Global Meditation For Peace

Do you want more peace in your life? In difficult times, feeling more peace in one’s self is a powerful method for coping with stress.

Maybe you are interested in meditation but haven’t found a style that suits you, or don’t have the time to practise meditation. Modern lifestyles are not supportive of a peaceful life. Meditation is known to bring more harmony, peace and inner stillness. Many teachers say that for peace to spread, it must start from within. Humanity must have a lot of work to do with inner peace, and there is no time like now to start this process.

To achieve a feeling of inner peace from meditation is a process. This requires a dedication to meditation, daily practice, a ritual or habit of meditation. Not many of us have the chance to meditate every day, let alone once a week. You may have even thought about starting to meditate but wasn’t sure where to begin. This is where a group meditation will help you.

I joined the UNIFY.ORG Global Peace Meditation on August 8th 2014. 100,000 people joined or registered in the meditation (and probably many more joined in for the streaming meditation – it was amazing! Social media helped to get the message out, as people are looking for something positive to do, a positive way to express peace. You do not need to have been doing meditation to join. They had a streaming meditation to tune into if you so desired. Or, you can sit in silence during the time of the meditation, and feel the energies of the group meditation. When I joined in, I did my own meditation and felt so much energy and positive feelings for myself and towards the intention of world peace.

Besides the personal benefits of meditation, group meditations have been shown to have positive effects on the environment and crime rates. Meditation itself has countless physiological benefits (lowering blood pressure, reducing stress hormones, better sleep, more tolerance, less anger), mental benefits(clarity, clear thinking, peace, focus, intuition) and spiritual (harmony of body/mind/spirit) benefits. The internet has helped to allow the possibility of a global group meditation, with most people joining in from their own home. You do not need any prior knowledge of meditation, and it may be a great way to introduce meditation to you or your friends. When you tune into a group meditation, the feeling is more powerful as you connect with the other meditators.

This connection can help you personally, and it also has a wider role, raising the vibration of all the people involved in the meditation, and also directing positive energy to the goal of the meditation: In this case, trying to bring more Peace in the world. There is such a need for this healing in the world too, as wars, conflicts, upset and traumas are occurring, and the internet brings the news of this into our consciousness, much faster than before. We want to see positive change in the world, we have to become and practice that change that we want to see.

Get Involved!

International Day of Peace (or World Peace Day, ( is on Sunday September 21st. It is dedicated to the absence of war and violence and the promotion of peace. It would seem that humanity, across the globe, is desperately needing peace right now. UNIFY.ORG is having another global group peace meditation on International Day of Peace, and also has events planned on that day.

I will be joining the World peace meditation on September 21st, why don’t you join me and so many others?