Daily Horoscopes Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Are you looking for love? Is your relationship on the rocks? Is it time for you to make a change? Overcoming the loss of a lost one? Unsure of what path to take? No matter what challenges you may be facing in your life, our free horoscopes can provide the direction you need.


The Moon in your sign brings sensitivity to your world, and where you need it. You might have recently been applying a gung-ho strategy to making progress and succeeded only in getting others' backs up or frustrating yourself. Now, the climate changes. You can be very persuasive and get your way, but only if your actions or message are underpinned by the right levels of delicacy.


A work-related opportunity could present itself today and being the first to spot it could help you to shine. If others are slow off the mark, then that's their problem. You can spot a way to be mega-efficient, and your idea or plan will likely be met with approval by those you need on your side to make it happen.


Tension between you and a certain person is likely to be short-lived, so don't let any frustration or resentment fester. If anything, try to turn the proverbial telescope around and look at what you do have in common. You both appear to want the same thing but are coming at it from different directions. Soon, you'll settle on an ideal solution that suits both of you. See what's occurring now as part of that helpful process.


Communication is essential in more than one area of your world now, and it's equally essential that it's two-way. You appear to have much you want to say or convey but are also in a superb position to learn from listening. Say your piece, then step back and allow someone else to do the same. You could both be glad you allowed each other a chance to air your views.


A relationship matter could be preoccupying your thoughts, but like a scratched record or defective CD, your thought process might get to a certain point and then keep recurring. This emotional roadblock is probably the result of Venus refusing to be cooperative at this time, but her unhelpful influence will be brief. You'll soon start to see this issue more clearly.


Routines are often dull. We stick with many out of necessity more than desire. Where you might feel a routine in an area of your world either needs shaking or removing, try to look more closely at a bigger plan or picture. Bringing to a halt something that has ticked along predictably is, of course, your prerogative. But what are you going to replace it with? How can this change be improved even more? There are two questions worth considering.


It might appear as if others are going out of their way to be unhelpful or uncooperative, but whatever resistance you encounter will likely be short-lived. Whatever you do, resist reacting defensively to anyone who snaps at or makes clear their unwillingness to assist or support you. Discussions could be prone to becoming argumentative, so just smile, count to ten and walk away.


The words, 'enough is enough' need to be applied to an area of your world now, but not in the frustrated or exasperated way we usually say them. 'Enough' means recognizing that effort made in a particular way is sufficient – for now. In the same way an artist might struggle to resist adding to their finished masterpiece, you could believe you need to do more than has already been done. Try to accept that doing more probably won't make the difference you believe it will. You'll be able to return to whatever-it-is shortly.


A loving word or gesture from a certain person can work wonders for you now. You might not be sending out a needy vibe, but even a subtle, loving comment or affectionate action can boost your spirits immensely. Allow someone to recognize and connect with this need. They want to help, and you'll be appreciative of tenderness shown your way.


Get ready for a meeting of minds and possibly a beating of hearts between you and at least one person. Your intuition is sharp, and you know what to say or do to bring you and someone closer in some way. Your words are soothing; your actions are heartfelt. A bond can be strengthened by trusting your instincts about the best ways to strengthen it.


An intriguing development on the work or career front could encourage you to spring into action and pursue it, but try to connect with the part of you that knows biding your time briefly is the best option. Be willing to assess your next professional move before taking it. You're encouraged to hold back for a good reason, and this will probably become clear before the week is over.


The saying about being able to please some of the people some of the time comes to mind now. Your interactions with others take you down some delightful avenues but also into potentially tense territory. Focus on those who get your point or are willing to listen to and support you. Anyone who isn't might need time to let your suggestions sink in.