Why Don’t We Get Enough Sleep?

If you Google ‘benefits of sleep’ you will get thousands of articles on how much we need sleep, how it helps reduce stress, we will feel better, we feel more balanced, in better health and so on.

There is enough information already provided that we need sleep. Yet, within the western society code of behaviour, sleeping too much is often perceived to be a bad thing. This is a societal paradigm, inherent in the way we organise our days: so many hours of work and then so many hours proscribed for sleep.

Fall out of this pattern, and you are abnormal, odd – something is not right. If you do not think or say these things to yourself, others will remind you. So, in spite of the overwhelming knowledge and truth that sleep is so important to us, we deny ourselves the sleep that our individual, unique body needs. We judge ourselves for having a weakness for needing more sleep than what we perceive is the societal norm.

Why can’t we get enough sleep? Is the quality of the sleep disrupted? Is the amount of sleep not enough to cope with a 9-5 lifestyle? Of course, when you are going through a period of insomnia or sleep deprivation for whatever reason, it’s easy to feel envious of others who seem well rested.

There isn’t one reason behind this phenomenon of sleep deprivation. I see in my work and research that that there is a global level to this problem. It is not localised, and affects a certain proportion of the population. If you are getting enough sleep, wonderful! Keep doing what you are doing – you have found your balance point. If you are not getting enough sleep, then you need to change something, to find the balance where you are getting enough sleep.

There is not just one path to finding this balance. This is a solo journey of finding your balance, connecting in with your body and energy, and figuring out what it needs to feel rested. So you may take naps. You may have to exercise more to feel more tired, or you may have to exercise less, since your body may be unable to fully relax. The key to knowing that the changes you make are working is by progress: you see the benefits of the change and they continue. You will also know quite quickly, usually in a few days, whether the change you are making is working or not. Only try one change in your lifestyle at a time. Don’t try to makeover your whole life in a day!

How to balance your body/energy system

  • Make only one change at a time to your daily routine.
  • Try sleeping more and taking naps.
  • Don’t judge yourself for needing the extra rest.
  • Allow certain things in your life to go undone – the laundry can wait another day.
  • If you can, don’t tell people that you are sleeping more, or very tired. Most people respond with their fears, and this can bring you down.
  • You may want to try herbs or aromatherapy too. Lavender is noted to be helpful with inducing sleep.
  • Give yourself permission to enjoy sleeping – give yourself the enjoyment of sleeping, dreaming, and doing nothing.

On the spiritual side of this problem, our unconscious energy expresses itself to us in the sleep cycle. We know a lot already about the physical benefits to the body from sleep, and emotional. But the spiritual benefits are often overlooked. Our unconscious is stronger and more powerful than our conscious energy. This aspect of us needs its own process, expression, and release too. When we get enough sleep, and don’t feel tired, we are more spiritually uplifted, happier, and see life more positively. Once we stop judging our self harshly for needing lots of sleep, that will vibrate into the global collective consciousness too.