Crystal Healing: The Flower Of Hope

Hope is one of those emotions that can lift us up, keep us moving forward on this journey of life. We all want to see a better world manifested for all of us, and it is hope for that future outcome, manifesting now, that I made this Crystal Grid.

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey towards it, casts the shadow of our burdens behind us.

Samuel Smiles

Crystals can be used in so many different ways for healing. Crystal grids are layouts of crystals placed in a shape for a specific purpose. Many Crystal healers use the medicine wheel and the circle for a Crystal Grid, but you can use any shape. I made this Crystal Grid in the shape of a Flower, and it symbolises Hope. Each part of the Crystal Grid Flower has a different meaning, look at the Flower and pick which part is drawing your attention: 1) Centre of the Flower 2. Petals 3. Stem and Leaves 4. Seed 5. Root.

1. Center of the Flower: Blue Aragonite

Brings optimism, hope, relieves stress and enhances spiritual communication. Third eye and Heart Chakra crystal, it also relieves stress. This is a time for you to enjoy what you have manifested in your life. This is a good time to communicate or meditate with your spirit guides and guardian angels. They have a particular message for you. You have finished a creative cycle, and are awaiting the beginning of the next cycle.

2. Petals of the Flower: Amethyst

Stone of love and protection. Purifies the space and environment, helps to calm sleep and banishes nightmares. You are in a phase of learning to love yourself fully, and need to feel secure and protected to achieve that goal. When you feel secure and loved, you will blossom. Your dreams are particularly powerful right now; try to remember your dreams and see how they can help you feel more secure and protected. You may be doing a lot of work in the Astral plane while you are sleeping. Keep Amethyst under your pillow so that you sleep deeply.

3. Stem and Leaves: Aventurine

Stone of prosperity, balance, career success and leadership. Encourages perseverance and balances the male/female energy. You are in the middle of growth phase, and Aventurine will help to balance your energy as you prosper and grow. Keep your thoughts positive and focused on your goal – you are on the right pathway.

4. Seed: Brown Aragonite

Earth healer stone, works with the ley lines of Earth and Earth Star Chakra grounding and Root Chakra grounding. The Seed carries all the ingredients for the plant, but is unmanifested. You are an earth healer, and concentrate your energy on helping the earth and its inhabitants, but don’t always focus on your own needs. Remember to look after yourself too while you are caring for others. This is a time for grounding, reflection and inner work.

5. Roots: Red Jasper

Increases life force energy before a growth phase. Brings strength, courage, motivation and will take away your worries. Red Jasper enhances the Root Chakra, helping to cope with all of life’s pressures. You may be feeling scattered with your thoughts, Jasper will help you to focus your mind, and keep you moving towards your goal without any worries.