Daily Horoscopes Sunday 4th December 2016

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Presumably, years ago when one medicine manufacturer decided the taste of their product was important and chose to make their medicine more 'palatable', others must have followed. At one point, none of them cared what their medicines tasted like, it was all about how effective they were. The cosmos is offering you the equivalent of a spoonful of sugar now. What you've grown used to pulling an awful face with or resented could become something you enjoy soon!


I could, if I was prepared to risk annoying you, outline in an unnecessarily long way how to put a postage stamp on a letter. Anyone can, with imagination applied, make something remarkably simple sound confusing or complicated. Something in an area of your world could be experiencing similar now. A task ahead of you is much more straightforward than you're being led to believe it is. Try to strip away what's superfluous and you'll be left with what matters.


The cosmos often encourages us to look at bigger pictures where many situations and experiences are concerned and you're encouraged to do precisely that now. However, you could be focused so intently on certain frustrations surrounding a smaller picture that you're failing to see what holds real potential. Like a prisoner complaining about the draught from an open cell door, you need to focus less on a trivial matter and more on what is worthy of your attention.


Whilst there could be much in the way of tension or uncertainty in a particular relationship, it might be difficult or even unfair to blame a certain person for what you're feeling and why. The fact you might have played an integral part in the way things are between you aside, it's possible your frustration stems more from a shared situation or arrangement than it does anything they're doing in particular. If you're not yet seeing evidence of it evolving, then you will do very soon.


Think of how many people are employed in companies as trouble-shooters. Consequently, much of their focus is on the future. Yet, it's often by having reliable information about the past and how and why certain issues arose that they can do their job effectively. Progress you'd like to see happen in a particular way needs you to make some effort to truly understand its history. Something from the past can be resolved and pave the way for a better and less stressful future.


When we experience a feel-good factor in our lives, not only does it override anger or tension that has been prevalent but it can also have an amazing knock-on effect to other peoples' lives and outlook. There's much truth in us being happiest with others when we're happy within ourselves. A sense of optimism making its way into your world deserves to be seized. Something that has been taken too seriously is about to be seen in a much more positive and realistic light.


If something doesn't make sense for long enough, then we resign ourselves to it never making sense. There's only so much brainpower we can give to what doesn't seem to offer an answer. Yet, we can be surprised at what the receipt of missing information can do. Information coming your way has potential to transform your attitude or opinion connected with something in your past. You could soon see an old situation in a new and much more optimistic light.


The sky speaks of closure occurring in an area of your world but you might need to be a bit clever to know when the time has arrived to finally leave alone what you've been so keen to give attention and effort to. There can be a skill to knowing when to leave something alone. Try to resist safeguarding yourself by continuing to give effort and attention where you've given enough. Trust whatever clues you receive that the end isn't just in sight, it has arrived.


Many of us are aware of the difference between having 'a way with words' and 'gift of the gab'. The former requires cleverness combined with imagination. The latter usually involves a talking someone into submission. Where you might have believed your voice was unlikely to ever be heard or considered properly, or where it wasn't 'your place' to voice an opinion, you're likely to discover you can put forth a sensible and convincing argument where one is needed.


This could be a helpful time to assess your stubbornness in a particular area. This could have much to do with you focusing only on a possible negative outcome in some way and refusing to accept that you might actually be clinging to an incorrect expectation. Where you feel a need to prime or defend yourself, try allowing warmth, comfort and support the cosmos is making available to find you. A fear is very likely unfounded. So, relax.


Some people are real sticklers for tradition. They do what they do because 'that's how it has always been done' and there's nothing wrong with an 'if it's not broken, don't fix it' attitude. But when a time comes that routine and tradition need to be updated or upgraded, we all know people who will resist it vehemently. Your flexibility and desire to explore and introduce a new way of doing something might be met with resistance initially but you'll get your way eventually.


There's rarely anything wrong with trying to find a solution in a 'trial and error' kind of way. Doing something, anything, is almost always better than doing nothing and whilst errors might be plenty, all we need sometimes is the slightest hint of success to keep persevering. That's why you shouldn't become disappointed or frustrated with a one step forward/two steps back scenario you're experiencing in some way now. That one step will take you to where you want to be.