Reader Spotlight: Victoria Eastburn

I love my work as a psychic, medium and healer, and I feel honoured that I get to work with people along their journey in remarkable ways.

It was not always easy growing up and having sixth sensory awareness. I have learnt a lot about myself along the journey but the one thing I feel has been of most importance, is being able to be true to myself and the importance that this has had on my life and my ever evolving journey.

I found that when I started to accept myself and my natural gifts with love and grace and allow myself to step beyond my mind’s fear, my life truly started to change in remarkable ways.

I love my work as a psychic, medium and healer and feel blessed and honoured that I get to work with people along their journey in remarkable ways. My aim when I work with clients is to help guide through insight, clarity and to find that golden thread of deeper authentic truth , self love and self empowerment in their situation and their life.

Finding our truth and embracing our authentic nature with self love comes from the heart. Our inner world is constantly speaking to us through our outer world and the relationship that we have with it. Learning that the most important relationship that we have is the one we have with ourselves and that it all begins there. It is a life time relationship that is forever evolving.

That is why it is important to have daily practices that allow us to have centeredness and consistent self awareness. Time and space to connect to ourselves and our hearts. Our heart is where our authentic self connects.

Often when the we get caught up in our busy day to day lives, the mind can seem to be speaking louder then the heart. Often we try to solve our daily issues with our mind because the mind is good at wanting to solve things, so it gets right on board, the next thing we know we have become so overwhelmed and down paths, we don’t even at times know how we got there.

At this point what we really need is to become centered and present with ourselves and back in the moment and create a space where we can connect to our hearts not our head.

This simple daily practice will help you find centeredness again in the moment, get you out of the mind and connected to your body. Although it is a simple practice that does not have to take much time , it is effective.

Often it is the small subtle things that speak the loudest. All that is required is that we show up consistently to it and then allow the spaces in between , where the hearts speaks to us the loudest.

Daily Practice

This practice can be done any time of the day, sitting or standing. Eyes open or closed. It all depends on what is appropriate at the time and place.

  1. Inhale and as you breath in , do so as you count to 4
  2. Hold for the count of 4
  3. Exhale to the count of 4
  4. Hold again for the count of 4 – you can repeat the process.

Try to focus on the count of 4, while bring your attention to your breath.