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Meditation tips to release pain

Written by Write on Monday, 30 April 2012 Published in Soul Healing Read 745 times
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pain.thbPain is something we have all experienced, but what might not have been noticed at the time we had it, is that there is usually a little gem of a gift, hidden away in the depths of that pain. Sometimes we are too busy to notice it - we just hit our thumb with the hammer, curse and hop around a bit, and then get on with the hammering. Or maybe we have the headache from hell, which immobilizes us and brings our energy down really low, maybe even makes us feel like crying if it is a really severe one. But we push it aside and force ourselves to get on with the necessities of life.

Maybe next time the headache or flu or whatever comes on, we might take a little time to take ourselves into a quiet space, and ask what needs to be looked at or what action needs to be taken. Taking a few minutes to tune into our body and, more importantly, the emotional feelings in our body, can allow information to come through that can be totally unexpected and enlightening.

One of my clients recently was suffering with a persistent bad headache, so I guided him through the process of getting in touch with that pain. He allowed himself to feel it fully, and affirmed his willingness to do what needed to be done in order to relieve it. As soon as he allowed himself to completely feel the pain, he felt and understood the emotion behind the physical pain and had a release of grief that he had not even realized he was carrying around with him. It was something he had been unable to cope with at the time of a bereavement, and so he had shut down on it, instead of allowing himself to grieve.

The physical way he was suppressing this grief was contributing to creating the headaches - the clenching of his jaw to physically clamp down and hold in the suppressed energy, tensing himself against feeling the emotion. Behind the grief were all sorts of other emotional issues which rose up - guilt, anger, and many more - all jostling for release once that lid was off. He felt a great relief from allowing himself to cry, and a release of pressure as it was no longer necessary for him to hold in that energy of sadness and grief. His headache cleared literally within 30 minutes, as well as the tension he had held for so long. He was tired, but relieved, and next time I saw him he was like a different man, with more energy and the tired, tense look about his face had gone.

This healing release can work for many forms of pain and illness, you may find it helpful to use visualization techniques to go through the process, or perhaps you may prefer to feel where it is held in your body.

When you close your eyes and focus on the pain, you may see or feel it as a raw, inflamed wound within a particular area of the body - it is not necessary to know what has caused it, but sometimes we do receive an "aha" moment when we suddenly become aware of what has created the pain. This realization might be enough to make us dissolve in tears, and this is the start of the healing process - letting go of the emotional trauma or hurt, or sadness lets us express that energy and allows an easier flow of energy within the body.

The emotional release of doing this work might leave us feeling a little tired at the time, but more at ease afterwards, less tense, less emotionally brittle, and not so quick to react when others press our emotional buttons. What amazing power we all have within our grasp - the ability to help our body heal itself. Attitudes are changing more and more, people are getting involved in their own healing process, and not leaving it just up to the doctors to make them well. We are now claiming our own power and using this to help our body to become whole again.

If you'd like to be guided through this process, I am more than happy to do this during readings, as it can be re-assuring to have someone there assisting and supporting. I will also send distant healing energy to help if desired.

Healing Space...

Find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed, you might like to light a candle and dedicate it to your healing, at the same time asking for your healing space to be protected.

Placing your feet flat on the floor, close your eyes, take a few long, slow breaths, and start to bring your focus away from external concerns. Become aware of your breathing, and as you feel yourself relax, allow yourself to bring your attention down into your body. Either look with your mind's eye or sense if you can feel an area that needs attention. It may appear inflamed, it may feel raw or tense. Gently focus on that area, allowing yourself to notice any sensations that arise. Keeping that gentle focus on the area needing attention, affirm to yourself that you are ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to heal this wound/illness/pain/hurt within you. You may experience a wave of emotion, and this is alright, allow it to come up, cry if you need to, you might even feel like shouting and that is ok too. Sometimes the energy release comes in the form of a big yawn, or a deep sigh. This is a sign that energy is moving in a positive way. Most importantly, this is your healing time, your space, so take as much time as you need. Everything else will wait, do not force it or hurry it along.

When you feel a sense that the process is complete for you for now, take a little time to visualise yourself being surrounded by and filled with a soft white light, it energises you and calming your energy once more.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a highly experienced psychic and clairvoyant reader. With over 20 years experience, her insight and perspective has helped thousands on their spiritual and personal journey.

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