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Your Christmas Tarot Card Reading

There are few of us who would say that anything is more important at this time of the year than our loved ones, and the relationships we have with them. So I thought for something a little bit different this month, I’d do a whole reading for our ‘Tarot Card of the Month’, in celebration

Halloween Tarot Card Of The Month: The Death Card

The Death card is often seen as the most feared card in the tarot, for obvious reasons!! But this is more often the case for those who do not understand the real meaning of the card. It is extremely rare that the death card actually signifies a physical death. It is in fact one of

Tarot Card Of The Month: Temperence

This month, the wisdom of Temperance urges us to find a way to go with the flow of whatever is happening around and unfolding within us. This is not a passive stance but a choice to stay open to change, both externally and internally. We experience flow when we abandon our attempts to overly control

Tarot Card Of The Month: The Magician

I feel he encourages us to think outside of the box and to realise that we have many avenues and opportunities open to us.He represents the ‘I’ in all of us and our ability to handle whatever comes our way. When he turns up in a reading, he symbolises a situation in which a client

Tarot Card Of The Month: The Chariot

The Chariot is a message for you that it’s time to really take charge in your life, and especially so where your emotions are concerned. You may have been feeling comfortable in the flow of your feelings, even if those feelings are not healthy or positive ones for you. But the best way forwards for

Celebrity Tarot Reading: Keira Knightley And The Klaxon

Well it was announced late in May that actress Keira Knightley and her musician boyfriend of 15 months, James Righton, have become engaged. The couple have kept their relationship particularly private well, as private as you can, when one of you is a world famous Hollywood actress, and the other the keyboardist of a hot

Tarot Card Of The Month: The Tower

Breakthrough! The Tower card in the tarot is often represented by an image which has an element of violence. Perhaps this is because it is depicting a shift in energy which is spontaneous, and often, unexpected, at least on a conscious thinking level, to the person concerned. The tower though also represents something quite refreshing

Tarot Card Of The Month: The Star Card

The Star is one of my absolute favourite archetypes in the Tarot. It is the spark of light in the depths of the mystery of darkness the message of hope, no matter what the present circumstances are. The Star to me entices us, draws us to keep going, and echoes a knowing within each of

Celebrity Tarot Reading: James Bond Settles Down

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were secretly married in New York last week, after a seemingly whirlwind romance beginning last December. It’s always interesting to have a ‘psychic’ look at this kind of celebrity relationship, so I’ve done a three card tarot reading about their relationship and where it might be heading. Both Daniel and

Mini Tarot Lesson: Be Your Own Psychic

In the world of psychic readings, there exists a belief among some people that Tarot is a ‘lesser’ form of psychic art, that it is somehow rigid, and based upon specific meanings of the cards. There’s no doubt that Tarot cards reflect archetypal experiences that we all, as human beings, share, regardless of culture, language,