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Will You Be Dancing With One Billion Rising On Valentines Day?

A special, powerful event is occurring on Valentine’s Day, which has the potential to transform our consciousness about femininity and ultimately LOVE on a massive scale. One Billion Rising is a global strike being organised on Valentine’s day, by V-Day: a global organisation to end Violence against Women. But this strike has a twist… It

Can There Really Be World Peace?

Yes, it does seem like a dream, world peace. But maybe it is happening, even not withstanding our best efforts against it. It is odd how those who dismiss the peace movement as Utopian don’t hesitate to proffer the most absurdly dreamy reasons for going to war: To stamp out terrorism, install democracy, eliminate fascism,

Vitality Reborn This Christmas

It’s one of those moments that I think many of us remember – the moment when we no longer believed in Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, or whoever the jolly old gentleman was in your house. I can certainly remember very clearly announcing to my Dad in particular that I knew that Father Christmas wasn’t

Colour Therapy

Something which has been around for a long time now and has spawned many franchise companies is a business based on figuring out which colours suit someone’s skin tone and the colour of their eyes. This way the client can go out and choose clothes in the correct colours, colours which they know will look

Bowerbirds And Bonfire: On The Art Of Letting Go

We have a saying in Australia ‘She’s a real bowerbird’. It just refers to someone who doesn’t like to throw anything away, so they end up with clothes from university days, which are still ‘perfectly serviceable’, and any manner of magazines, chipped coffee cups, teddy bears, and broken pencils. Most of us have experienced the

The Tyranny Of The Shoulds

Psychic readings are all about questions. There’s the more obvious ones, such as ‘Is he THE ONE’, ‘is my partner having an affair?’, ‘Does he still love me?’ etc. Then there are the not-so-obvious ones, such as ‘What’s my life purpose?’, ‘Do I have what it takes to succeed in my own business?’, ‘Why do

Virtual Healing Room With Lynne Leslie

I’ve noticed both when working with holistic therapy and psychic reading clients, that I seem to get clusters of people with similar problems or situations coming to me at the same time. This usually tells me that the universe is giving me a lesson of some sort – there is something here for me to

A New Year, A New You

So the start of another New Year and with it, the promise we make to ourselves to be good and follow our New Year’s resolutions. We promise ourselves that this year we will make a fresh start and stop doing all these things we feel bad about. We say we are going to wipe the

The Positivity Factor

It seems almost a cliche today, ‘be positive, look on the bright side, don’t be so negative’. In reality though, sometimes we are not in a place to hear these things, and even though they are said to help, they may also hinder us or cause us to not feel understood by other people who