Life Transitions

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to start new and exciting dimensions on our personal road in life. The ‘New Year’s Resolution’ offers us hope for change and to better ourselves as individuals. Often throughout our lives, we go through transitional stages, some good and some not so good. The good times are welcoming and it keeps us enthusiastic and full of our zest for life. But as cliche’d as it sounds, life is sometimes no walk in the park, and unfortunate things happen to us that can seem to set us back sometimes days, months and even years at a time.

Most of us can deal effectively enough with short term issues, but the drain of a long term problem or issue can weigh us down as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Most importantly, people need someone to turn to who they can trust and guide them through difficult times. Often family and friends don’t have a lot of time to be there for us in the way we want them to, or we have limited time to seek guidance from other professionals.

Alternatively, seeking a higher source of new age spiritual help is something that people often do. That’s where I fit in.

I have many clients who have unusual problems that are so way ‘out there’, that they find it hard to discuss with others. They feel comfortable turning to me for spiritual help without feeling judged, criticised or morally questioned.

One of my clients has explained her situation as “you couldn’t even make it up to write in a book”. I had to smile when she said that because it was so true. It can be a burden carrying such secrets that very few people will understand or want to know about. And that can be a great weight locking anyone down into a negative energy.

We all need to drain negative energy from our lives regularly. And that’s also what I’m here for – to help you do exactly that! As a psychic, I take my clients’ negative energy and channel it into new and positive energy. I have explored the world through my mind’s eye in many ways and there is so much in the universe that is yet to be discovered. But most of all, there is a lot in your own personal universe that can be unlocked through the power of self-awareness.

People often ask me about happiness and how to find it when dealing with problems in life. Well it’s not so complicated really.

Happiness is not something that comes to you, it is something that starts as a seed from within – only you can grow that seed.

Either you believe you really are the master of your own destiny, or other things and people are the major roadblocks in your life. A quote I once heard: “You become what you believe”. I tend to agree, and this year in 2014 I am going to try to attain a new level of this wisdom and to create some change in my own life. I’m definitely looking forward to the challenge! I intend to walk the talk, practice what I preach, so I will let you know how my new level of wisdom has helped me by passing on energy through my readings.

Some of my clients know they can pick the phone up, call me and talk any time. I am available for new clients for short term or long term and ongoing support. I’m only a phone call away. As your psychic I will always put you first, I may not always tell you what you want to hear, but my readings will always give you a straightforward clarity and always with the highest of regard for you as a person and unique individual. Whether you have a relationship, career or financial issue that is dragging on and there seems no end to the situation, no matter what you believe, there is always a solution or a pathway to a solution. It’s just sometimes not easy to find or understand where to start. Some problems just take time, or we have to live with them until the transition comes to an end. Either that or you will just get so fed up with it, you just won’t put up with it any more. You just have to understand and trust your own abilities and know that you WILL get to where you need to be.

You are welcome to have a reading any time with me and we can explore and go on a path of healing – opening up your aura to a panoramic view so you can see what needs to be fixed. Helping another soul find its way is never intrusive – it is gentle and always empathic….because a good psychic cannot decide for you, they can only guide your spirit.