Daily Horoscopes Monday 29th May 2017

Are you looking for love? Is your relationship on the rocks? Is it time for you to make a change? Overcoming the loss of a lost one? Unsure of what path to take? No matter what challenges you may be facing in your life, our free horoscopes can provide the direction you need.


Launching a plan or project will undoubtedly be exciting and inspiring but the further you get into your scheme, the more previously unknown or concealed information could come to light. This can only enhance your prospects ultimately but you'll need to be prepared to drop the reins briefly in order to accommodate changing circumstances. This stop-start-stop process won't last long.


Facts and fiction might be blurred but rather than give yourself a headache trying to separate the two, have faith in the fact that facts can take care of themselves, for now, anyway. It's your vision of the future that can benefit from an injection of sanguineness. You might be at an early visualization stage of what you yearn to make happen but the saying about acorns definitely applies now.


The fact that certain plans or ideas that seemed set in stone are showing signs of going off on tangents is something to be glad of, not resented. You'll need to be more flexible regarding whatever you're embarking upon now because the further you take your plans and ideas, the more opportunities you'll notice that you'd overlooked. Try to see any tangent as a new option to consider, not a setback.


A work or career-related plan that has experienced a stop-start-stop scenario could finally show signs of stability but it's the Eureka Moment or sudden surge of clarity that helps you to bring closure in some way. Whether this involves you spotting something someone else overlooked in a strategy or identifying a way you can put yourself in a stronger negotiating position, the upper hand is about to become yours.


You might have become frustrated recently at having to shelve plans to further or improve yourself in some way. Whether this involves a course or fitness regime, there have been numerous personal and possibly financial factors to take into account. Soon, the road ahead will become a clear one. Before you recommence plans, make sure they're not being pursued out of habit and still hold as much importance to you as they did not so long ago.


You might be happy for others to see you in a particular way but there's a very different 'you' that is keen to reveal itself to the world. It can be amazing what we can achieve when pressure to achieve comes upon us and whilst you might have had to detach yourself to pursue a particular time-sensitive plan, those closest to you will understand your reasons for doing so. Priorities might have altered in the light of recent events but there's no doubt you're more focused now.


You might be aware of how certain people aren't engaging their brains before opening their mouths but it's not your responsibility to try and decipher or make sense of what's nonsensical. By being an observer and spotting inconsistencies in what's being said, you'll be able to effectively separate facts from what's gobbledygook – and much quicker than those doing the talking, too.


You could be aware of what you're expected to compromise or sacrifice for someone else's benefit but this probably doesn't come as any surprise, either. Rather than focus on how wrong you believed you were to believe a situation would unfold in a way you wanted it to, try to focus on what you stand to gain by assisting or supporting someone in a way that appears to take much and offer little in return. You'll soon feel reassured that isn't the case at all.


As keen as you might be to reveal a particular truth, it might become clear doing so is more important to you than it is to others. In whatever way you've been enlightened, you want others to be enlightened similarly but your efforts to do so might be met with resistance or a complete lack of interest. Don't be discouraged by this. Truth has a tendency to prevail and if your efforts to highlight it on this occasion haven't worked, then time will ensure your voice is heard again.


A certain discussion or exchange might shed helpful light on what's been uncertain or deliberately vague recently where your interaction with a certain person is concerned. Where you might have become used to being defensive, you should see evidence that you can drop your guard in some way. The feel-good factor that can come from engaging in a new and deeper level of communication can be significant now.


A loved one or possibly a close friend can be like a breath of fresh air as they encourage you to dabble in what's unfamiliar and you might become aware of how much you've clung to certain habits or traditions. Whether this involves dining in a restaurant you've resisted entering or giving certain music or art a chance to connect with you, you look set to be surprised at your own reaction.


We don't put mud into a car engine and expect it to run impressively and even if you don't start to see your body as a temple, introducing a new health or diet regime will likely bring impressive results. You don't need to adhere to the 'no pain, no gain' motto, either. Just small changes to your daily exercise routine or diet will boost your stamina and feel-good factor. Try it. You might actually like it.