Taurus In Love

The Sun is in Taurus from April 21st to May 22nd. It is an earth sign and it is represented by the sign of the bull. Those aspects are commonly known – what’s not so well known is the association Taurus has with Venus, and the realm of love!

One could say that the whole world is constantly in a search for LOVE. They are searching for that perfect love, the supportive love, their one and only, their soul mate or twin flame. Songs and poems and stories have been written through the ages with a central theme of love. What a wonderful joyful experience it can be.

So right now, as we’ve entered the sign of Taurus astrologically, we’ve also entered the realm of Venus, Goddess of Love! Everything about Taurus speaks of love – family, home possessions and intimacy. Although Taurus people have a reputation for sometimes being a little too materialistic, all that they do, and offer for their family and friends is based in their love for them.

Taurus people love to be in love, they are “in love with love”. They can be such hopeless romantics and not be satisfied until they find the “right one”. They can sometimes be like little children when it comes to love. They love Valentines Day, chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners as well. When a Taurus person falls in love, you can be sure that they will set up a happy home for their loved one. They may make this home far away from everyone else, as they can be very possessive in love and want to protect the one they love. They may even put their loved one on a pedestal and strive to keep them there. They have very high ideals when it comes to love and their family. Love from a Taurus man or woman can most likely be a very strong and long-lasting love. And they are likely to really work their way through difficulties as letting a love commitment go will be very difficult for them.

This May will actually be a very busy and fruitful month for those of you born in the sign of Taurus. You have been feeling a sort of loneliness and disconnection for about a month or so, but that is no longer the case this month! You will be able to dig into that great well of love, caring and affection that is your motivating force and end up wining and feeling wonderful. If you’re single and looking for love, this is a great month for you to actually meet someone very special and new, or if you’re in a relationship, you’re likely to see a deepening of your bond, or move to a stronger level of commitment. This is a great time for you Taurus, and for love!