What Are Venus & Mars Up To In June?

Right now there seems to be a collective balancing of male and female energies. While this may not seem apparent on a global scale as of yet, it feels as if the female energies are coming into their power (stereotypically a male energy) and the male energies are learning to connect and express emotions (stereotypically female energy). Whether you are in a partnership or romance or not, the energies of male and female archetypes are acting within us and in all of our interactions with each other all the time.

Traditionally, the female is the receptive principle – feels everything, and expresses it, and the male principle is the active principle, taking action on thoughts. For the collective to balance, we must all individually balance our own active and receptive energies. This article looks at some aspects in Astrology for the coming month to give you guidance in balancing these energies.

In Astrology, the Planets Venus and Mars are linked to our female (anima) and male (animus) energies. Each of us has an anima and animus. For a man, his anima or Venus energy (in his the natal chart) would describe the perfect partner for him and also would describe his receptive qualities, emotions, and intuition. For a woman, her animus or Mars energy (in her natal chart) would describe her perfect partner and how she acts or is active in herself. The planet Venus rules our female/feminine side, our anima, romance, love, beauty, music and learning, and it is the ruler of two astrological signs, Libra and Taurus. Mars is our active male principle, the animus, which can span from a fertility god (Roman Mars) to a god of war and competition (Greek Mars) and is ruler of Aries. In our personal lives, Mars would represent how we compete, how we assert ourselves, our independence and how we take risks and how we start or initiate things.


For most of the month of June, Venus will be in Taurus, a planet that it is happy and at home in. Earthy Taurus will bring out the sensual and sexual energy of Venus, and the love of comforts and any issue around money and money matters. Security will also allow the creative potential to open up, and you may be feeling more creative in your life during a Venus in Taurus transit. Venus is calling on your female energy to enjoy life, see beauty, take pleasures in the physical body, whether that be through sexual or sensual energy, or just taking care of your body and enjoying the benefits of being healthy.

June will be a good month to express the anima energy through creativity too. If you have been feeling stuck on a creative level, this is the month when the muse appears and creative processes are enhanced. If you are in a relationship, Venus in Taurus may express itself through physical desire, more sexual energy and pleasure. You may also be focused on making money through creative endeavours with this energy too.

Guidance: Enjoy the creative aspects of life right now, its a good time to paint, draw, play music, listen to music, eat good meals with friends and family, and enjoy intimacy with your partner. Focusing on manifesting money during this period is also enhanced.


Mars usually transits an astrological sign in about 45 days on average, but has spent almost 8 months in Libra, and also going retrograde. Retrograde is where the planet appears to be moving backwards in the night sky from our perspective on earth. Retrograde energies are usually a slowing down force on any planet, causing problems. Mars went direct in Libra May 19th, and will finally leave Libra into Scorpio on the 27th of July.

Mars in Libra has brought up many challenges for people in terms of relationships. Issues of control, who gets their way, trying to find balance within opposing views has been the main theme of Mars in Libra, and the retrograde energy made this energy slow down and take much longer to resolve. Mars wants to act, while Libra is more about studying all points of views and getting a consensus agreement. Mars in Libra is potentially causing strife and upheaval in people’s personal relationships. Also, if you have Mars in Libra within your birth chart, you will feel the effects of Mars in Libra more strongly and if you have any of the cardinal signs in Mars (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn). If you are not in a relationship, this Mars in Libra can manifest within your own energy field as your male energy: you may want to take action (Mars) but feel to hold back and assess everything (Libra) or only act if there is justice, peace and harmony. You may be holding back from entering a relationship until you have decided its the right action for you to take.

If you are feeling stuck in not being able to act right now, once Mars moves into Scorpio in July, you’re likely to get a burst of active energy.

Another interesting aspect of Mars in Libra is that Libra is one of the signs ruled by Venus. Venus is at home in the Libran energy of justice, balance and harmony. So even though Mars has been stuck in Libra for 8 months, it may be helping the anima and animus aspects of ourselves to harmonise, before taking any action. Libra will give Mars some guidance, and a search for balance, within its venusian energy.

Guidance: Mars in Libra may cause some strife in your relationships. This is somewhat balanced by the Venus anima energy of wanting pleasure and love to prevail. Mars as the animus, has been held back from acting in the energy of Libra, and is learning an important lesson of co-operation and balancing all action for the benefit of all involved (this could be true for any relationships). The animus energy wants justice and peace, but may get frustrated at the slow pace that is currently happening in Libra. By expressing and acting on the anima energy of creativity and sensual pleasures, we have an outlet for the animus, so that it can handle this time of waiting to resolve things.