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Thursday, 26th May 2016


The 'downside' to a situation could be demanding too much focus or attention. Whilst it likely exists and shouldn't be ignored or dismissed, it is also clear a very positive and enlightening experience is on offer. From what you believe you aren't benefiting from, it is becoming clearer gradually that benefits do exist. To see these, is simple. All that's needed is willingness to change your attitude toward what you're seeing currently as undesirable or hopeless.


Asking for opinions or advice might seem a sensible plan and one bound to prove helpful or reassuring but the process of doing so might not be as straightforward as you believe it to be. You're likely to receive confusing or conflicting responses and, given that a final decision is yours alone to make, save yourself considerable time and stress by simply trusting what your instincts are telling you. They'll be far more accurate and helpful than advice sought from others.


When we can see a way to improve our relationship or at least interaction with a particular person but decide making effort is too risky or too much hard work, then we leave situations and arrangements alone in the belief we're better off bettering a Devil we know. Yet, sometimes, all it takes is one small, kind and unselfish gesture to bring a delightful and necessary change. For you to do this now, all you need to trust is you will receive what you give. It's really that simple.


You might understandably be unwilling to show more support and dedication in a certain way, believing you've shown enough and want some level of reassurance that what you have given is being acknowledged. This could be putting you in a Catch-22 situation or, to put it another way, reminiscent of the saying about cutting noses to spite faces. To get what you want and need out of an arrangement, you'll need to show just a little bit more willingness to be supportive.


As keen as you might be for something to happen instantaneously, are there not benefits to being patient? Of course, if you're convinced a result has to happen here and now, then patience will be the last thing you'll be keen to summon but part of you must be connecting with the fact that the positive change you want to see has to be allowed a reasonable timeframe to unfold within. Trust that momentum is working in your favor and it needs you to steer it for a while longer.


A feeling of uncertainty shouldn't be regarded as doubt. A very fine line exists between the two. What you feel uncertain about is the likelihood of a plan coming to fruition in a way you envisage it doing so. That's fine and in many ways, natural. However, allowing doubt to form part of your thinking is likely to cause you to question whether pursuing it should even be an option. Uncertainty will encourage you to look more closely and, with that, will come reassurance.


As an issue starts to gain necessary and helpful perspective, a sense of reassurance is likely to grow stronger. Where the issue might have evolved in its own way and to a point where you can see light at the end of an otherwise dark tunnel, it's also possible you've evolved in a way that is instilling a greater sense of confidence within you. That's what's helping with the perspective mentioned earlier and it will become even stronger as your confidence grows.


When we put ourselves under pressure in some way, it's often because pressure is coming from somewhere or someone else. The more that comes our way externally, the greater our sense of obligation becomes and both end up creating a perpetual circle of stress. It might be time for you to become a little bit selfish. That needn't involve you shirking a responsibility or obligation but it ought to involve you deciding the limits to which you're going to continue prioritizing it.


Is it time to take a stand? It's possible that, through a need to protect yourself, you've grown used to a self-imposed restriction. A tense link between Jupiter and Saturn implies a need on your part to recognize freedom you do actually possess in a way you've convinced yourself you don't or this might involve a level of control you've allowed a certain person to have over you. Summon courage to change this and you'll enjoy a new sense of freedom where you've wanted it.


Capricorns know a thing or two about duty, obligation and responsibility. If any or all three are something you take seriously in a particular way, then there's no way on Earth you would willingly risk letting someone down. This often suits someone else more than it does you. It also means you end up giving time and effort in ways that aren't reciprocated. As Jupiter squares Saturn, it might be time to recognize where a limit exists surrounding your dedication to a cause or person.


Expect soon to discover that a decision made in the past that you might have believed to be irrecoverable actually has more flexibility attached than you thought it did. This is bound to be helpful where a particular plan for the future is concerned and it also appears that someone else has a say in how this should proceed. If a plan is to be revived, then be aware of how a result won't happen overnight. Patience will be needed but will also ensure it's approached sensibly.


A little bit of appreciation from certain quarters could go a long way where you're concerned and, thankfully, it appears you're about to be the recipient of some. It might have taken some time but it is coming. Apart from a greater sense of well-being and acceptance, it appears a bond can be strengthened or even revived, now that a certain someone understands what you can offer or are able to provide in a way that they're appreciative of.

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