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Sunday, 29th November 2015


It's understandable to be suspicious or wary of what we don't know. That's different from being fearful toward it, though. Applying caution where we believe it needs to be applied is different to seeing a situation as something we feel a need to be inferior to. You are right to look at a situation now in the belief that a decision surrounding it doesn't need to be made hastily. So, exercise caution where it might be needed but don't allow fear to become part of the equation.


What is and isn't attainable? That depends on how realistic you're being where setting your sights is concerned. On the one hand, you appear to be setting some ambitious targets and one or two of these could be fueled more by fantasy than anything else. On the other hand, you appear to be looking at what is realistically achievable and one goal in particular holds massive potential in terms of providing comfort and self-fulfillment. That's what you need to be focusing on.


We all want what we haven't got – or believe we don't have. It's through identifying what we believe we don't have that we set our sights on attaining. But there are times when we believe we don't have something available to us only because we fail to see how available it really is. We fail to see it because it doesn't resemble what we have convinced ourselves it should appear like. Something you need is already available to you. Simply use your imagination to see it.


It's important to distinguish between what you can change and what is beyond your ability to change or influence. The latter is nothing we should ever feel despondent about. It's usually through accepting what can't be changed that we identify a solution that frees us in some way from it and takes us into new and exciting territory. The way you're refusing to resign yourself to an unacceptable situation is precisely what will eventually free you from it.


Anyone skilled in the art of persuasion knows an effective way to get someone to do something is to plant an idea in a clever way that the person being persuaded believes to be their own. Through believing they came up with an idea, they will be more likely to pursue it and make it happen than if they felt coerced or bullied into doing it. What you might believe to an excellent idea now is likely something someone has cleverly planted in your mind – but does it matter?


People like to agree with each other. One person says one thing that is met with a reflexive response made by another who would rather be seen to be agreeing or agreeable than disagree or instigate a debate or argument. It's easier to agree than it is to take a stand or a contrary position. We usually only do that if our belief in a point we're making is strong. If you sense a need to adopt a contrary position instead of simply agreeing, then succumb to it.


There's a difference between a wish and a goal. Wishes can become goals but if a goal becomes a wish, it has been downsized or downgraded. We keep wishes to ourselves and tend to make more effort to pursue goals in the belief they're more achievable. You might need to distinguish between something you'd love to see happen but know it is more of a fantasy and something you know, with effort and belief, you can achieve. That's because it is achievable!


We learn from a young age to be wary of anything that appears 'too good to be true'. We look for 'catches' or ways in which we might be deliberately deceived in some way. We can be dismissive of fortuitous developments because we know they appear to happen infrequently and question what's provided for us that exceeds an expectation. The cosmos is providing something truly delightful for you. Pinch yourself if you must but don't reject it in the belief it's too good to be true.


Frank Sinatra was a Sagittarian. One of his most popular songs surrounded his pride in having done something 'his way'. When faced with doing something that might have met with approval from others but felt wrong to him, he followed a belief and was so glad he did that he felt compelled to tell the world of his success. You can hopefully see where I'm going with this. Take a stand, do something your way instead of placating others and you'll be very glad you did.


It's understandable we believe dramatic results require dramatic decisions and dramatic levels of effort. Like action movie heroes or heroines, we believe drama plays a part in making something spectacular happen and prepare ourselves to go out on proverbial limbs if we have to. Where you might be priming yourself to do similar, relax. You don't need to be concerned with dramatic gestures or effort. Something is about to prove itself to be easier than you believed it would be.


Paths of least resistance are always easy to take. They make life easier and don't require as much effort or imagination as somewhat more difficult paths do. Whether or not we choose an easy option is often dictated by how ambitious we're feeling at the time or how willing we are to rise to a challenge offered by the alternative. You know an easy option is an option now – but would you really feel satisfied with having taken it? The cosmos doesn't think so either.


Reaching the end of a tether is usually not an enjoyable experience. When we feel we have had enough of a situation, we often believe we have to take drastic and final action to bring about a result that does something to help us feel relieved or free from what has been draining and frustrating. If you sense something similar in an area of your world now, then welcome it, don't resent it. It is that feeling that will encourage you to take action in a way it needs to be taken.

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