Spring Clean Your Life

It’s that time of year again. After the winter season, when everything has slowed down, we are coming out of hibernation. Spring cleaning is a wisdom found in many traditions, from Feng Shui to old wives’ tales. And there is a good reason for it too. It does help to clear the energy within you and around you.

It may seem kind of silly, that objects that we have should have such an effect on our life, but this simple task of cleaning out what you no longer need has a vibrational and cascade effect on your life. By doing a clearing of clutter, you are making the space available for the new to enter your life. Do you feel stuck in your job? Do you feel stuck in a relationship or are you feeling frustrated about not meeting anyone new? Then its very important for you to de-clutter your home and your mind.

The following tips are from Feng Shui traditions, and will help you to clear clutter from your mind, energy and home.

  • Computer / Mobile Phone: This is a new one for many people, since computers are a more recent presence in our homes. You need to clear out old emails, files, programs you are no longer using. Electronic clutter still does affect you. If there are files or photos that you want to keep, look to put them into an online storage facility such as drop-box or google drive. There are plenty of free storage spaces on the internet. For the mobile phone, delete numbers that you no longer use or need and messages.
  • Electronic devices: First the big things, any old electronic devices, hoovers, toasters, computers, phones, need to be taken out and taken to your local recycling centre. If you have multiple items of the same thing, but hesitate because it is still usable, then either donate it to a charity shop, give it away or recycle.
  • Damaged items: We all have those items that are damaged but still usable. If you still haven’t repaired it and you have had it more than a year, it is time to let it go. Again, you can donate it, sell it, give it away or recycle it. This can include chairs, toys, electronic items, anything that is damaged. By keeping something that is broken and not fixing it, is a metaphor for the things in your life that you are not fixing. You do not need a reminder of them in your life, let them go.
  • Clothes: If you have not worn it in a year, then get rid of it. It is okay to keep winter/summer items in storage when not in use. In Feng Shui, they say that we utilise only 20% of our wardrobe. Also get rid of things that do not fit you right now. If its too big, get rid of it, if its too small, even if its really nice, get rid of it.
  • Make up/Soaps/perfumes/personal care items: Most of these products have a time limit on them, with how many months you must keep them. If its past its time limit, throw it away. Mascara lasts only 3 months. If you have multiple soaps, shampoos etc, try to use what you have and only keep one extra in supply. Same with medicines and the medicine cabinet. Clear out all out of date items.
  • Fridge/Freezer/kitchen cupboards: For food items, again if it’s out of date, throw it away. If you have chipped, broken, cracked cups or plates, do not hold on to them. Try and use up some of the canned goods you already have, before buying new ones.
  • Doors: In Feng Shui, its not advocated to hang stuff behind doors. Feng Shui says it blocks the flow of energy and new doors opening to you.
  • Storage spaces/junk drawers: Okay, so you have the Christmas items, holiday/camping gear, suitcases etc that need to be stored. But having things in the attic or stored that you do not ever use, will limit your potential for growth. Go through these areas, release what no longer serves you and keep what is still useful for you.
  • Mind: Get rid of thoughts that clutter your mind. As you clear your home of energy that is not serving you, you will also find it easier to think clearly and positively. One of the easiest ways that I have found to clear mental clutter is to say an affirmation after I have a thought that I do not want to manifest, but is repeatedly going through my mind “Universe, I do not want to manifest this thought. Delete that thought”.
  • Friends: Yes, this is the hard one. We all have those connections to people that are no longer positive. We may hold onto them because we feel guilty, we don’t want to hurt them or have a fight. In reality, it is not serving you or the other person to maintain a friendship which is not mutually positive.

Some further advice – if you have a lot of clearing to do, don’t try and do it all at once! Pick a room and start there. You may also want a ‘Not sure’ box for things that you are not sure if you want to keep or get rid of. You will find as you do this clearing, that it feels so good, you will be doing it more than once a year.