Reader Spotlight: Charli Haynes

Some people have asked me when I discovered my psychic abilities. Well, it happened early on in childhood. I was 5 years old and I was getting information that was unusual & very accurate. My mother who was Croatian & psychic herself encouraged this information.

I believe that all children are psychic, because they are so open, but parents put a stop to this natural ability, calling it childish & children’s imagination.

I was lucky that my mother believed me & nurtured my talent.

When my grandmother died, I was 7 years old – I actually saw her as a spirit while I was in bed one night. I was afraid at first, but quickly gained comfort from her presence. My mother had the same experience one night.

As a child, I also worked as an actress & model which gave me the confidence to deal with many different kinds of people. I continued as a working actress & stand up comedian into my adulthood. Being psychic, it can be quite strange to be on stage as a comedian & pick up information from the audience. It was a quirky & vulnerable place to be, to say the least!

I started reading the tarot for friends in the mid-80’s & progressed to doing professional readings shortly after. I LOVE doing readings for people. It gives me such joy to help people on their path. It gives me a sense of completeness and right livelihood. I also enjoy giving inspirational readings. I absolutely ADORE my regular clients and have developed such a wonderful rapport & friendship with them! And of course I look forward to the new clients who want readings with me. I feel it is so interesting to connect with the different people I get to talk with! I’m based in America (Los Angeles, California to be exact). I love speaking with folks from different countries. I enjoy the varied accents & dialects. My accent is plain old American!

These days, I regularly use the Angel cards, as well as the more usual Tarot. The Angel Cards are beautiful & colorful & the messages are very clear. I am also Clairvoyant & an Empath. I’ve been working with Origin Psychics for over a year now & look forward to meeting more wonderful clients!

I believe that this year of 2013 will be a time of empowerment & spiritual development. Many people will make headway in their inner growth this year, therefore manifest great outer changes.

I look forward to doing readings for you all & assisting you in the changes you want to make!