Daily Horoscopes Sunday 19th November 2017

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If someone asks for your opinion or input, then you're right to believe you have an obligation to tell them the truth. However, you could feel they want you to paint a rosier picture than you know exists with a certain situation. The most helpful and honest advice you can offer surrounds them removing rose-tinted glasses to see a situation as realistically and objectively as you do!


A plan you believed to be solid could be revealing cracks. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it's crumbling. You might have a bit of repair work to do to get it back on track but trust that whatever appears flimsy or unstable now is helpful with highlighting issues you might need to keep an eye on and prepare for in the future.


A shared plan finally seems to be progressing on a clear and unobstructed road. However, focusing intently on every potential pitfall or flaw slows you down considerably. Avoid unnecessary and unhelpful self-criticism – or being critical of someone else's efforts. You have a green light where you've wanted one. Unnecessary nit-picking only holds up traffic!


Limits exist surrounding how much you can do in a particular area and how quickly you can accomplish it. You might believe you have strict expectations from others to live up to and don't want to be seen as inconsistent. However, the greatest pressure is probably coming from you. Others seem to accept realistic timescales involved. Don't complicate a shared objective by creating your own.


Your heart's in the right place, and your reaction to a certain situation or development is an appropriate one. However, you could be hiding behind an emotional wall of comfort that prevents you from having to display vulnerability in some way. See the benefits of involving yourself more emotionally with a situation you feel you must detach yourself from. Someone will appreciate seeing your softer or compassionate side now.


Something that felt dreamy or whimsical recently could now be underpinned with a strong sense of realism. Allow your colorful visions to flourish but accept why both feet on the ground are needed. Being realistic about your aspirations helps you accept effort that will be required to make them real. If this relates to a career or professional pursuit, then be prepared to adjust your vision as new circumstances - and opportunities - emerge.


Others might be keen to dictate how something should be done and insist their way is best. However, you know differently. It's possible you can draw upon experience that puts you in an advantageous position but revealing this now might not be the best idea. You might need to allow one or two others to learn from their mistakes before contributing your ideas.


It might be apparent how someone is focused so intently on the present, and you have your eye fixed firmly on the future. Try not to let your fantastic future vision cause you to ignore duties and responsibilities you have at this time. They're essential stepping stones that can take you to where you want to be further down the road - and you could arrive there sooner than you think!


You might believe enough groundwork and preparation have been done in a particular area. However, before taking your foot off the gas, consider if this might be a symptom of a lack of communication between you and others involved with your dream or aspiration. Having at least one person on board with your vision is essential. You could still have stronger foundations to put in place in the present before you can gallop off into the future.


Your initial reaction to a comment or suggestion made to you might be defensive. You see no point in explaining or justifying a certain action or decision. However, if you're honest with yourself, does someone have a valid point by questioning it? They're not being critical, they're trying to offer helpful insight into a confusing matter. Defending or justifying yourself could raise the question about who you're really trying to defend or justify it to.


Enthusiasm or excitement for a certain plan could be seen as overpowering to others. Although you have faith in what you intend to make happen, others see impetuousness on your part. Adopting a stubborn attitude or approach is unlikely to be helpful now. If others encourage you to slow down and take realistic stock of your strategy, then try to accept they might have a point.


Although you believe your actions and attitude are spot on, others could be receiving mixed or inconsistent messages or vibes from you. This causes them to question whether or not you're as clear as you believe yourself be where a plan or strategy is concerned. In truth, You could be more sporadic or inconsistent than you believe yourself to be. Don't take others' well-intended input as unhelpful or negative criticism. You might be too close to a certain situation to see it clearly.