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Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a highly experienced psychic and clairvoyant reader. With over 20 years experience, her insight and perspective has helped thousands on their spiritual and personal journey.

Write on Monday, 01 September 2014 Published in Tarot
‘Fear is the raw material of higher states and it must be passed through’ – Gene keys

The Moon is both enchanting and bewildering. It can inspire the creatives and artists within us, drawing out metaphors, enabling us to see colours and shades which the naked eye cannot, imagine the fantastic and draw upon deep wells of emotion. It can also heighten sensitivity of all kinds.  Don’t be surprised this month if you find yourself experiencing some confusion, fluctuating emotions or anxiety.  Moon energy pulls on our emotions, bringing out what we have been feeling and perhaps repressing. It is a time when our subconscious comes to the foreground and we can no longer ignore or gloss over any fears or feelings.

Write on Thursday, 08 August 2013 Published in Psychic Love Advice

This month, popular Origin Psychic Amy Adams answers one of those questions which comes up so frequently in our clients’ readings here at Origin Psychics...

Who would have thought that a simple phone call should mean so much. This amazing piece of modern technology which allows us to communicate over great distance can also be the centre point of a romantic crisis.  Are you waiting to hear back from him after your first date? Have you had a break with your boyfriend and he promised he would call in a couple of weeks?  Does your partner disappear off the planet and then call out of the blue?

Write on Monday, 04 February 2013 Published in Soul Healing

In this world of busy-ness, where we rush to meet deadlines, to keep up with paperwork, run to catch the bus, hurriedly shove a sandwich down at lunchtime while working on a report - where is the time for honouring our self - that deeper part of us, which gets pushed aside "until we have time", the part of us that yearns just to sit in a quiet room with a good book, or go for a long walk in nature without the mobile phone?

Write on Monday, 05 November 2012 Published in Soul Healing

Something which has been around for a long time now and has spawned many franchise companies is a business based on figuring out which colours suit someone's skin tone and the colour of their eyes. This way the client can go out and choose clothes in the correct colours, colours which they know will look good on them.

Write on Monday, 05 November 2012 Published in Tarot

The Death card is often seen as the most feared card in the tarot, for obvious reasons!! But this is more often the case for those who do not understand the real meaning of the card. It is extremely rare that the death card actually signifies a physical death. It is in fact one of the most empowering and positive cards in the tarot, and one to be welcomed in any reading, NOT feared.

The Death Card Symbolizes:





Write on Monday, 01 October 2012 Published in Spirit

taoist-wisdomThere is a Taoist tale which tells the story of a farmer who one day lost one of his prized horses after it broke loose and ran off into the countryside.  Friends commiserated with him saying how terrible it was, what a great loss, etc, and he simply said'we'll see'.  Then one day the horse appeared back at the farm hungry and ready to be caught, along with three other horses. 'That is fantastic news', they all said, and the farmer said'we'll see'.

Write on Monday, 03 September 2012 Published in Soul Healing


We all know the feeling of being stressed out - whether the situation is relationship-based, linked to money, or perhaps career or business challenges.  We want and expect things to happen in a particular way and life simply does not comply.

When things are out of our hands, out of our control, and not allowing themselves to be manipulated according to our desires, we can become frustrated and stressed.  We want things to be different, but despite all our best efforts, we can't seem to change them, and the more we try, the worse it seems to become.

Write on Tuesday, 31 July 2012 Published in Energy Universe

fire-walkSome years ago I took part in a fire-walk - an amazing opportunity where I had the experience of walking on hot coals. The fire-walk is present in many cultures in various forms - from Vikings walking on red hot anchor chains, to lava walking in Hawaii. It was often used as a rite of passage, or a 'coming of age' ritual. In present times it is frequently used by people wishing to break through barriers in their lives.

Write on Monday, 02 July 2012 Published in Soul Healing

virtual-healing-roomI've noticed both when working with holistic therapy and psychic reading clients, that I seem to get clusters of people with similar problems or situations coming to me at the same time. This usually tells me that the universe is giving me a lesson of some sort - there is something here for me to learn.

Write on Thursday, 31 May 2012 Published in Soul Healing

doing-nothingIt is a very common experience when facing emotional challenges, that we feel quite powerless. The decision of a partner to leave, the decision of our employer todownsize' - it's true that we have no control over these circumstances. But as Lynne Leslie explains, this does not mean that we are POWERLESS!

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