Daily Horoscopes Friday 21st July 2017

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A family or domestic drama could encourage you to speak your mind and possibly in no uncertain terms. There appears to be a situation you're unwilling to simply sit on the sidelines and observe and the temptation to say it as you see it could grow very strong now. Will doing so really help to improve anything? You might feel better for having made your thoughts clear but that's about it.


A certain friendship or possibly a romantic connection could be stirring powerful emotions within you and all would be fine if you had a firmer understanding of where you stood with this individual. Your and their ideas about how to progress something between you could be conflicting and you could do with reassurance you're on the same page. Don't try to accelerate something for the sake of it. Allowing a bit more time will bring helpful and essential information.


Your quick-thinking might prove helpful in terms of gaining the upper hand in an argument but your message needs to be underpinned with absolute honesty if you're to emerge victorious. There's no room for superfluous information in what's being discussed or defended. Sticking strictly to conveying only what's necessary will keep things simple and leave no room for misinterpretation.


It appears if you want respect from a certain person, then you're going to have to command it and this might involve putting your foot down and making clear what you're no longer willing to accept or tolerate from them. This is particularly true where you might feel pressured into agreeing to something you believe suits them more than it suits you. Some carefully-applied assertiveness can work in your favor now.


You might feel a certain person has managed to get their way a few times too many lately and might understandably be unwilling to keep giving in to their demands. It might be time to make clear that an arrangement must incorporate your needs and shouldn't be all about ensuring someone else's are constantly met. Someone needs to know your goodwill is close to depleting.


Something connected with a group or collaborative effort could be causing you to feel as if too much responsibility is falling on your shoulders. You might have set a precedent for being the perfect leader or organizer but much of what you're expected to sort or resolve should be shared and not made to be entirely your responsibility. Remind others that many hands make light work.


You might be in no doubt that someone is going to great lengths to provoke you in some way. This probably doesn't irk you as much as your perception that an injustice is at the root of what's occurring. You might have an obligation to point out ways in which someone is being unjust or selfish. Once aware of this, they might be less of a pain in your posterior.


Making an effort to see a situation or arrangement from someone else's point of view will prove enormously helpful in terms of how you choose to respond to them. Your first reaction might be along the lines of speaking your mind and being concerned later about whether or not you upset them. However, it's by looking beyond obvious repercussions at what's less obvious that you can connect with the right way to respond and this involves putting yourself in their shoes.


You appear to have something you want to say and want others to be aware of and might also believe urgency surrounds making your point. Don't believe you're up against the clock in order to say what you need to say. The right moment will present itself and your point needs to be made clearly and concisely, not hurriedly. Take your time and have the right words ready for when they're needed.


Something or possibly someone seems to require constant effort from you in terms of communicating and it might be clear to you how one-sided this is becoming. Your words are fueled by imagination and respect but what you're receiving is unimaginative and lazy. Stepping back and being a bit less unavailable might not be a bad idea. Leaving the ball in someone else's court for a change to instigate interesting and even meaningful conversation could remind them of what they're missing.


You might feel passionate about a certain matter but so too does someone else and your combined passions could be similar to putting out fire with gasoline. Passion is one thing, being blinded by emotions is another and the more you and someone focus on getting your way or the upper hand, the more antagonistic and confrontational any discussions or exchanges can become.


In trying to get certain answers from others, you're not asking for anything your instincts aren't telling you already. You're simply wanting confirmation that what you believe to be the case is correct. Yet, others aren't willing to come forward and tell you what you need to know. If trying to make progress is on par with pulling teeth, then carry on in the knowledge that your instincts will likely be providing you with all essential pieces of the puzzle.