Pisces: Ruler Of The Depth

The planet Neptune is the ruler of the sign of Pisces. The symbol for Neptune is Poseidon’s three-pronged spear. This spear is considered to be the cross of matter breaking through the crescent of one’s personality. Hence, setting it free to manifest itself at a higher level than one’s own personal ego.

In regard to Neptune, “The brightest light casts the deepest shadow”, which means that Neptune can reach the highest levels, and the lowest depths. It rules the astral plane, the next dimensions, and finds it difficult to remain planted in the earth and material level of consciousness. Neptune dissolves matter, rather than building it. When this planet is strong in the astrological chart, the individual will be extremely sensitive, possibly also secretive, and have a difficult time dealing with the harshness of the material world. These individuals can be very creative and in touch with a higher sense of reality. They can be very wise, poetic, intuitive, literary and musical. In these areas of creativity, they can often be considered to have a touch of genius.

The sign of Pisces is in effect from February 21st to March 21st. The keyword for Pisces is “I believe”. It is dualistic in nature, and is represented by the two fish swimming in different directions. This is because one fish is considered to be swimming downstream, which represents the individual’s personality, and the other fish swimming upstream representing the soul. The Pisces person may appear to be confused and somewhat nebulous at times. But they are in fact considering the situation from both the material and spiritual levels. Pisces people often need a lot of time in solitude, in order to maintain their balance. They can be very kind and compassionate people, and can suffer from being too sensitive sometimes. They are sometimes also considered the “old man of the zodiac”, and possess a wisdom beyond their years. This can bring a daunting responsibility that only a Pisces can handle, in their own special way.