Daily Horoscopes Saturday 23rd September 2017

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You continue to have 'your way' of doing something. You might feel disinclined to join any group activities that restrict you from putting your unique spin on a plan or project. You're right to anticipate resistance or disapproval from others, but that's unlikely to stop you. Keep your faith levels high and make something happen your way.


You could believe a methodical and organized approach is needed in every area of your world, including having fun. Others might prefer you simply chilled and adopted more of a 'whatever will be, will be' attitude. The only way you'll relax is by knowing every item on your To Do List has been crossed off. In truth, you can afford to be a little bit more trusting of the fact that some tasks can wait or take care of themselves.


Someone might attempt to show you who's boss, but their efforts will be in vain. You have a plan you want to see done your way and they can either like it or lump it. However, don't be stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. The person you appear keen to defy might only need a bit of enlightening about why you feel so strongly that your way is the best way. Make some effort to convey this, rather than dig your heels in.


Pursuing a plan or ambition close to your heart needs you to look the part as well as giving effort required in other ways. Something connected with your career has others' eyes upon you in some way now. This is your chance to shine and show at least one person how something should be done. Your confidence in what you're pursuing will silence anyone who doubted your abilities.


Don't let someone's negativity deplete your optimism levels. Take any resistance you encounter as a cue to step back and leave someone to their Eyeore-like attitude. They'd probably be delighted to know you accepted their pessimistic views or opinions. The path ahead with a certain plan might be bumpy or twisting, but you can rise to a challenge and put your unique spin on what inspires and motivates you now.


You might find it difficult to shake a certain thought or refuse to dwell upon the potential downside surrounding an idea or plan. However, be honest with yourself about why you're seeking comfort from focusing on what might go wrong or believing a certain disappointment is waiting to happen. A disappointing episode from the past shouldn't be seen as a guide for the future. What might feel uncomfortably familiar is about to reveal how different and unique it is this time.


Focusing your attention on minuscule details of an idea or plan could cause you to feel distracted from a bigger, more inspiring picture. Seemingly small steps being taken are integral to progress where the overall objective is concerned. Don't see them as annoying setbacks. They can actually help you to keep an eye on the bigger, main reason why you chose to undertake whatever-it-is in the first place.


Being keen to apply your own brand of methodology could cause you to come across as unintentionally heavy-handed in the eyes of a certain person. Rallying support and showing willingness to collaborate will bring you and others a far better result. Nobody doubts your knowledge or experience in a particular area. Don't be too quick to reject assistance or support that you're likely to call upon in the future.


Rather than risk losing your patience with straightforward plans that become altered through no fault of your own, connect with your Sagittarian sense of humor and optimism. You might need to lend a hand or intervene with something you believe falls outside your remit. Your knowledge and expertise are needed in ways you might feel disinclined to offer them. Be willing to chip in and involve yourself.


You might roll your eyes at a request but looking at a bigger picture can reveal how you can benefit from what's being asked of you. You might believe you've covered every base where a certain methodology is concerned but could discover a more efficient way exists to do something. As pedantic as someone's suggestion might sound, be willing to hear them out. They appear to have a very valid point.


A certain conversation or exchange you were certain would be positive or lighthearted could get taken down a dreary and unimaginative avenue. However, what's discussed needs to be seen in the logical and sensible way it's conveyed in, regardless of how dull or uninspiring it might sound. It might become clear how you've been viewing something unrealistically. Removing rose-tinted glasses could be both timely and beneficial now.


Making others happy fills you with a warm glow at the best of times, and you appear able to play the role of peacemaker or problem-solver in some way now. Your unbiased and sympathetic view of someone's situation might require you to convey a point with brutal honesty, but you'll stand by it. Your solution might be seen as unhelpful or obstructive initially, but someone will soon be appreciative of your input.