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When Women Are Afraid Of Emotional Intimacy

One of the most commonly held misconceptions, which I quickly discovered on becoming a psychic, is that women are more open to emotional intimacy than men. This insight requires us to look below the surface of the way men and women express their feelings and to look at what emotional intimacy really means. Many people

Tarot Card Of The Month: Justice

Oh what a beautiful energy there is singing through the Justice card. She brings a message of integrity, and often, a challenge to find that deepest integrity within ourselves. When we are really able to come from that deepest, and most personally honest place, then we really are in harmony, and the flow of our

Inner Traveller

Hello beloved friends and clients! I have now returned after 7 months of travelling in China, Nepal and India. My journey was always going to be an inner journey – I think we all get to a point in our lives when we start to wonder: what am I doing this for? What is my

Five Ways A Psychic Reading Can Save Your Relationship

Over many years of doing psychic readings, literally talking to over a thousand people about their love and relationships, we here at Origin Psychics have found many ways in which a psychic reading can be invaluable in helping support people to build better relationships. While clients may come to us, wanting to know an answer

Psychic Stories: How A Psychic Reading Saved My Marriage

I had been married to John for 5 years and for the most part our relationship had been a loving and supportive one. When we met at a work conference we were both already in relationships but I knew straight away that John was going to play a special role in my life. We had

The Power Of Solitude

We live in an age where we are surrounded by noise and activity. The majority of people live in cities where the sound of traffic, sirens, and trains can be so unceasing that when a moment of pure silence occurs we are amazed and feel that something magical has happened. I can remember as a

Tarot Card Of The Month: The High Priestess

It can be all too easy for women in particular to become a bit of high priestess. Sometimes we become so convinced that we’re right, and that our intuition is correct, that we lose the plot, especially when it comes to our relationships. The challenge when you’re receiving a message from the High Priestess in

Why Is Mediumship So Popular?

Over the last few years there has been a rise in the public interest in the whole process of mediumship – that is, communicating with people who have died. With programs such as John Edwards’ Crossing Over, the whole process has been brought to our lounge rooms. We seem both startled and skeptical as the