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I Feel There Is A True Connection… But I Dont Even Know Him

Camera zooms in… Man sees woman sitting at tube stop. She looks distant and almost ethereal. In the bustle and commotion of the crowded station she stands alone. Beautiful, stunning. His world has stopped. Woman sees man. Fumbling and clumsily trying to work his way through the mad push of the tube, his vulnerable and

Born Again Lover: Healing From Relationship Hurt

It’s easy to give up on love when you have been hurt and disappointed by a relationship that went sour or didn’t live up to your expectations. You might try to look on it as a spiritual exercise in letting go, and that is one perspective. You might look at it as a lesson you

Why Is Your Relationship Past Is Still Haunting You?

Hidden within every single one of us are ghosts – the remnants of unresolved and intense emotional encounters. Everyone has ghosts because everyone has a past. Some people are just better at seeing their ghosts than others. Our subconscious collects our experience, and if all goes well, will process our experiences. We’ll learn from them,

Is Monogamy Possible On Sexual Games, Cheating And The Jerry Springer Show

Moral outrage is the daytime diet of millions of America each day. American love to boo, hiss and condemn all the adulterers, deviants and general white trash of America who decide that national television is the most therapeutic way to resolve their relationship dilemmas. Trash tabloid and magazines like National Enquirer or the News of

Romance Versus Real Love

Love throughout the ages and in modern history has been romanticised. Even though love has a universal meaning, the concept of love between romantic partners takes on a whole new perspective. Love occurs when two people connect in mind, body, and soul and develop the desire to form a bond. Bonds can be developed between

Am I Wasting Time Trying To Make This Relationship Work?

Is making your relationship work feeling more like an uphill battle than a walk in the park? Is your relationship starting to feel more off than on? Are you really just wasting your time? Cathy Cox, Origin Psychic Reader, takes a look at these questions and how you can make better use of your energy

Knowing When To Let Go After A Break-up

We all know that a break up doesn’t necessarily mean a relationship is over for good. But how do we know the difference between having confidence in the strength of a relationship bond, and just good, old-fashioned wishful thinking? A recent self-help best-seller proclaimed that when men say they want to break up, that’s exactly

Why You Should Break The Rules If You Want To Be A Dating Success

With the rise of internet dating and people waiting longer to find their ‘perfect’ partner, Michelle Walter explores the so called ‘rules’ of dating and why they might do more harm than good. It amazes me to see the effect a little book called, “The Rules”, has had on the dating world. Clients ring me,

When Women Are Afraid Of Emotional Intimacy

One of the most commonly held misconceptions, which I quickly discovered on becoming a psychic, is that women are more open to emotional intimacy than men. This insight requires us to look below the surface of the way men and women express their feelings and to look at what emotional intimacy really means. Many people

Five Ways A Psychic Reading Can Save Your Relationship

Over many years of doing psychic readings, literally talking to over a thousand people about their love and relationships, we here at Origin Psychics have found many ways in which a psychic reading can be invaluable in helping support people to build better relationships. While clients may come to us, wanting to know an answer