Star Watch: Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

Its hardly gossip that Los Angeles born Andrew Garfield, and stylish movie starlet Emma Stone fiercely guard their privacy. No cryptic Twitter updates or Hello magazine exclusives mean we know very little about the inner workings of their relationship. Can the stars reveal more than this celeb couple are willing to let on?

With his sun in Leo and Venus in Virgo Andrew knows that good old fashioned loyalty rather than showy displays of affection help build the trust and honesty needed to weather the storms of a Hollywood romance. Emma responds to this loyalty with an intensity of commitment and feeling that only a Scorpio knows. Emma doesn’t hold back communicating her feelings and can reassure the sometimes insecure Leo when challenges arise.

However, with her Venus in Libra, Emma can be a little bit prickly when Andrews direct and sometimes abrasive manner of communication throws her off balance. She’s more likely to try and smooth things over where Andrew likes to fight things out till he feels a sense of resolution. This conflict of communication styles is something that couple will definitely have to watch out for.

That being said, there is a genuine astrological compatibility at work here. Overall, their differences compliment rather than clash, so much so that their relationship can feel a like a dreamy bubble, disconnected from the outside world. For the ordinary person, this might be a a problem, but in the manic and intrusive world of a Hollywood A-lister, this will be a real blessing.