perhaps not speaking up about something we really want to do, or maybe we keep wearing a particular jacket which never makes us feel good, but we still keep wearing it through habit, even if we have a nicer one in the wardrobe!. If we continually accept less then nothing will change - it is us "settling" for less than best. Settling has an energy of putting up with something, it has a feeling of putting ourselves last, of a belief that we are somehow less important than others, less deserving, and this is the energy we put out to others, and out to the Universe - we expect less and so that is what we receive.

Imagine how things would change if we shifted that perspective, and instead we believed that we were worth ONLY the VERY best in life, and if we started to act like that was true. The first symptom is that we would notice more and more in our lives where we "settle for less", and it appears in the most surprising of places! It can appear as material things which we really dislike but feel for some reason we feel we should keep and we continue to put up with them. Or perhaps we settle for a cheaper version of what we really want to buy. Ask yourself - is it really because of the price.......? Perhaps you keep agreeing to meet a persistent "friend" for coffee, even though you don't enjoy it. All of these things say to the Universe - "I am not important, I do not deserve abundance and joy".

Warning - do not start this process if you want things to stay as they are! Once you start raising awareness, the changes can gather momentum very quickly!

You may discover that you already have the very best but just don't allow yourself to use it or enjoy it. You may find that you ask for a certain amount for your services and clients start to willingly give you more because they want to show how much they appreciate you.

You will find yourself feeling more supported, more valued, and creating greater happiness and contentment in your life - because you are now placing a higher value on yourself. So now when the Universe offers you these gifts - say YES PLEASE! - and keep that gorgeous flow of abundance coming your way.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a highly experienced psychic and clairvoyant reader. With over 20 years experience, her insight and perspective has helped thousands on their spiritual and personal journey.

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