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Feed Your Spirit With These 4 Simple Steps!

With so many things begging for our attention we can become more and more distracted from our spiritual nourishment. We just simply don’t have time any more. As the kids need help with homework, your partner wants a 5 course meal by the time he is home from work, and your job is becoming more

Ancient Peru: Channelling And Healing

Interestingly enough, the Inca healing legacy is still very much alive throughout Latin America. The healing traditions have been maintained, and in particular, Bolivia and Peru have more healers than doctors in some of their state-run hospitals. People from the indigenous populations of society place more trust on healers than doctors. Healing is a cultural

Connecting With Angels

Your connection with Angels does not have to be something that happens in the midst of tragedy. Angels do not have to be seen as human being like figures with wings that fly above. Rather it is easier sometime to see angels as beings of celestial of light that exist like you and I and

Ole: Conch And The Power Of Storytelling

The Conch shell makes such a powerful sacred sound. I am most familiar with its use in Hindu rituals, especially during bhajans or ‘devotional songs’. Whenever I hear its sound, it’s as if my whole being, cell by cell is being cleansed and woken up. It is used both in Hawaiian and Hindu tradition to

Pele: Goddess Of Fire And Of The Sacred Earth

There are many Hawaiian legends about the Goddess Pele. She is believed to have settled on the island of Hawaii, in the crater of the Kilauea volcano. She is revered and respected for her fiery explosive energy and is the most loved, feared and famous goddess in Polynesia. Who is not awed by the sight

Be Inspired Like A Goddess

Laka is the Hawaiian goddess of Hula, Forests and Vegetation. She is associated with Aloha (love and compassion). Hula is a dance but it is also much more than that. ‘It is a complex ritual; a form of worship, spiritual practice, a discipline’. I see Hula as a dancing meditation in which the dancers are

Ishtar: Goddess Of Fertility And Motherhood

2014 is shaping up to be a powerful year astrologically, with the eclipses (the Tetrad started this April with the lunar eclipse), and these astrologically energies can play havoc with us too. It’s important to ground yourself as much as possible if you are feeling any negative energy during this emotional time as old energies

Which Animal Spirit Is Guiding You?

Animal spirit guides help us all the time, even if we are not realising it. You don’t have to journey to find your animal spirit guide. Look at the list of animals below, take a few moments to relax and then when you’re ready, choose the animal that you are drawn to right now. The

Being A Psychic Shaman

Basically Shaman’s (or Shamanka if you are female) are people who can go into alternate realities (called journeying), the spirit world, different dimensions, to bring healing or insight for people. Each culture has its own word for this type of work, but Shaman (a Siberian word) has become a universal word to describe this type

Samhain Meditation: Phoenix Rising

from ‘The Wiccan Year’, by Judy Ann Nock. Published by Provenance Press. As we honour the dead on Samhain, it is important to acknowledge the intensity of emotion that comes with confronting death. Use this meditation if you are confronting grief or another emotional situation that requires insight and compassion. Sit comfortably and close your