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Protect Yourself From Negative Energies

Many clients ask me during the course of a reading how they can protect themselves from negative energies. They may be noticing a lot of negativity at work or at home, or in a situation where they previously felt comfortable but now the energy has changed and they feel drained, tired or even wiped out

Are You Born Under The Sign Of The Moon Child?

In ancient mythology, the Moon ruled side by side with the Sun god or goddess, and was seen by some as more important than the sun, because of its wisdom, guidance and spiritual knowledge. The Moon affected so many aspects of life and the personality, that it was often considered to have much power,.Shes been

Mangano Calcite: The Reiki Stone

You may well have heard this crystal referred to as The Reiki Stone, or seen it when you go to visit a healer. It is believed to have a gentle but powerful energy and is frequently used in energy healing, or to support the process of distance healing. Known to be a calming stone that

The Spring Equinox

The days are finally lengthening again; there is warmth in the sunshine, and we can look forward to welcoming all green and growing things before much longer. On the Spring Equinox, day and night are of equal length across the globe. Below is an excerpt from ‘Earth Magic – Oracle Cards’, by Steven D Farmer,

Prayer Of Midwinter

On the shortest day of the year, at dawn, a thin finger of dawn light passes into the aperture of Brugh na Boinne, otherwise known as Newgrange in Ireland. This megalithic enclosure was erected long before the Celtic peoples arrived in Ireland. We can all experience the wonder of this day if we rise before

Healing Your Home

Thank you Simon Cowell! I don’t usually have a reason to mention Simon Cowell, of X-factor fame, but he was recently in the news because he hired an energy healer to heal the energy in his home in California after a period of sickness. He revealed this fact to his 3.9 million Twitter followers last

Certainity In Uncertainity

In Zen Buddhism, koans – brief wisdom statements, often paradoxical in nature, are used to demonstrate the ironies of life, perhaps even the quandry of existence itself. To be a saint, you have the paradox of having to create sinners around you to become the saint. Osho has been quoted as saying that life is

The Inner Cauldron: The Alchemy Of Inner Change

As a professional reader for over a decade now, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve collected a variety of Tarot decks by now! My current favourite is one, which is based on the Arthurian legends. And one of my favourite cards in this favourite deck is the card for Temperence in this

Did You Know? New Study Demonstrates How Emotions Can Affect How We Predict Future Events

A new study published in the February edition of the Journal of Consumer Research by Professor Michel Tuan Pham (Columbia Business School) et al combines 8 different experiments into how emotions can affect how we predict future events. The authors coined the term “Emotional Oracle” which I think is very apt in this case and