Daily Horoscopes Sunday 26th May 2019

Are you looking for love? Is your relationship on the rocks? Is it time for you to make a change? Overcoming the loss of a lost one? Unsure of what path to take? No matter what challenges you may be facing in your life, our free horoscopes can provide the direction you need.


It's interesting how we can see a mountain, in a metaphorical sense, as a monumental task to climb. However, in your world, you could detect people standing at the top of the mountain you're keen to conquer. There they are, waving and beckoning you to join them. What do they know that you don't know about how to get up there? They managed to spot a certain shortcut. As long as you remain open-minded, you'll find a way to make a daunting task considerably easier.


Many of us have been in a position where we sat slumped behind the wheel of a stationary vehicle crawling at a speed of a tenth of a mile an hour and then spotted an easily accessible road that removed us from our frustrating situation. We knew it must lead somewhere and were happy for it to take us the long way to where we were going if it meant we didn't remain stuck in an annoying situation beyond our control. If you haven't yet spotted such a detour in your world, then it's about to present itself. There are benefits to taking it.


Are you obliged to finish something you started? Ah, there's a potentially tricky question. In truth, you are obliged to see something through the completion, but it's unfair to see this as a forced responsibility. If there is one person who stands to benefit from the success that this idea or plan can achieve, it's you. Changing proverbial horses midstream or throwing in a proverbial towel isn't helpful or wise. Keep the faith. Stick with what you started. Trust the part of you that knows that's sensible.


Hopefully, you're aware of how a cloud of seriousness, anxiety, depression, or negativity that has hung over your world for much of this year is diminishing in strength and size. Although this respite might be temporary, it's enough for you to regain your bearings or revive enthusiasm where it's needed. If you do not yet see signs that you can afford to be less defensive or primed, then further proof is coming.


The cosmos could increase pressure in one area of your world, but that doesn't necessarily mean you must respond to it. As is often the case with pressure, there are many “mini pressures” within it. When we spot these, we often identify ways to slow down and address each individually. Before we know it, we have removed each of the “mini components” and caused what seemed like one big pressure to diminish or vanish. Try to make that your strategy now.


So, here you are in a new set of circumstances that might feel familiar in many ways but also lead ultimately to what you know to be an unfamiliar destination. Fortunately, to prepare for your next journey, you need only do so in the same way you might bring a book or music to listen to while traveling. Whether you're aware of it or not, you're on the second phase of a new adventure. You're right to feel optimistic and excited about where you're heading, too.


It's amazing to think that everything we require to exist comfortably and healthily on planet Earth, nature has provided. That doesn't include what can be found in shops or online but all that's naturally essential for us to survive. Where you might believe something is missing in an area of your world, the sky suggests it is much nearer or more available to you than you think. With a bit more open-mindedness and willingness to look beyond what's obvious, you'll spot it.


It's possible that you set yourself an ambitious target at the start of this year. So, how are you getting on with your plan? Or is that a bit of a sore subject? You could have dealt with and continue to deal with certain frustrating circumstances beyond your control where yearned-for progress is concerned. You may encounter a few more delays yet. However, these can streamline your efforts. You'll soon make up for any lost time.


As one of two zodiac signs ruled by optimistic Jupiter, it's possible you don't need to make a concerted effort to see a situation positively. If only a certain person was able to do the same. You may understandably feel weary from their comments or observations about how a proverbial glass always seems to be half empty. This could stem from frustrations affecting them internally rather than circumstances affecting both of you. If you feel upbeat and positive, then trust that's what you should feel at this time.


You and a certain person probably share the same goal but have different ideas about how to achieve it. It appears this individual possesses experience in a way that you don't and vice versa. That's why you and they make such a formidable team. However, you might feel your efforts aren't appreciated and also sense this person believes you're not listening to them. Don't deviate from a current strategy. How you're approaching something might feel painfully slow, but it is gradual, and that's precisely the approach to take to bring the success that will please both of you.


It's possible that you feel strangely beholden to a certain person or the levels of support you offer aren't reciprocated. It's as if they believe they can snap their fingers, you'll jump to action, and that's all there is to it. Or, perhaps you believe it's easier to do as you're told to keep the peace. New circumstances emerging can bring a shift to this imbalanced arrangement. It might be necessary to assert yourself in a new way, but this could gain you more respect than resistance.


Some people are happy and comfortable being the focus of attention. For others, the idea of having many eyes upon them makes them feel extremely uncomfortable. Where you are concerned, there appears to be a middle ground. You could attract attention to yourself in some way, and this may feel uncomfortable at first. However, you could grow to like it. The more that you accept that you've earned it, the easier it will be to adjust to.