Daily Horoscopes Friday 19th October 2018

Are you looking for love? Is your relationship on the rocks? Is it time for you to make a change? Overcoming the loss of a lost one? Unsure of what path to take? No matter what challenges you may be facing in your life, our free horoscopes can provide the direction you need.


Hindsight can be both helpful and unhelpful. It's helpful if it encourages us to assess action taken and identify how we could take it more effectively in the future. It's unhelpful if it causes us to believe we were foolish to have done what we did and discourages us from taking any action in the future. It's worth remembering that we tend to regret what didn't do. Action you've taken recently deserves to be acknowledged for the sensible and positive step forward it was.


There are times when we wish certain situations had handles we could grab onto and shake. Frustration can become strong, and the urge to create some chaos can be even stronger when we find ourselves experiencing something dull or tedious. Your urge to create some disruption to what has become painfully repetitive could intensify now or shortly. Only do so if you're prepared to accept the change in circumstances you'll create. You'll need to finish what you start.


You might be aware of how often you've left the proverbial ball in someone else's court to do what you need them to do. You probably accept that you're dealing with an intelligent individual who doesn't need their hand held and guided in ways you feel are necessary. However, if all you receive are confused and unhelpful responses, then it could be clear that a crucial point isn't understood. Conveying yourself with a bit more patience and clarity might be all that are needed.


As much as you might wish you could have full control over a certain situation and an outcome, it could be clear that you must involve someone else. In truth, you've probably done all you can do in some way and need to pass the proverbial baton to someone to take what you've done to the next level. You've fulfilled your side of a bargain in some way. Therefore, you can stop trying to come up with more solutions to what now need someone else's attention and efforts.


You might be very aware of an absence in your world but could have unfairly resigned yourself to never attaining it. Perhaps, you believe that other people are more deserving of it or your circumstances are more complicated and make attaining whatever-it-is more difficult. The fact that others are benefiting from what you wish you had means it is attainable, and you deserve it. If you believe you deserve it, then you'll soon spot opportunities to bring it.


Doubts and fears are our heaviest burdens. In truth, we often fear what we don't understand. That's something to bear in mind where a fear you might be nurturing is concerned. It could easily be a by-product of something you don't yet understand. Make an effort to look beyond the surface or what's obvious about whatever daunts you now. Once you understand it better, you'll find a way to rise above and control it, rather than allowing it to control you.


The cosmos insists you have plenty of options in an area of your world where, not long ago, you had few or none. That could be enough to make anyone's head spin, but it's important to focus more on how a change in circumstances has brought new possibilities. You might feel spoiled for choice on one level and want to return to a time when life was less uncertain or complicated. What matters most is you resist looking backward. It's possible to look forward and put new plans in place at a pace that suits you.


There are bound to be limits to pressure you're prepared to accept in more than one area of your world. Some of this relates to finances. There could also be pressure surrounding your relationship with a certain person. However, the cosmos seems to recognize that the uncertainty or tension you feel should be in aid of something and rewarded. The tide is about to turn in your favor very shortly. You'll soon feel more in control of what you currently feel you must firefight.


You might feel torn between pursuing a particular opportunity and your loyalty to a certain person, or possibly an organization. You might also see benefits to sticking with what's familiar, but the pull toward new or unfamiliar territory could be growing stronger by the day. This could put you in a position to make an awkward decision. However, you won't go wrong by focusing intently on what you know, in your heart, feels right.


You might feel as if you're at the mercy of a frustrating situation that has probably arisen due to circumstances beyond your control. A current tricky dilemma or need to put a quick contingency plan in place has probably been caused by you doing 'the right thing' in the first place. Action taken some time ago might have brought you to where you are now, but this story isn't over yet. If your actions were made in the sincerest way possible and underpinned with honesty, then you needn't worry about what lurks around the corner.


Rarely will we do anything to the best of our ability if we feel forced to do it. Even if it's something we know we must do and have every intention of doing when the time feels right, we understandably resent pressure from anyone or anything to do it instantly. However, once we've risen to the challenge, a strange sense of relief can permeate our world. That's something you can experience if you take action where you're inclined to delay taking it.


If we sense someone or something plays a part in our most cherished, carefully-laid plans going awry, then we can be quick to blame them or it for any lack of progress. We see no need to look inward or how we might have contributed to it if it appears obvious that an external influence is to blame. Although you might be able to point the Finger of Blame away from you, it's unfair to consider yourself completely blameless. Fortunately, you're in a superb position to put right what has gone wrong if you can connect with a lesson waiting for you to acknowledge it.