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Jennifer is a natural Clairvoyant who never fails to give her clients the answers they are looking for. Jennifer is one of the most experienced Clairvoyants that you will talk to. Jennifer doesnt need to ask loads of questions, in fact you will be the one who will be asking the questions because she will have given you so much information.

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  • Subjects: Love/relationshipsCareer/workPets/animalsDestiny/life path
  • Tools: Oracle CardsAngel Cards
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I like to make them feel better, both within themselves and also about the situation they find themselves in. I like trying my best to help leave them feeling more calm, clear and empowered and when they tell me that this is the case (of their own accord) I get true job satisfaction.
I can be very stubborn which can be typical of most Taureans and extremely determined - I very rarely give in and no matter how bad the problem (be it my own or someone else's) I will, in 90% of circumstances, solve it. On the other hand, I can be quite slow in taking action sometimes (another Taurean trait) but when I am ready I charge.
I love walking near the beautiful scenic cliffs by the sea where I live and feel I am at one with nature on these occasions and feel very privileged indeed. I enjoy looking after my gorgeous 6 year old son (I had him at 42!), listening to inspirational music, Pilates, drinking wine (in moderation, of course) and taking the family out to lunch.
I love the old black and white film "It's a Wonderful Life", starring Jimmy Stewart because it is a reminder that the angels are always with us and although they may not always reply when we ask, they do reply when they are most needed.The film is also extremely good in reminding the watcher of their importance and how every existence (or non-existence) can have such an impact on our fellow man - a thought not very often considered. "It's a Wonderful Life" is a truly wonderful film that I have enjoyed watching many times and would recommend whole-heartedly (especially when you're feeling down).
I would describe myself as hardworking, loyal, trustworthy, determined and devoted to my family and helping people (both spiritually and practically) whatever their states of affair.
I have had many, many life experiences, ok, I am 49 years old but I don't think that the average person has had as many as myself - even though some of these problems were not exactly my own - e.g. alcoholism, an abusive marriage, debt and unemployment. I have had first hand experience as to how such conditions can affect people's lives. This is not meant to brag or extract sympathy - just to demonstrate that I have the necessary empathy to do this very important work.
It is important to remember that the future is not just predictable but is influenced as well. Spirit give us opportunity, choice and free will and depending upon what decisions we make we do, to a certain extent, influence the future ourselves. We are indeed powerful beings but do not always realise it.

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