Astrology: What Does The July Moon Mean For You?

Grandmother Moon has many names in the month of July: Claiming Moon, Buck Moon, Flower Moon, Middle Summer Moon. The Sun and Moon are the largest luminaries in our day and night time, a constant in all of our lives. The Moon has no light of its own, it reflects the Sun light, helps to guide us in our darker hours, is a friend we can tell our deepest secrets to, is an enchantress that urges us to dance and laugh with abandon when she is full in the sky.

With the Sun in Cancer for July, highlighting everyone’s need for some nurturing, you have worked hard all year, and this is the time to relax, eat a fabulous meal with friends and families and put your feet up. Summertime pleasures such as picnics in a green field, taking walks, swimming, spending time with family and reconnecting with friends, being in nature.

Cancer is a Moon sign, is ruled by the Moon, which makes the Sun in Cancer a perfect time to self reflect, emotionally nurture yourself, and delve into the depths of the psyches with a gentleness and kindness towards the self. Many times, we don’t know have the space to release what we have been holding, since our focus was on work, family, the daily routine of life. The weather is improved, its time to go outside and reconnect with nature, your garden, outdoor activities. Just be spending time outside or doing what relaxes and nurtures you, is all you need to do to release any subconscious holding, blocks or emotions.

It does not matter what your Moon sign is, this forecast is a general one for everyone.

Full Moons are a time of fruition, of the full expression of the energy that has been building since the last Full Moon.The Full Moon will be on July 12 in Capricorn “I achieve”. Capricorn, the Goat, is hard working, focused and takes things step by step, with an agility and determination that can scale cliff-sides, and achieves its goal. If your goal is to rest, relax and have fun, go for it! The Full Moon in Capricorn will work hard to get you to relax too, but if there is any rocky emotions, places you may find yourself where you feel a bit uncertain, you will deftly overcome them, step by step. What ever goals you have been feeling to achieve in the last month, your subconscious and unconscious energies are working to help you through them. With the Sun in Cancer, the goals that this Full Moon will want to express are related to the home, family, children, nurturing, emotional well being, protection of the family and emotions.

The New Moon is on July 26th and is in Leo. The Sun also moves into Leo at that time. New Moons are a time to plant seeds of intention, what do you want to manifest in your life? With the conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Leo, you have double the energy and will to plant those seeds of intention. Leo being a Fire sign, any type fire or candle ceremony would be a wonderful way to set and plant your intentions for the 26th. Write your intentions down on a piece of paper and burn them by candlelight or in a fire.

New Moon in Leo urges you to do something creative, find a new hobby, or express yourself creatively. You may want to plant your intentions in a creative way that you invented or dreamed of, not following any set rules or pattern. New Moon in Leo is a wonderful time to plant any intentions related to the affairs of the heart: What do you want manifested in a love relationship? Write down all the qualities that you are looking for in a relationship on this New Moon in Leo.