Daily Horoscopes Friday 17th August 2018

Are you looking for love? Is your relationship on the rocks? Is it time for you to make a change? Overcoming the loss of a lost one? Unsure of what path to take? No matter what challenges you may be facing in your life, our free horoscopes can provide the direction you need.


Those who observe can often find themselves in more advantageous positions than those who throw themselves into plans or tasks. Those who watch from sidelines often see situations unfolding in ways that those who are in the thick of them cannot. As proactive as you might normally be, this could be a time when you benefit more from watching than doing. As long as your mind is open, it will receive what it needs to receive.


'They' say a lot of things but we can't argue with what 'they' say about a job well begun being a job half done. We're all guilty at times of focusing so intently on a result and, in our haste to achieve it, overlook the crucial steps needed to get a process underway properly. Fortunately, you're at an early stage of a process and can ensure it commences in the best possible way. Start off slowly and allow something wonderful to unfold one step at a time.


When we hear the words, 'trust me,' our minds can be cast back to numerous times in the past when we did trust someone and ended up wishing we hadn't. We also know that trust is like paper – once it's crumpled, it can never be perfect again. You might feel you have no option other than to take someone at their word now. Don't be swayed or influenced by the past. You're right to invest some trust this time.


Be willing to reassess your abilities in a certain area. The act of doing so could highlight possibilities you might not have spotted otherwise. It's possible you've accepted limitations and restrictions regarding something you could truly shine with if your confidence was a bit higher. The only real obstacle to success or fulfillment is one you're creating yourself. Don't wait for evidence of your abilities before you start to believe in them.


Realizing a cherished aspiration could rely on a little help from your friends. You might need to share the praise or recognition that comes from enlisting a chum or two, but there will likely be little doubt that what's achieved collaboratively is your idea. All you need is more input or a few more hands to make lighter work of it, and that's what is worth considering now.


Frustration can be a by-product of trying to make ourselves heard and understood. Your mission with doing so now requires you to not only encourage someone to listen but to put themselves in your situation, see what you see or feel what you feel. That requires an unusually deeper level of connection, but if you make an effort to create it, then you'll succeed in helping someone truly understand you in a way you need them to.


Healing can sometimes occur most effectively and quickly when we leave alone what needs to be healed and give it a chance to do so without interference. Sometimes, time brings the best remedy. As keen as you might be to hurry along a healing process of some kind, and probably involving your relationship with a certain person, accept that you've likely done enough for it to get underway. A bit of time and distance can bring the desired result.


It's natural we should want to go great lengths to please those closest to us. However, we can all recall what it feels like when someone makes too much effort in our direction. The effect can be smothering rather than helpful. This scenario could apply to either effort someone is making on your behalf or effort you're making on theirs. One of you could sense it's more than what's required. Less really could be more now.


It's possible to alter or adjust a situation or arrangement made in the past in order for it to be more appropriate now and in the future. Don't believe you're likely to make what was put in place or agreed previously more confusing or complex by wanting to change it. Your idea of what needs to change to suit you might be seen as fair and helpful to someone else. Both sides win.


If you want to make progress in a certain area, then you'll need to accept an awkward or uncomfortable fact. There might be no way around this. However, progress can't happen if something remains the same. To gain, you'll need to release something along the way but don't see that as a loss. What you might see as a significant compromise or adjustment might only be a small step in a necessary direction.


If people don't respect someone, then they're not likely to go to any lengths to assist or support them. Some people really don't understand this point. They mistakenly equate fear with respect. Although the sky isn't implying you're such a mistaken person, it does suggest you can do more than you might be doing to get certain people on your side in ways you need them to be. This might require you to become more of a team player or willing to collaborate and less keen to call the shots as you see them.


You've likely undergone a period of adjustment in an area of your world, and the sky suggests more adjustment is to come. Before you view this as negative, you can trust that this second wave is one you'll take to in easily. This could also be helped by the fact that proof of your abilities or a certain talent is starting to become clear to you and others. This could also work wonders for your confidence.