Oracle Of The Month: Kane

I have been living on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i for about 10 months now and it feels like it’s time to begin immersing myself in its rich spiritual culture and philosophy. I thought I would start off by pulling a card from my Hawaiian Mana cards which were given to me “by chance”

The card which I’ve turned is KANE. As I connect with the card, I feel it is reminding us that each day offers an opportunity to begin afresh. We really can start over, if we let ourselves. The sunrise in the image is a welcome relief, perhaps after a difficult time and a promise of positive things to come. The rock looks like a figure to me. On one hand it seems to be in awe of the new day or the new beginning, almost mesmerised by it. The water spout seems joyful and playful like a dolphin, as if it is celebrating its moment of breakthrough or enlightenment. On the other hand, the figure also looks hunched over in pain, consumed by sorrow or regret. It seems unable to look up and take in the sunrise. It has become so rooted in its pain or fear that it is now stuck.

I feel that the two figures represent two perspectives or potential outcomes of this one experience. April seems to hold opportunities to start over and renew our energy. Some of us may rejoice and feel excited by the chance to rejuvenate and begin again; some of us may fear this new start, or perhaps new starts in general!

What could propel us forward or hold us back? Perhaps our own power; our own inner Sun.

Power in this card is about the ability to get creative, by harnessing the power of our emotions, symbolised by the water, and apply that creativity to forge the lives we want, even on a daily basis. It is not just about artistic expression but about the power of choice. We can choose at each moment what we do and how we see things.

One of the most significant expressions of power that we each possess is the ability to choose our perspective and to choose one which expands our horizons and lifts us out of helplessness. If you need to connect with your power energetically, close your eyes, put one hand on your solar plexus area (about four fingers above your navel) and breathe in to it, visualising a golden, pulsating or rotating disk, like an inner sun. Visualise it getting bigger or stronger and feel it radiating out into the whole of your body, so you fill up with confidence, energy and joy. You may even smile. I also put my hand on this area when I need to do something I find fearful, when I need to be authoritative, or even if something is just a little challenging. The physical touch and breath work seems to fortify. You may also wish to get hold of any yellow crystals like citrine, golden calcite, amber.

Being powerful is also about expressing our emotions or feelings and not fearing that expression. To start over can mean releasing heavy energy from yester-years, or even yesterday: old hurt, resentment, anger, guilt, heavy emotions which keep us stuck in the past and hinder our ability to receive and allow new experiences and feelings. They literally clog up our energetic system and keep us re-creating the “old stories” when we may need to create new ones.

The more I look at the water spout in this card, the more it feels like an emotional or creative breakthrough, one which can come about through artistic expression or by other means, like humour, laughing at yourself or taking something in a light-hearted way.

This inner renewal or outer beginning will happen naturally, though for some it may feel like an eruption or have the force of a lava flow. If it doesn’t feel uplifting or revitalising, let it go.

Let us remember that each moment contains a potential sunrise!