Reader Spotlight: Amy Adams

Origin Psychics is really pleased to be welcoming Amy Adams back to our professional team. If you’d like to have a reading with Amy, shell be available on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings, UK time. I asked Amy a few questions about psychic work…

Amy, what is it that you enjoy about doing psychic readings for clients?

I love being able to go in and discover along with another what’s going on, why things are happening the way they are, and what approach can be taken to allow the best thing to happen. It’s always a privilege. I love getting to delve into mystery! But helping people, either personally or professionally, is the height of all of it. Truly, there is no better feeling…that moment when it all comes together, and someone finds relief. To assist in this is to know what is important. And to get to do this for a living is a blessing, one I never take for granted.

Why do you think so many people look to psychic readings these days to support them in their life?

Humanity has always sought out the unseen for guidance; it’s nothing new. At one point, seeking an oracle was nothing unusual or outside of daily life. The unseen IS our support, and humanity once knew this implicitly. However, in these days when spiritual stuff may seem quaint or passe or ridiculous, readings of the sort we offer seem to stand in for all the other cultural supports that are collapsing around us. No one else is doing it. Even psychology has largely given away its art to prescribing medications. Our cultures seem to breed insecurity and isolation right now, despite our touted “connection”. At least this has been my experience for twenty years: nothing really reaches to our depths anymore, and even we ourselves deny them because they are not perceived as “productive”. People who do psychic work are not only anonymous and safe, but are still talking to and from the realities that make up both our private sense of ourselves as well as our fundamental being.

Have you had a particularly interesting or powerful psychic experience in your own life?

Yes, several. Last year, just before I received the call that my father died, I was dreaming that he and I were in my home town, and he was asking me to cross the river with him, and I told him that I couldn’t. I woke from the dream and the phone rang, and I knew he’d died. He had, right at the time I’d been dreaming. Once, a client had called me very anxious that a date hadn’t turned up yet, and this person was quite despondent about being stood up, but every time I turned over the cards I got the same one (the eight of wands), and all I could do was repeat for two minutes, “It’s ok, it’s like he’s there. He’s already there.” And then the client said, “Hold on a minute,” and came back to the phone saying “Sorry, I’ve got to go, he just got here,”-and hung up–Things like that are fun.