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I like to help people have clarity in their situations. I also enjoy giving customers truth instead of false hope.
I am a fearless person, nobody can make me back down. I strive for respect and financial security. I can be outgoing if it serves a purpose. I have no time for mind games. I am sarcastic with a sense of humour. I am loving and caring. I love animals and am a really good friend. I am 100% one with my star sign and am proud of it.
I love to play video games. I read a lot and love books about spirituality. I also love playing with animals.
I love the movie "Memories of a Geisha Girl" - for some reason I feel connected to Japan and can imagine being a Geisha.
I am a straight forward person with a sense of humour and a love of animals.
I have been gifted my whole life but I did not accept it until I turned 20 years old. I trained with Tarot cards for 7 month, until I felt I had opened my 3rd eye. Now I very rarely needs tools to read for customers.
I want customers to look at my profile and read it carefully so they know how I work. Don't just go by a picture - very often a connection is only made when we hear each others voice.

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