A Fairy Oracle Reading For Midsummer

Field during spring

We’ve had all manner of tarot and oracle readings over time in our Connections magazine, but for something a little different this month, I thought I’d share some intuitive wisdom from the ‘Faerie Oracle’. The images are by Brian Froud – somewhat of an expert when it comes to depicting our friends from the Fey world!

And so I’ve done a three card reading for us to focus our attention on this month, when we celebrate the solstice, and the world begins to tip on its axis, and the subtle energies of begin to flow in a different direction. Faeries have long been associated with the Summer Solstice – even Shakespeare called upon them in ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

As I look first of all at the ‘Singer of Transfiguration’, I feel a call to our hearts, to allow the cleansing nature of ritual and celebratory fires to set off a kind of alchemy in our lives. This is a time of the year when fire festivals are held in different countries and different cultures across the world.

We all know the powerful effect of fire, whether it be the subtle glow of a candle, or the dancing flames of a summer bonfire. Using some kind of fire at this time (outside if at all possible), can really take us into an altered state of consciousness – the Singer of Transfiguration is reminding us to make use of this time, and to allow it to burn away any old emotions we might be carrying along with us at this time. Sometimes we need some help to really let those emotions and thought patterns go – this is where the power of a simple ritual can really support us – we enact externally what our intention is internally, and suddenly, some of those old feelings just don’t seem to be catching us as intensely as they were.

Then we have ‘Honesty’ – it might seem like a painfully obvious message, but there’s more to this guy than meets the eye! He looks a little sad to me – at the very least, contemplative – as though the fires of transfiguration have helped him to see through something which has been worrying him for some time. Yet, if you look at him closely, there are also sparks of light jumping up from him, especially running in a line upwards from his heart chakra – there’s a feeling about him that something is taking form in his heart – the honesty with which he urges us to look within has a promise attached to it. If we can allow ourselves to ‘burn off’ the past, and see things in our lives honestly, then a beautiful and even sparkly vibrancy will then have the space to emerge.

I feel that the Honesty card is encouraging us that this kind of process promises a sense of renewal – a re-energising of our whole spirit, and the resurgence of a vitality with which we can achieve anything!

And then we have the Faun – what a beautiful creature! He is summer personified – a magical creature who feels to me a little bit like a summer daemon – an animal spirit to guide and protect us as we venture into the wilderness this summer. He carries a sense of what I would call ‘natural magic’ – the powerful alchemy which takes place in natural places, with or without our intent or intervention.

These special festival times such as the solstices are often seen as ‘liminal’ times – the borders between realms, and between different states of consciousness, become soft and even porous. It’s important to have a companion along at these times – someone who can protect and be with us as we explore the different worlds that are more readily available to us at these times.

If you take a few minutes just to gaze at the image of the Faun, you’ll feel his vitality – his lithe body is just bursting with energy and enthusiasm, as if he’s ready just to bounce off through the trees at any moment. What a fantastic spirit companion to have along as you enjoy the summer!

Finally, I feel that there is a particular message in these cards for our relationships this month. Any relationship can use a little cleansing now and then – think about what you’d like to transform in your own relationships. The Fairy Oracle cards are guiding us to use a little personal magic – we have more power than we realise, even if the others in our lives seem resistant to participating in the process.

Burn off the old feelings with a summer bonfire; be scrupulously honest with yourself about where you’re at, and then see how energised you feel. I’m sure you’ll experience the reality of some ‘natural magic’ as a result!

If we shadows have offended, think but this, and all is mended. That you have but slumbered here, While these visions did appear.

William Shakespear, A Midsummer Night’s Dream