Keeping Romance Alive

Walking along the beach barefoot with one another, holding hands, talking about the future. Then along comes the future, but there’s no holding hands, and no walking along the beach. Why is that? Love, we all want it. But when we get it, we often take it for granted. Love needs to be built upon day by day. If you follow these steps, you are sure to see positive changes in yourself and your relationships.


Just a small amount of affection can throw that elephant that’s in the room, out of the window. And who knows where it might take you… But for women in particular, touch is more than just sex. It’s a hold of her hand, a stroke of the cheek; fingers running through her hair, a back rub. Show your tender side.

Effective communication

Are you nagging him to floss? Does it repulse you that he doesn’t? Are you telling her she does look fat in that dress?

We believe in honesty – but perhaps the depths of your thoughts don’t need to be broadcasted; sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it. ‘Hey, sweetheart I really don’t want you to have to get another filling and be in pain, so make sure you remember to floss tonight!’ or ‘It just doesn’t do you justice. Wear that black dress you look so sexy in.’.

Sounds idealistic, right? But you’d be surprised by how merely thinking before one speaks can change the dynamics in a relationship or in the home. The trick is to get into this habit, and for it to become second nature. Moments like these will prevent tantrums and blow ups, and keep that love flow consistent.

Date night

Make time to date. Just the two of you. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as it’s quality time. Go back to the beach where you met. Take her shopping and treat her. Take him to see the movie he’s wanted to see for a while, you might not want to see it but take the opportunity to share popcorn and have a cuddle. It’s that simple.

Social media

And on your date night, put away your phones. It’s not the time to take calls from your mum or your boss. Most importantly, you do not need to be scrolling through Instagram half way through your meal in a fancy restaurant only to realise that your next door neighbour is having a better Friday night than you.

MAKE it the best Friday night. Talk about your memories. Talk about romantic moments of the past, and before you know it they will spiral back into your life.