Tarot Card Of The Month: The Moon Card

The time has come to look within, and embrace the mystery of the universe hidden within your heart. The soft and gentle light of the moon seeps into your soul; it awakens trust and speaks directly to that part of our mind where dreams emerge, possibilities and inventions are born, and hope springs up for the new day.

Gazing at the moon connects us with the eternal feminine within – both woman and man. At this time of the year, the gentle nudge of innocence within each soul, is expressed in the festival of Imbolc, and the celebration of love which is Valentine’s Day. The Moon guides us to that place where the seeds of new love are beginning to stir – now is the time to follow that urge, and find that our hopes and dreams are full of potential, just waiting to emerge.

The moon reminds us of our past too – she creates a passage to the riches and resources we have stored there. She is a communicator of hope because she forgets nothing, and helps us to remember the depths of our soul and the extraordinary abundance we have access to.