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Wednesday, 10th February 2016


There are times when we know we need help, support or guidance and wish all could be made available to us in a way we don't have to make much effort to find. Sometimes, ways in which we are being assisted are obvious but there are times when we need to be a bit canny to see how we're being assisted in other, less obvious ways. Now is such a time for you. Allow yourself to be steered or even pushed a particular direction and trust that a very helpful influence lies behind it.


We don't think twice about the need to discard items we've outgrown. Choosing to discard items often has much to do with knowing newer, upgraded and potentially more helpful items can be acquired somehow, somewhere. There are also times when we find ourselves aware of what we've outgrown and discover we need to ring a few changes. That's precisely what's occurring in your world now. Be prepared to make some space for what's coming.


Some retailers offer a 'try before you buy' policy. This says much about their levels of faith in what they're selling. They're convinced potential buyers won't fail to be impressed and a sale stands a good chance of happening. Where you might feel a need to progress a particular arrangement in your world, how willing are you to go the extra mile and prove to someone how much faith you have in a certain outcome? Proceed in the knowledge you cannot lose or fail.


If we spring a leak in our kitchen or bathroom, then we know to call a plumber. We also know to call upon the particular services of others when particular problems arise. How often though do people say, 'if you want someone to bring a delighful level of healing, empathy and compassion into your world, then call a Cancer'? You're being called upon to bring some level of levity to someone else's world. The sky promises they - and you - can benefit from you doing this.


In some way, you appear determined to gain the upper hand and prove beyond any shadow of doubt that you'll not accept defeat where a particular quest is concerned. That's admirable but is it an effective use of your time? Might such levels of diligence and perseverance not be put to better use in another area? That's what the sky is asking you to consider. You can benefit more by leaving a particular situation alone than you will by showing it or someone else who's boss.


It's our levels of interactivity with various platforms and media that are bound to increase during coming years. We'll be more than mere spectators in any audience. We'll be able to provide input or connect with individuals and situations in ways we only dream of now. Actually, the cosmos appears keen to give you a taste of what's to come by allowing you to have more influence over an outcome than you suspect you could ever have. Believe you can change a result and you will.


People are becoming increasingly impatient. Why? Because we're used to receiving so much instantly or with the push of a button. We then wonder why, if we don't have to wait for what we want in some ways, we have to in others. Ah, the key word there is 'want'. What we want can often be made available instantly. What we need, however, is a very different thing and can take time. Apply patience as best you're able as something you need makes its way to you.


A need to apply Scorpion shrewdness is about to present itself. This is likely to require you to gauge the best time to step forward and state a particular case that you've so far been watching in the background. Others might have foolishly believed your decision to remain detached was borne from lack of interest but your detachment has formed part of a larger, overall plan. Soon, you'll be superbly placed to reveal something that will give others plenty to consider.


Predictability, we know, can be painful. We can experience discomfort through being aware we're stuck in a rut that proves difficult to remove ourselves from or feel we have no option other than to accept a routine we wish we could free ourselves from. There's always scope to free ourselves but doing so often requires imagination and effort combined with courage. All three are, curiously, on offer to you now to free yourself from a tired and outdated scenario.


Confidence is a fantastic thing but quite lazy or reactive. It needs to be steered particular directions to ensure it's working in the most effective and appropriate ways. Can we have too much confidence? We know it's possible through seeing certain errors and misjudgments made but there are times when a surplus of the stuff can spur us on to bring surprising results. As your confidence receives a welcome boost, be clear about how you want it to work for you.


How many passwords do you use to access all that needs accessing on a daily basis? It's fair to say much of thinking time is spent using, recalling or creating passwords to access what is yours. We experience frustration too, when a password we're told a password we're certain is correct is incorrect. We've accept restrictions and limitations that are supposed to help but can annoy and frustrate us. You needn't be as resigned to accepting a restriction in your world as you believe.


Imagine someone stranded on a deseert island waiting to be rescued. They're looking for the tiniest sign of hope of rescue. They'll take anything, a noise, an unidentified shape in the distance. Then a shiny glimmer on the horizon catches their eye. We know there's no chance of that being dismissed or ignored! As a glimmer of hope appears on the horizon of a plan close to your heart, expect it to grow in strength. You have a very real reason to be optimstic.

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