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Tarot Card Of The Month: Six Of Coins

Serendipity! This, for me, is one of the best translations of the essence of the Six of Coins. It represents those times when something, or someone, just spontaneously drops into your life, or even into your lap! There is often joy, and vitality around this card, and a sense that the universe really is a

Tarot Card Of The Month: Justice

Oh what a beautiful energy there is singing through the Justice card. She brings a message of integrity, and often, a challenge to find that deepest integrity within ourselves. When we are really able to come from that deepest, and most personally honest place, then we really are in harmony, and the flow of our

Tarot Card Of The Month: The High Priestess

It can be all too easy for women in particular to become a bit of high priestess. Sometimes we become so convinced that we’re right, and that our intuition is correct, that we lose the plot, especially when it comes to our relationships. The challenge when you’re receiving a message from the High Priestess in