What Do The Cards Say About Your Love Life?

Have you ever wondered what card your favourite psychic has pulled when he or she says things like:I see a new man coming into your life….. It’s time to let go…… This has long term potential!’ Origin Psychic Sheila Jones reveals a little more about the mysterious love messages hidden in the Tarot.

How many times have you said :What do the cards say about me and XXXX …?’ Well, I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and let you in on some of the secret meanings of the tarot for relationship. Tarot readings have been guiding, predicting, and describing relationship situations for hundreds of years. There are any number of divination systems, but I think the tarot describes more clearly than any other system the intricate interactions involved in intimate relationships. Tarot describes the subconscious activity in the modern relationship.

Deeper Magic Hidden in the Tarot

Tarot has been linked with the study of alchemy practices in Europe for centuries. Alchemy is an ancient science which studies the deeper energy interactions in the universe – the relationship between energy. So the tarot seems to have evolved from thousands of years of research into the interaction of energy. Maybe this is why we talk of the energy between a man and a woman. A real tarot reader is an alchemist, studying the energies that are created and exchanged in people in love.

The Love Cards


  • Sun – Especially in conjunction with the Moon – Strong creative partnership.
  • Lovers – Commitment, harmonious partnership, mutually nurturing.
  • Wheel of Fortune – Destiny relationship that challenges you to change your life.


  • Star – Belief and hope; the relationship generates positive energy & intention.
  • Hanged Man – The time is not right, relax and let go for now.
  • Fool – Have fun! A new adventure in love.
  • Moon – This relationship has a past life history or some threads reaching back into childhood experiences.

Sexual Attraction

  • Chariot – Whirlwind romance, being swept off your feet.
  • Strength – Powerful magnetism; strong chemistry; addictive love affair.
  • Moon – Intense and perhaps irrational attraction, despite all boundaries.
  • Tower – Unexpected emotion that has been kept under control.

Meeting that special person

  • High Priestess – You are his ideal woman – you have a powerful influence and a deep intuitive understanding of the other person.
  • Hierophant – Learning a lesson from relationship; helping someone (including yourself) to grow.
  • Empress – Motherhood; nurturing a real relationships.
  • Emperor – A real man; strong partnership potential and commitment.

Combining psychic ability and tarot truth

As readers, we use our psychic ability to tune into exactly what the cards mean for you in your own personal situation when they appear in your reading. The Tarot is a tool to guide the reader in interpreting their intuitive feelings – they don’t tell you what is going on. It’s terribly important to remember that the cards are a wonderful tool, but the reader is the one doing the ‘reading’. The reader picks up on the energies in your situation. However Tarot sparks off the intuitive process and guides the reader into a more detailed and accurate reading.

Finally, I have to say that I LOVE the cards, and I find it incredibly fulfilling to do readings for my clients using the Tarot.