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Charli Haynes: Psychic Stand-up Comedienne

Being a stand-up comic and a psychic can be uh… interesting. I am considered an empath and clairvoyant as well.I love to make people laugh and i love to help people. In my stand up comedy routine, I can create material that is hilarious yet healing and cathartic to the masses. How did I get

Conquer Your Inner Saboteur

Do you dream of finding your soulmate or making friends outside your social circle? Perhaps you keep people at a distance by avoiding social situations. Maybe you only let the wrong kind of people in, or you frequently jeopardise promising relationships. Often we don’t mean to spoil things for ourselves, but if you’re used to

Angel Messages: We All Need Hope And Inspiration

Whatever your belief, knowledge or purpose here on earth is, most people believe there is always a higher good at work that will guide them during the times we want and need it the most. When you turn to your higher good it is extremely important that you receive messages and affirmations for comfort and

Keeping Romance Alive

Walking along the beach barefoot with one another, holding hands, talking about the future. Then along comes the future, but there’s no holding hands, and no walking along the beach. Why is that? Love, we all want it. But when we get it, we often take it for granted. Love needs to be built upon

Feed Your Spirit With These 4 Simple Steps!

With so many things begging for our attention we can become more and more distracted from our spiritual nourishment. We just simply don’t have time any more. As the kids need help with homework, your partner wants a 5 course meal by the time he is home from work, and your job is becoming more

The Surprising Challenge Of Knowing How We Really Feel

This article explores why knowing our feelings can be more complicated and challenging than what on the surface it looks like. It looks at what stops us from knowing our true feelings and how by getting a better understanding of our feelings it allows us to live a more authentic and peaceful life. There is

How To Enjoy Being Relationshipless

This article looks at how to approach being single with less resistance and shows how acceptance is not despairing resignation, rather it can help accelerate us towards whatever new cycle we are moving towards. Yes it’s true I did just coin or make up my own word “relationshipless.” I have even added it to my

The Power Of Forgiveness In Getting Over Betrayal

At some point in our lives most of us have been wronged, betrayed, lied to or hurt by another. It is very difficult in this imperfect word full of imperfect people not to be on the receiving end of some injustice. Obviously there are degrees of hurt depending on the circumstances, from someone not inviting

Ancient Peru: Channelling And Healing

Interestingly enough, the Inca healing legacy is still very much alive throughout Latin America. The healing traditions have been maintained, and in particular, Bolivia and Peru have more healers than doctors in some of their state-run hospitals. People from the indigenous populations of society place more trust on healers than doctors. Healing is a cultural

Star Watch: Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

Its hardly gossip that Los Angeles born Andrew Garfield, and stylish movie starlet Emma Stone fiercely guard their privacy. No cryptic Twitter updates or Hello magazine exclusives mean we know very little about the inner workings of their relationship. Can the stars reveal more than this celeb couple are willing to let on? With his