Our Tarot Reading For December

I thought it would fun to do something different this month and pull 3 cards, a kind of ‘Holy Trinity’ spread.

This can be a rather stressful time of year for many people in deciding what to do over the holidays, who to spend time with. Some people may want to get away or do something different but can’t. There may be familial tension, competing interests or a conflict over activities. The group is very much highlighted and could be the source of much stress or enjoyment depending on how you look and deal with it.

No matter your belief or circumstances, you can look at this time as an excuse to celebrate, be it celebrating the people in your lives or your achievements over the last year. You can choose to be with the people you love and share kinship. Even if you do have certain obligations, focus on enjoyment and fun. There will be opportunities for reunions and parties which could provide an interesting mix of people. I see there could be potential for making new connections, doing new things and unexpected encounters. The 5 of Wands could be a slightly jarring energy, pointing to restrictions or conflicts but I think it will also spice things up and bring people together who don’t normally socialise with one another. Games and flirting can be fun unless you take them too seriously.

The more flexibility you have over your schedule, the more fun you can have. The more you try to control or dominate group activities, the more frustrated you will become. The Princess of Wands adds a fun twist to encounters this month. She is encouraging us to be playful and change things up a little; be unafraid to try new things, meet new people, even travel. You could use this month’s activities to step out of your comfort zone and do something totally different. You may find yourself changing your behaviour in some way, taking on a different role or exploring another side of yourself in group dynamics. This really is the time of year to dress up or go fancy dress! Children of course bring out the child within us and can bring people together. Keeping things light-hearted and being carefree should take care of any awkwardness or tension. Laughter really is the best medicine.

So, it doesn’t really matter what you do this month. Celebrate and cherish the relationships you do have, trust that you have a unique role within your network of family and friends and enjoy the element of surprise!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!