What Defines A Good Psychic Reading?

Imagine a vibrant river flowing deep underneath the earth. This river is alive, pulsating with energy, containing stories and knowledge about the past, present and the future. It contains the story of who you are, where you have been and where you are going. We are a part of this river. It is where we meet in the Oneness. It is an exciting place to be.

Sadly, as a society, we have lost connection with our deeper knowing about ourselves and our lives. We are distracted by images and reflections lying on the surface, searching for the answers everywhere but inside our own hearts.

If we have lost our way to this river, how can we drink from its vastness?

With this experience of deep separation, our lives lack continuity, coherence and the feeling of oneness that we are all so desperately seeking. We have cut ourselves off from the power of the inter-connectedness of the universe and the magic of synchronicity cannot occur fluently in our lives. We then try to force life to happen as we want it to.

Life Unfolding

Life is continually unfolding, forever changing. The options and choices before you are endless. You cannot force your life to happen. It’s much easier to wait for clear signs to manifest in your life before you move forwards than it is to analyze your endless possibilities. Trying to ‘figure it out’ is how people end up lost in their heads, cut off from the oneness, and therefore feeling powerless to take charge.

A Genuine Psychic Reading

A genuine psychic reading in my opinion is not just about telling you who you are and where your life is heading. It’s also about realigning your with the vibrations of your subconscious, to guide you back to the subtlety of your deeper identity and what your heart is really communicating.

A psychic’s role is to delve into your subconscious and to discover and share with you the missing parts of your story, which will assist you in putting the pieces of your puzzle back together. A psychic can reveal seeds that have already been planted in your life waiting to manifest and also to help you to plant new seeds, creating new growth in your life.

Eventually, with practice and experience, you can learn to find your own way back to the river of your subconscious and recreate the life you want.