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A Fools Errand? Creating Mind Space In Your Busy Life

‘Know Thyself’ – a concept implicit in the philosophy of probably all of the wisdom and spiritual traditions of the world over time. Yet what we now know, thanks to the inroads made by psychology into the workings of the human mind, is that the mysteries of the subconscious can make that process of self-knowledge

A Fairy Oracle Reading For Midsummer

Field during spring

We’ve had all manner of tarot and oracle readings over time in our Connections magazine, but for something a little different this month, I thought I’d share some intuitive wisdom from the ‘Faerie Oracle’. The images are by Brian Froud – somewhat of an expert when it comes to depicting our friends from the Fey

Oracle Of The Month: Kane

I have been living on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i for about 10 months now and it feels like it’s time to begin immersing myself in its rich spiritual culture and philosophy. I thought I would start off by pulling a card from my Hawaiian Mana cards which were given to me “by chance” The

What Do The Cards Say About Your Love Life?

Have you ever wondered what card your favourite psychic has pulled when he or she says things like:I see a new man coming into your life….. It’s time to let go…… This has long term potential!’ Origin Psychic Sheila Jones reveals a little more about the mysterious love messages hidden in the Tarot. How many

Tarot Card Of The Month: The Eight Of Cups

One of the most challenging situations we encounter in life is how to handle the feelings involved when it’s time to let go of something or someone who has been important to us. This is the message of the Eight of Cups. If you’re physically with your reader, or doing a tarot reading for yourself,

Your Valentines Day Tarot Card Reading

Many of our clients have their own tarot cards, and like to seek understandings for themselves – not surprising given that our clients are people who know and trust their intuition deeply! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Manisha Godbole, one of our most insightful psychic readers, has shared some of her own interpretations of the

Our Tarot Reading For December

I thought it would fun to do something different this month and pull 3 cards, a kind of ‘Holy Trinity’ spread. This can be a rather stressful time of year for many people in deciding what to do over the holidays, who to spend time with. Some people may want to get away or do

Tarot Card Of The Month: The Hooded Man

Right from my first encounters with the Tarot, I’ve found it to be an incredibly rich and mysterious tool. Whilst it can be used for a myriad of purposes, I find its most powerful use is as a way to engage in a dialogue with our own inner world. This is, of course, especially so

Tarot Card Of The Month: Queen Of Pentacles

This is a great time of year to connect with this particular Queen. She knows her own creative power, and is only too willing to share the fruits of her labours. She really does understand the old saying that money was made round to go round! She encourages us to do what we enjoy, but

Tarot Card Of The Month: The Moon Card

The time has come to look within, and embrace the mystery of the universe hidden within your heart. The soft and gentle light of the moon seeps into your soul; it awakens trust and speaks directly to that part of our mind where dreams emerge, possibilities and inventions are born, and hope springs up for