Your Valentines Day Tarot Card Reading

Many of our clients have their own tarot cards, and like to seek understandings for themselves – not surprising given that our clients are people who know and trust their intuition deeply! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Manisha Godbole, one of our most insightful psychic readers, has shared some of her own interpretations of the tarot cards which are most likely to appear in readings about relationships. Whilst it’s always important to trust more than anything else, your own instincts about your life, and the intuitions you have about your own cards, here are some insights to help you along the way.

The Star

The Star encourages us to renew our vision of what we want in relationships. Don’t be afraid to set new goals and be inspired by fresh starts. If you have been going through a hard time, the Star is a welcome sign that things can turn a corner and it’s important to tap into a positivity and hope. For new relationships, the Star is a sign of deep potential and that both people are able to be their authentic selves in the relationship. The Star in love feels inspired, renewed and refreshed!

3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups can mean such joy in a committed and trusting relationship. Love is expansive and is inclusive not just between two people. Perhaps you need to share or celebrate your relationship with friends and loved ones or expand/symbolise your commitment to one another. In some scenarios however this card can also mean three is a crowd! The 3 of Cups in love feels joyful, expansive and connected!

2 of Cups

Two hearts meet! This could be the ultimate “falling in love” card but what it also means is that two people trust enough to really open up to another. This is how emotional connections are made. The message here is about sharing feelings, becoming more intimate and letting someone in to your inner world; guards come down which allows you to get to know the other person. On the other hand you could find yourself getting wrapped up in a person or wanting to be around them all the time which is where the next card comes in! The 2 of Cups in love is simply just that!

The Empress

The Empress is love personified. She underlines the importance of growth, nurture and commitment in a relationship. Without these elements, a relationship can stagnate, no longer thrive or fall by the wayside. Love between two people is deep and in full flow when this lady is around. She reminds us to attend to our relationships, enjoy each other and express our unconditional love in a myriad of ways. She asks “what do you want to create together?” Perhaps you want to move in together, have a baby, create a joint business or do something you both love. The Empress in love is committed, gives and receives love freely and knows she is loved no matter what!

The Devil

Think about whether you’re projecting any of your beliefs, ideas or character traits on to a certain special someone. You may need to look in the mirror before casting the first stone! Sometimes it’s a sign we’re taking a relationship too seriously or not seeing it for what it really is. When this card pops up, we could be tempted into making relationship choices from a place of fear, need or addiction. This could be a sign to take up your power and break free from any limiting situations. Recognising you are in an unhealthy situation is the first step! The Devil in love needs the other or needs power over the other!

The Lovers

This card used to be known as “The Choice”. When it pops up in a reading, it advises us that we need to make a heart-felt choice in our relationship. Perhaps you need to choose between two people or make a value-based decision. At its best, the Lovers energy signifies a deep fulfilling sexual partnership; the ultimate union of two people. In order to inject some of this energy into your relationship, you may need to make more decisions in partnership or spend more time doing things together. Don’t be afraid to spice things up!! The Lovers in love feel united, equal and together!

The Hermit

In contrast, the Hermit signifies a time for personal retreat or time–out in a relationship. Being on your own and having alone time is part of a healthy ebb and flow in relationship. There is a time to connect and time to withdraw. It could be that you need to regularly set aside some time for yourself in the day or week and make it part of your routine. On occasion, you may need longer to heal and deal with some personal issues, so a time-out from relationships may be necessary. Either way, the Hermit says that before connecting more deeply with another, you may need to connect more deeply with yourself first. The Hermit in love is alone (not necessarily lonely), withdrawn and detached!


Temperance in love is a sign of two people in sync with one another. They know each other’s rhythms and are able to go with the flow. A relationship with this energy at its core is a strong and flexible one. When this card pops up, the aim is to find a middle ground. A bit of give and take is what is needed and letting go of how the relationship needs to be. It’s also about recognising that the connection is healing or re-balancing you in some way. Temperance in love feels alive in the midst of change and happy to go with the flow!