Tarot Card Of The Month: Queen Of Pentacles

This is a great time of year to connect with this particular Queen. She knows her own creative power, and is only too willing to share the fruits of her labours. She really does understand the old saying that money was made round to go round!

She encourages us to do what we enjoy, but also to enjoy what we do, no matter what part of life we are focusing on. You may have lots of responsibilities, as most of us do in this busy world. But when we connect with the spirit of the Queen of Pentacles, somehow there is always enough to go around – enough time, enough energy, enough everything.

She does also have a message for exactly this time of the year – don’t let the grass grow under your feet. We may have only just come out from under the blankets of winter, but now is the time to really get out there, and plant the seeds for whatever we want to reap during this year. The sun will soon be shining again, giving us the boost we need to grow and make the most of what is before us.