Reader Spotlight: Merle Hurley

I describe myself as a down to earth psychic, who is honest and direct, but also spiritual and very open to all of those who choose to read with me. Everyone of us has a story to tell. Mine is a little different. Which leads me to focus on why I am here and how I decided to work as a psychic.

I am a Capricorn through and through. Always putting myself though endless challenges to get to the mountain top and helping others. I try to avoid any false ideas about who and what I am, which makes it easier to do genuine and sincere psychic readings.

Humility and grace are qualities I aspire to. My life experience has taught me to be content as a human being and satisfied with what life has given me to date.

As a child, I was faced with very adverse situations that somehow I never thought I would survive. When I was 7, I had a near death experience which infused my soul with what I know now as my sixth sense. I often wondered why I was given such a difficult road so early in life. My mother had a mental illness and at times struggled with leading a normal and balanced life.

My father was a good man but he died when I was a teenager. Having four other younger sisters to worry about I became very motherly at the tender age of 12.

Since then it became very natural for me to guide, help and support people with a highly developed sense of empathy for others. As a child I fell helpless to change my situation, but day by day I realised how hungry I was for change. The one thing I think that motivated me towards a better future was my raw determination. I grew up very quickly, and decided I was going to learn about everything I could to change my path.

Though trial and error I found that if I focused on daily change and transition then over a period of time my mind had adjusted to the new way of thinking.

This is when I found the light and clarity of the third eye. And it really does feel that way. It gave me a sense of self love and strength I never felt before.

It made me feel so good about myself that I wanted to share and help others as well. I also learnt the art of meditation to develop a deeper peace in the core of my soul, so that all the messages that came out of my energy was sent out with unconditional love.

I believe in the higher good of all religion as long as it does not harm others. I observe, listen, to not only the obvious, but those things in life that are missed because we are to busy, scared or upset to confront. I learn something daily, I accept all that exists in the universe and realise that if I need to change in then I must initiate that change, because if you stay the same so will things around you.

I have a background in corporate business, and have studied counselling and psychology. I participate in self improvement methods and reading extensively about a wide variety of issues from men and relationships to health and business information.

Because I am so committed to change, I would like to share some simple but very effective strategies you might find helpful…

Some simple and effective ways to change your daily life

  • The only first true love in your life should be you, a partner or soulmate can only compliment and enhance your life.
  • Get to know and love who you really are This is a crucial step toward any changes in your life.
  • Find out what your true core is as an individual in terms of ideals, values, goals and assess them regularly.
  • Find good role models or mentors to follow. There are many motivational gurus from spiritual, career and business. Find ones that suit your personality and needs. (Dr Wayne Dyer has been mine for the last 30 years, he has developed some great ideas and strategies). Louise Hay is another spiritual motivator who teaches the art of self love through affirmations.
  • Be very honest in your judgement about your Strengths and weakness. Try not to let your ego in on this one. Even though the truth will hurt at first you will be amazed at how this can be one of the most important elements in change. Ask those you trust to reflect on how you could change certain traits or behaviours that are blocking you.
  • Try new methods and ideas such as books, movies, courses, online information.
  • Give yourself credit when you do well. Don’t harp on old misgivings or failures.
  • Don’t just start and then give up because you have setback, the most important key to change is to make allowances for setbacks.
  • Remind yourself of the bigger picture daily.
  • Research how others have gotten out of a similar situation, network through different resources.
  • Have a daily motivational conference with yourself, try not to over-analyse things and keep it simple. Stick to solving issues daily rather than letting things build up.
  • Most of all never stop learning the things YOU need to learn.
  • Be still and rest your mind let it recuperate occasionally.
  • Find ways to heal and deal with one issue at a time and don’t be overwhelmed with everything at once.
  • Pick one thing to work on and stick to it until you are reasonably happy with the outcome, don’t be a perfectionist.
  • Be kind to yourself in the process and don’t forget to reward your own achievements.
  • Keep a simple diary on milestones, important reflections, and monitor changes.
  • Believe in yourself every moment of the day. Even when you’re asleep as negative thoughts lead to negative dreams.
  • Value your life and know that you deserve everything you desire, you have the gift of life and it belongs to you, what you do with it is your choice. Remember life something you need to constantly adjust to, the world will rarely adjust to you.

Finally, my motto is: ‘It’s not the mistakes you make in life, its how you fix them that counts!’