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Wednesday, 24th August 2016


Recipes require particular amounts of all ingredients. Even if a recipe calls for a 'pinch' of that or a 'dash' of whatever, we get the gist about how much is needed. If we want to add more than what's called for, then that's usually fine, provided we're prepared to accept the inevitable change to the end result. In an area of your world, don't try to bend a rule to suit you or believe your idea might be best where something that needs doing 'by the book' is concerned!


Beware a path of least resistance now. I could have said, 'be cautious' or 'be wary' instead of 'beware' because I accept the word might instill a sense of fear. However, it is a sense of fear within you that could push you to opt for a much easier option when rising to a challenge and ignoring a fear will prove much more beneficial. You can confidently face a fear and, by doing so, safely remove yourself from a comfort zone that might not be serving you as well as it once did.


'Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying.' The words from the classic Pink Floyd song hold some relevance for you. You're likely convinced someone can see your lips moving. You're also likely reassured that words are being conveyed in a way you believe to be clear yet someone doesn't seem to be grasping or understanding what you're trying to tell them. You've done enough in this way, for now. Soon, something will 'click' and you'll feel relieved when it does.


Your actions could play a big part in making clear thoughts or feelings about a particular matter, certainly in a way that differs from what words could achieve. Try not to underestimate how influential your actions could be, not just in terms of making clear how you feel but also in terms of how others view your response. Much more can be conveyed than you – and possibly someone else – would prefer by what it is you don't say!


We tend to like or appreciate it when someone has a 'change of heart' in a way that suits us. We tend to not even care how or why, as long as we're reassured someone's reasons for changing their mind are because they see logic we see in a situation. You could be on the receiving end of someone's shift to a different opinion or attitude. It might alter or delay a plan you had your heart set on but it won't take you long to see how you'll benefit from them doing so.


Some people are determined to make their point and there are times when we can see they're not listening. Their faces make clear that they're putting their next point together in their mind to ensure it's released the second it's ready. As keen as you might be to make a point, allow someone else to have their say. By making an effort to listen to what they feel a need to convey to you, you could find your response changes dramatically as a result but at least you listened.


Something demanding attention needs to be taken seriously and this surrounds a need to do it 'by the book' or in a way that doesn't allow for shortcuts.' At the same time, you can afford to allow a bit of imagination or creativity to fill in gaps where you don't have the equivalent of clear instructions. Stay focused on the task at hand but don't rule out how a bit of improvisation or can also work in your favor. Success can be achieved now by finding a balance between both.


There are many stories written about characters who possessed a flaw they were determined to keep secret from others, only to discover that, once they made themselves vulnerable and revealed what had been concealed, they found themselves loved and admired even more for doing so. Might it be time for you to reveal something about yourself you've kept hidden for fear of how someone might react? You have nothing to fear and much to be gained by doing so.


Some people are oblivious to how curt or rude they can appear. We catch them at times that make them less congenial or their abruptness masks a deeper issue they don't feel the need to share. Whatever the reasons, if someone reacts in a less than pleasant way toward us, then we have options about how we choose to respond. Someone in your world could secretly use some support they're afraid to ask for. It's within your ability now to turn their frown upside down.


It's important you don't disregard a certain whim or what might even appear to be a nonsensical idea or plan. It might appear to hold only a nugget of possibility but that's enough for it to grow into something much bigger and possibly within a shorter timeframe than you think. Nurture what is gently beckoning for attention. Treat it with an open mind and give it the benefit of your Capricornian creativity and imagination. Something spectacular has potential to be created.


One of the most delightful surprises we can experience is discovering we have the ability to surprise ourselves. We look at situations or opportunities in the belief success that can come from pursuing them only happens to other people. The sky speaks now of a situation or opportunity begging for your attention, almost as it it's custom made for you. It needs you to take it seriously and see what you can do with it. Surprising yourself comes as part of the package.


Honesty, we know, is often the best policy. There are many different ways we can express it and it's the way you look set to express it that can turn an uncertain situation into something more promising. It's as if someone wants to hear the truth and only the truth, and being both honest and truthful about what you can do or offer in some way will not only enable you to be seen in a light you want to be seen in, it will put someone's mind at rest who you want on your side.

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