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Friday, 6th May 2016


You can choose to believe what you want to believe in a particular area but do yourself a favor and make sure whatever it is you're choosing to believe or invest faith in is positive, inspiring and fills you with enthusiasm. The alternative is, of course, to dwell on what might go wrong in a situation or nurture pessimism in the belief doing so is justified. It is very much within your ability to remove yourself from a Well of Woe to the Podium of Positivity!


Positive action is going to require positive thinking. If you want a positive result, then negativity cannot be allowed to creep in and disrupt an otherwise stable and productive process. We know it's always much easier to advise others to be upbeat, positive and enthusiastic but it does appear a particular process needs you to be all of the above if it is to stand a chance of success. Prove that you have faith in a positive desired outcome and you'll stand every chance of attaining it.


You could be at risk of drawing an inaccurate and, perhaps more importantly, an unfair conclusion in some way now. A situation might 'add up' one way but what if you were to look at it in a more positive and optimistic way? Is that outcome not worthy of at least acknowledging? Might it even be a stronger possibility than the outcome you're focused on? If there are two sides to any story, give the story surrounding a particular chapter in your world a fair read – or hearing!


You might have more than one option in some way and the fact you could be slightly spoiled for choice is likely more confusing than flattering. Much comes down to what you truly and honestly want. That's where the problem could lie, though. What you thought you wanted previously might not be what you truly want now. Fresh options presenting themselves hold much appeal but you keep coming back to one that connects with you. That's the one to focus on.


An old saying surrounds causing the demise of two birds with a single piece of gravel or rock. For the sake ornithological cruelty, let's just say you're in a situation where you can achieve success in more than one way with a single action. Much though, comes down to how confident you are to take a particular risk. You can play it safe and focus on achieving one success but if that can be doubled with the same effort, is the risk not worth taking? The sky definitely implies it is.


Your future security and stability could be something you're giving a closer look at or considering in more detail than you have previously. Don't see it as cut and dried as, 'if I pursue this option or follow this path, then I am stuck following that option or path.' The good news is, what you set off on now and have absolute faith in stands a more than excellent chance of being achieved or attained. That's why you need to choose your next move carefully.


Thinking too much about a situation is likely to bring only a headache, or increase discomfort in one you have already! We all look at, assess and analyze situations in the hope an answer will appear magically and when it doesn't, we start the process all over again in the hope we cause something to 'click' that didn't the previous time. When we find ourselves in such situations, that's a very clear indication of a need to trust what we feel, not what we think. Give it a go now.


Some people believe that, when we help others, we do so to please ourselves in the first instance. We bring pleasure to others because doing so makes us feel good or we're making a wonderful contribution in some way. Yet, there are times when we assist others because we want to make them feel supported and valued. Whatever your reason, showing support someone's direction will make both of you feel good. So, for that reason, it has to be worth doing.


A chance to learn something new or venture into previously unexplored learning territory is presenting itself. Don't expect to learn to run before you can walk, though. What you're likely embark upon will take time to grasp but doesn't anything take such time if it's truly worth learning and doing properly? The sky suggests there could be a creative slant to this, too so a chance to express yourself in a new way could be a perfect outlet.


As a wave of positivity starts to enter your world, you'll need to decide how best to channel or focus it. In some ways, you could soon have a Midas touch where anything you turn your hand to or focus effort on is concerned. Give proper thought to what you want to change and what you want to see happen. The message from the cosmos now surrounds so much being attainable if you're in a positive frame of mind to spot the opportunities when they present themselves.


An opportunity to free you from a tedious routine appears to be coming your way and so too does the prospect of meeting more than one like-minded person. Putting yourself in a position to do something differently to how it's always been done will be the first step to a new level of freedom and there's a curious connection to new faces and connections with this. Once you embark a new routine or regime, you'll wonder why you didn't start it sooner!


You could find a clever way of influencing someone, particular if they're in a position of power or authority. If a decision lies with them, then with some carefully and cleverly applied pressure, you can attract attention to yourself in very much the right way. If you're a Piscean wanting a change of career, this period could prove extremely productive and even pivotal. Once you know what someone's looking for, you'll find the perfect way to make clear why you're a definite option.

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