Daily Horoscopes Thursday 20th June 2019

Are you looking for love? Is your relationship on the rocks? Is it time for you to make a change? Overcoming the loss of a lost one? Unsure of what path to take? No matter what challenges you may be facing in your life, our free horoscopes can provide the direction you need.


Satnavs - sometimes, they take us in directions that we know, without doubt, are wrong. Then, there are times when they insist we head a particular direction; we give the device a chance and discover it took us on a more effective route than we would have discovered ourselves. You may sense that you're veering off course with a plan or pursuit now. Soon, you will see that you are taking the most sensible and direct route to success.


If, no matter what calculations you do or from what angle you look at your income and outgoings, you have more month left than money, then that's your cue to adopt a new financial strategy or two. In a matter of weeks, your financial picture could look very different. For now, accept that certain purse strings may need to be tightened briefly. What you learn now about being more resourceful will prove helpful and invaluable.


It can be easy to look at a learning curve you've experienced recently and believe it to be unhelpful because it didn't lead to the desired result. It can also be easy to overlook the stronger position you're in now due to experience-based wisdom gained from taking a risk. The momentum you may have lost in one area is about to be replaced in another. You could be surprised at how recent events inspire you to apply what you've learned in a new and perhaps more strategic way.


You may have grown so used to experiencing the equivalent of a red light in an area of your world that it could take you some time to accept that it has now turned green. However, what you're presented with is a very brief window of opportunity. If you take swift, decisive action and ensure that your intentions are honorable, then a longed-for and reassuring step in a particular direction can be taken.


There's an old saying about a mistake only being a mistake when we make it a second time. There's also an old saying about trying again when, at first, we don't succeed. Persistence, as we know, often pays off. Any perceived mistakes we make along the way offer valuable clues regarding what our next move must be. Don't feel resentful toward what you believe to be a mistake. You could discover it is integral to an idea heading in a much more helpful and productive direction.


If a certain methodology works for you, then allow any criticism from others to bounce straight off you. People are always suspicious of what they don't understand, and you're not obliged to explain in detail how or why you do something a certain way. In time, you could discover that one or two others try it themselves and find that it works. That realization will be much more meaningful if they make the discovery themselves.


Consciously or unconsciously, people are always selective about whom they regard as a leader and choose to follow. They need to feel there is something 'in it for them' to invest faith in another person. You may not be actively encouraging others to follow your lead at this time, but it's important to be aware of who's watching you closely or that at least one person is taking a keen interest in something you do or are doing.


Something you believed to be vague or uncertain could become considerably clearer with less effort than you thought would be required. You may have to turn over numerous proverbial stones to find a certain answer, but it appears to be waiting if you're willing to invest the right levels of effort. Rather than be cautious towards what doesn't 'add up' or make sense, switch into Sleuth Mode and see what a bit of detective work reveals.


Something you hear or discover could light a fire within you and boost your motivation levels - and mojo - considerably. Whether this frees you from a tedious routine or brings reassurance regarding a matter you've been concerned about recently, the feeling of adrenaline flowing through your veins is bound to be welcomed. Prepare for particular momentum to finally work in your favor.


You could identify numerous ways to improve a certain situation or relationship, but it's likely you've explored or exhausted each in the past. It's important to accept the limitations that exist regarding what is and isn't within your control where bringing a particular change is concerned. A situation or arrangement isn't as stagnant as it appears. Neither are you in the stalemate position you believe yourself to be. Relax and let karma and serendipity work together on your behalf.


As tempted as you may be to bend or break a rule, it's possible you can see the benefits of conforming. This probably has more to do with ensuring that momentum keeps moving in a particular direction without you disrupting it than compromising your integrity. Whether this involves being a team player where you intended to go solo or supporting a certain person even if doing so goes against the grain of what you believe to be fair or acceptable, your willingness and cooperation won't go unnoticed or unappreciated.


The desire to do something differently may be due to boredom but try to connect with the ways you feel pushed to do so. It was apparently a great thinker who shares your zodiac sign who said that the definition of madness is 'doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.' You can probably see clearly in your mind the result you want to achieve, but it's important to accept that it may be time to introduce a new methodology to do so. 'Creative' doesn't always mean 'artistic.'